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Strange rumor: Panasonic to transfer all consumer imaging to be under Leica brand?


Personal View reports this:

My source told that on latest meeting it had been revealed that grand plan can be to shift all of consumer imaging product to be under Leica brand within 2 next years, with departments still mostly residing in Japan. Pro will remain in Panasonic.
Panasonic want to reposition all product as being premium, elite focused ones. Same as new S1 and S1R cameras and lenses.
Choosing L mount had been part of this same strategy.
Shifting all to be under Leica brand can be necessary due to more price hikes planned ahead, especially this considers lenses.
Also sales and preorder number more correspond to niche brand like Leica already.
My source is not sure about GH lineup future, but it can even fall as victim of big management decisions or can be transferred to pro department.
Note – it is management talks, not final decision!

So the idea would be to “brand all products as Leica”.

I have a hard time believing this rumor is true. I hope my sources reading this can confirm or deny this…

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