Super GX1 deals back. And more G5, LX7 and GH2 price drops.


Panasonic US is again offering some amazing deals:

The super GX1 deal is now back! You can grab the GX1 with 14-42mm kit lens for $331 at J&R (Click here). You have to add the coupon code: “ATJANDR“to get that price! You can also get it for $10 more at Amazon (Click here).
While I am not sure if the GX1 replacement is coming soon I am sure there will be a new G camera. But there is a nice deal on the current camera that may tempt you to not way for the newer model. The G with 14-42mm kti lens is now in Stock for $498 at Amazon (Click here). And you save $300 on the double lens kit at Amazon (Click here).
For $280 less than the price of the GH3 body only you can now grab the GH2 with 14-140mm lens at Amazon (Click here) and J&R (Click here). For $581 you can get the GH2 with 14-42mm lens at J&R (Click here).
It now sells for $349 at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.

The last three months Panasonic did launch plenty of deals and they always achieve to get on top of the Amazon rankings (Click here) when this happens. Question is…do they actually do some profit on it or is the financial situation forcing them to cash now?

  • Bite Me

    Keep the BLOW OUT SALE coming. I love a company exploding to little FAILURE pieces…

    • xxx


  • Pavlo

    GX1: sold out…

  • Bob B.

    This if funny. If you click on the Amazon G5 Deal and go the page and then choose “Body-Only” and put it in cart it is $100 more than the body with the kit lens!!!!! :-)

  • bibi

    If Pana does some profit on its various deals(which I doubt),it means that they are stealing their customers when they release new models at high prices for a while…If the financial situation is forcing them to cash now,it means that this company has a gloomy future and investing money in their MFT line up is at risk !…choose your option !

    • tim

      both can be wrong ;-)
      ever heard of break even point? there are diffrent pricing concepts in economy- one is starting high priced until you earned the Investment cost-then you can start to sell for lesser because then you really start to make profit.

      the internet is full of “milk-calculation” about everything – without knowing enough of business.

      But there is one simple rule: the price is the amount of money the customer is willing to pay for the product-if you can produce it cheaper-then its worth to produce it. if not, well you want to earn money so…

    • Another Fantard

      It’s a generally accepted business practise that early adopters pay a higher price.
      In a market where technological developments and product updates come thick and fast, there are very few products which maintain their launch price over their life cycle.

  • MaxP

    is this dumping?

    • Mr. Reeee

      No, it’s called a clearance sale.
      Clearing stock of current, zoo-to-be discontinued models for soon-to-be released or announced models.

      No mysteries or conspiracies here.

  • Mr. Reeee

    Finally bit the bullet and ordered a GX1 w/ the 14-42mm kit lens. The price is good … especially after I dump, errrr… sell the kit lens… and I needed a place to park my neglected 20mm.

  • safaridon

    We need to remember that this is a global market and the US comprises maybe 15% of Panasonic’s overall camera market. We do not see corresponding such big markdowns of these products in either Japan or Europe so this may have more to do with excess inventory of US models which come with differing packaged specifications than those destined for other markets. Pany is not alone as we saw drastic markdowns on Oly products this last year in US as they prepared to introduce a new sensor to all their products. Not surprising that retailers want minimum inventories of less expensive last years models on hand when the new ones arrive. Incidentally these sales seem to be working for Panasonic as Amazon now showing bargain G5 #1 outselling #10 EM5 and GX model sales now ranking #2 and #3 in US. If you asked readers of this or DPR forums what camera is the most popular reflected by sales they probably would say the EM5, but the manufactures logically would cater to what sells best and profitable than our particular wants and wishes.

    • kigt1970

      @safaridon Though difficult to calculate looking at the top selling models in Amazon over time I would be honestly surprised if all mFT sales even manages to hit 10%.If you look at the list of all digital camera you will see just how poorly mirrorless is represented when compared to DSLR

      I think that Panasonic will do a lot better business in the EU , which by the by is a larger market than the USA. Sadly our prices are also larger lol. I believe that both the higher demand and better profit margins may well be the reason why GH3 stock has been much slower arriving in the USA than here in the EU

  • We need more HARD FACTS and less incentives to buy whatever.

    I understand that this is a *commercial* site, however lately we have no real news whatever, but only private incentives to buy, for the private interest of the site owner.

    • Bob B.

      Back off. He has a growing child to feed. :-)

    • toto

      how about you make your own site that matches better your needs?
      i like the price info

      • Oh noes not him

        Nobody wants to read the spew he types here, what makes you think he can maintain a site?? Just let him BlahBlahRabbleRabble and be done with it.

    • Rinaldo

      I got $200 off on a lens after seeing a post here…

    • Narretz

      If he has no rumors, what is he supposed to do? He clearly isn’t holding back the rumors, because that wouldn’t make any sense.

      • Yes it might be so. However if you are an investigative journalist you won’t be deterred easily. There might be circumstantial evidence, the way you interrogate your past sources. I agree that it is time consuming, but it really is the gist of what this site is.
        Every other blog has commercial links and it own shade of philosophy, but getting FACTS in advance is far more valuable.

        To recap: I was expecting a camera, new design, by the end of February, and now we don’t know nothing ahead. Worse we don’t know nothing of the new technology, or design that will be used. Someone noticed and I agree, that we used to know about intros two months in advance, now sources seem to have gone dry. Does it mean that marketing units have a tighter lid on leaks? Or that cameras can be so rapidly prototyped, that there are concurrent models, and decisions can be changed very suddenly?

        As mirrorless is getting crowded, advance information is getting more precious. I can think of buying a Fuji, only to discover a month later that an Oly has better technology. That would be a far worse waste of money than getting a 100 bucks discount on a lens. So, yes there are different ways to sieve gold from the dross.

        • Beautemps

          I believe this site has (had?) influence on the manufacturers. You received a lot of rumors and readers are hungry for that in the time before the big presentation.
          Nowadays marketing took up this mechanisms and manufacturers play the game of piece by piece rumors by themselves in order to achieve the biggest attention.
          They also might control their stuff much strikter according to their own marketing game.

          That makes it harder for admin to get good rumors from trusted sources.
          And watching the market development for m43 cameras is also a kind of interesting investigation. Combined with the need to finance this site more or less including its authors.

        • I believe we are here on a site called 43rumors…



          Not to say its wrong to want facts, just that this might actually not be the right place for getting them.

  • moebius22

    GH2 sold out.

  • true homer

    Its called a clearance sale people. It happens to EVERY MANUFACTURER after a product has been out for a while. The gh2 is 2 years old.
    @bite me as always, your 2 neuron comment is a waste of cyber space. Yiu hate m4/3s but can’t stqnd being away from here can you?

  • MiamiDallas

    My question is what happened to the G5 seems like it was released yesterday but I never hear anyone talk about it or post many videos or photos from it. Was it a complete failure and what can they do to improve that model?

    • Bob B.

      Good point. It’s like “ghost camera”.
      Specs are good tho?

    • JHCCAZ

      My take is that the G5 is an extremely capable camera, better EVF and better IQ than the predecessor G3 (which I own). It was simply overshadowed publicity-wise by the GX1 which had a higher-end body construction, and later the GH3 which is the flagship model with special videographer appeal. I’ve been tempted to upgrade, but what I really want is a camera (from Panasonic or Olympus) like the mock-up GX2 shown with corner EVF.

      The G5 is a solid entry that should be the “default” G retail model, i.e. unless you want tiny as possible (GF) or high end video (GH).

      Panasonic’s biggest issue in the USA is the near complete lack of retail presence. It is very difficult to find the Lumix M4/3 cameras in any big store alongside the ever-present Nikon 1 and various DSLRs. The GF3 has been on shelves a bit throughout the year, despite being obsoleted by the GF5 some time ago. Real camera stores, a disappearing breed, don’t get any help from Panasonic to make carrying the line worthwhile, and yet big-box stores don’t have them either. It seems to be primarily a mail-order business. A little hard to understand, since Panasonic is a huge and established brand. Yes the company is in hard times from price erosion in the TV business, but still they shouldn’t be amateurs in the retail placement game.

  • Camera Retailer

    All old and boring unwanted cameras. Shelf space wasters. Hard work clearing this rubbish out.

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