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Spectacular lens patent: Olympus designs a 12mm (and 14mm) f/1.0 MFT lens!


Well this is one of the very few times a Patent can be really exciting! This new patent published oon February 20 (yesterday) describes a 12mm f/1.0 and a 14mm f/1.0 lens! These would be the world fastest ultra-wide angle autofocus lens for any interchangeable camera system! The current [shoplink 36581 ebay]Nokton 17,5mm f/0.95 MFT lens (here on eBay)[/shoplink] isn’t as wide as the Olympus patented lenses and nor does it have AF.

These are the lens specs (Google translated screenshot from Japanese):

There are also lenses for 1 inch and 1/1.7 inch sensors on that patent.

These fast Oly lenses have storng chrome issues that will be fixed in camera. And here are the single lens performance graphs. I know the size isn’t big and I am trying to find larger images now:

12mm f/1.0
14mm f/1.0


As usual with patents the lens may be made in a different way when it hits the market (for example f/1.2). That said, would you buy such a lens?

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found via Egami.

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