Special US/Canada deal: Buy the new E-M5 and get one accessory for free!


Good news for USA/Canada folks. Olympus is now offering a free accessory of your choice between the FL-300R wireless Flash, the MMF-3 or the MMF-2 adapter. It works like that:
1) First you buy the new Olympus E-M5 at your preferred store. Here are some of my usual links t the most known ones: Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
2) Than you have to download that form: http://www.olympusamerica.com/crm/rebates/e-m5_accessory_mir_form.pdf
3) Fill it and send it to Olympus!

In UK and Japan the battery grip comes for free with the E-M5. Now I hope that also other countries can enjoy some deal like these!

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  • bilgy_no1

    First to comment:


    We already pay more in real money terms: $999 = €750, which is €900 incl. the VAT, so why is the EU body only price €1099???

    Now, you give US customers a freebie as well. As a European, I demand TWO freebies now: the HLD-6 grip as well as the FL-300R flash. Otherwise, I’ll wait until the price drops down to €750…

    I feel angry.

    • Corey

      €1300 – vat = €1111 = $1450usd (for kit+grip) + $170 (flash) = $1620

      $1300 + $300 = $1600usd (for kit+grip) + $0 (flash) = $1600


      $20!!!!! Yes, I see now exactly how much better of deal the US is getting.

      • BLI

        @Corey: I don’t understand your numbers. The E-M5 w/ 12-50 seems to be €1299 in some countries in Europe. If you want the grips, that is €235 in addition, thus €1534. The VAT varies in countries; suppose it is 18%. Thus, price w/o VAT is €1300, or ca US$1695. I cannot find the flash in the price list.

        In USA, B&H lists the price without VAT as US$ 1299 for the E-M5 with 12-50, and US$299 for the grips, i.e a total of US$1598.

        In summary: without any extra deals, the camera is ca US$97 cheaper in USA (before tax). If the grips are tossed in for free in the US, then buying in the US saves you US$396.

        In UK, the price for E-M5 + 12-50 + grips (preorder before April 30) is £1149, including 17% (?) VAT, thus £982 without tax or US$ 1540. Thus US$155 cheaper than other countries in Europe. Of course, without this deal in UK, the system would be more expensive in UK than in other European countries.

        • katy

          VAT in UK is 20%

          • BLI

            Oops — last time I was in London, I think it was 17%…

        • BLI

          Btw: the free grips/flash — if you have to send in a coupon to Olympus to get these add-ons, it is probably only valid for people with a US address. Anyway, it is also necessary to take into account (i) the advantage of buying from a local dealer (in case of problems, to get free, cheap Pana lens pouches to my Oly lenses, etc), and (ii) some countries have extended consumer rights such as 2-5 years warranty,etc.

      • bilgy_no1

        Except that in Europe the grip costs another €299. There’s no free grip deal in mainland EU, only in the UK. On the continent, we pay the highest price and get nothing.

      • bilgy_no1

        I am also talking about body only, which is what I’m interested in.

        • Corey

          I guess I assumed you had the free grip deal going on too. Apologies in that regard.

          I don’t care about the body only price since the kit is what I’m interested in.

          In the end its the marketing department in each country that comes up with these rebates or gifts. It doesn’t sound like the US/Canada rebates were originally planned, people made a big enough fuss to the right people though so it happened.

    • Will

      How about us Aussies and Kiwis? Just forgotten like always

    • JF

      +1 European are getting ripped off !

    • Nicci

      I hope we will have the same UK deal In France !
      I will be extremely disappointed by such different treatments all around the world !

  • Camaman

    You’ve got to be kidding me!? US to!
    $999 for the body AND Free stuff!!! Even when they can already see how many pre-orders they have without these freebies…

    I have to pay $1450 for the body in Croatia and get jack s**t with it!

    Shame on you Olympus! Fair treatment for everybody!!!

    • Anonymous

      Because you will pay that much for the camera at that price…

    • Anthony

      That charge that because you will pay that much for it…Don’t hate on Olympus for working the system. They do it because they can. Sorry…

      • Boooo!

        It’s not that. Europe is subsidizing the US.

        • flash

          The coast of selling in Europe for the most part is higher then the US. The base pay and benefits is higher in Europe then the US, most warehouse property is more expensive also. That is the reason for difference.

          The US seems to have a policy of keeping the US Dollar high, but that subsides the rest of the world and its upper class, at the cost of the lower and middle class in the US.

          • rrr_hhh

            If it was due to high dollar, then we should get even better prices here (in Switzerland). Plus it is not true that there is a high dollar trend. On the contrary, the dollar is constantly slipping down, especially since the US undertook so costly wars while diminishing the taxes for rich people. In fact we are subsidizing Americans, especially the affluent ones.

          • Boooo!

            Sorry, but that is not true. Europe has at least $1=1€ false parity even on digital downloads, though there are no taxes to be paid in that case and there are no pay/benefit/warehouse things you speak about. Regular consumer goods are usually 50% more expensive; some computer equipment is 100% more expensive, even though the actual price difference should be 25% extra at most. Australia is the worst – their stuff costs twice as much because prices are set based on currency levels from a decade ago. Not to mention that the US people also get discounts and rebates left and right.

            Also, the dollar is weak and it’ll only get weaker when Obama decides to attack Iran. What do you mean “it’s high”? 20 years ago it was 50% more valuable.

        • rrr_hhh

          Plus one ! That is very true and from what I have read on other blogs, the same goes for Japan, the very country where it is produced.

          Plus, when a model is near discontinuation, the US get better rabates; here I don’t see anything.

          From Switzerland, you can’t even order a refurbished model from Olympus EBay : they will only sell to EU countries.

          I have to admit however that Panasonic is even worse than Olympus.

  • Mike

    So this HAS to be purchased at the same time? I can’t purchase them at separate times and have separate invoices?

  • Sim

    CORRECTION, admin. It’s actually the MF-2 (OM lens) adapter, not the MMF-2. And it looks like you have to purchase both the camera and the accessory at the same time between April 1 and May 31. Then you send the form in to receive the rebate in the amount of the accessory.

  • fgl42

    Suck it Europeans- you have decent health care for waaaaaaaaaay less money! Let us have our free flash and shut up!

    • Gabi

      You must be kidding! Do you know what Germans have to pay for health insurance???

      • ght

        Yes, I lived in Germany! You have no idea what it’s like if you think German health care is expensive. It’s a blessing compared to what Americans have to deal with. This is what Americans have to deal with!

        • Gabi

          This is in fact insane, but not the rule (at least I hope so; ;-) it is many years ago that I lived and worked in the US). Nonetheless, if you take into account that I have to pay about 600$ per month for my health insurance (and it doesn’t cover a lot of things) that is also not funny…

        • JimD

          This is why the Republicans don’t want universal health care. No money in it for the rich and powerfull, a full healthcare system would mean the end of such charges.

    • $1500+ body only in Norway, but then we got this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01mTKDaKa6Q (Free healtcare and luxury prisons) ;-)

      • Hush hush hush, maybe Jonhsen and Olsen read us. :-(

        Remember price on, car alcohol, tobacco, food and tax is here in Norway, if price on photo camera to be same prices like will price on E-M5 be $ 10.000,- so please, hush hush hush :-P

      • Peter Bjorvand

        I havent gotten sick enough in my life to go to the hospital and and prisons don’t hold a appeal for me…can I trade free heathcare for a free camera?

    • Richard

      Yes, but you hardly pay any taxes. In my country I pay 35% in income tax + 25% VAT for everything that’s not food + enery tax that makes gasoline cost 2 €/liter.

    • bilgy_no1

      What’s health insurance got to do with it? We all pay premiums and taxes for that from our wages, not from the VAT on consumer goods.

      Of course, we do have VAT, but even if you do take that into account, we still pay roughly €200 (=$270) more than the US price (body only). The reason people are angry at it is that normally the $ amount is the same as the € amount. If the price in Europe would have been €999, people wouldn’t feel so cheated.

      I can order from the US and still save €150 if I take the shipping into account. Who’s going to buy from a legitimate European store this way?

    • but our gasoline is much more expensive….so suck it yourself.

    • tmrgrs

      You EU Europeans are so filthy rich that you’re giving away billions to the Greeks. Us Americans got raped by GWBush and his Wall Street cronies and now the Chinese are buying our govt. bonds to keep us afloat. So what’s the problem with a free flash attachment among friends? :)

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, we are so filthy rich that, now we have to work until 67 AND the pension premie has gone up for less result.

        As a bonus we are NOT allowed to arrange/secure our own pension and are obliged to join a job corresponding agency.
        This results in a difference in pension fees and savings for comparable jobs.
        Totally crazy.

  • Brad H.

    Australians are getting shafted too. AUD$1300 (US$1360/€1040) body only when we could buy one from Amazon for US$955. And retailers are crying about all the lost business and I do feel sorry for them, because it’s the distributors that make the price.

    So here’s hoping we get some bonus products too.

    • Ross

      “So here’s hoping we get some bonus products too”

      I’ll drink to that. ;)

      • TomR

        Me too! I agree with you Brad about feeling sorry for retailers, but when you can order from B&H for less even with postage it will be hard to justify buying local.

    • Max Headroom

      We Aussies are really getting shafted. Maybe we can get some Social Media / web publicity about the price gouging going on here in Australia, and put some pressure on them?! They are gouging us – there is no looking after loyal clients! Also customer service is pretty poor.

      There is no deal or promotion in Australia with the OM-D. This is what Olympus Australia said to me in reply to my email to them yesterday, I asked about a promotion as other countries were offering accessories with OM-D purchases, and I asked pricing on the
      camera, any lens/body bundles that will be offered, the battery grip with
      both landscape and vertical components. You’d think they would even just send me pricing atleast – I want to pay money to buy their new product! But they couldn’t be bothered to send that info to me. Their response is at the bottom of this post.

      We are overcharged on everything – we’ll get the excuse to ship here costs more etc, but we are closer to the places of manufacture than America or Europe, and the Australian Dollar is stronger than the American Dollar, but Olympus keeps gouging its customers in Australia, and not offering the same incentives. Due to our proximity to the manufacturing centres and our strong dollar, the prices should be less here!

      OM-D E-M5 Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera (Body Only, Black)
      B & H Photo price: $999 USD
      Price quoted by local camera store in Melbourne: $1299 AUD (equals $1,354.25 USD at todays conversion rate)

      OM-D BODY & 14-42 Lens
      B & H Photo price: $1099 USD
      Price quoted by local camera store in Melbourne: $1499 (equals $1,563.60 USD at todays conversion rate)

      Olympus 45mm f1.8 (M.Zuiko)
      B & H Photo price: $399 USD
      Price on local camera store web site in Melbourne: $499 AUD (equals $520.46 USD at todays conversion rate)

      Olympus 12mm f2.0 (M.Zuiko)
      B & H Photo price: $799.99 USD
      Price on local camera store web site in Melbourne: $969 AUD (equals $1,010.90 USD at todays conversion rate)

      Maybe Olympus needs to rethink their strategy as they have not been bringing out the most leading edge cameras, and have really let down us users of FourThirds camera system – and I’m a big Olympus fan with a huge investment in FourThirds gear?! I’m really dissapointed!

      Subject: Re: Customer Support Enquiry
      Date: 15 March 2012 8:12:39 AM AEDT
      To: xxxxxx
      Reply-To: help@olympusimaging.com.au


      Thank you for contacting Olympus Imaging Australia.

      At this stage we have no promotions running for the new OM-D camera. If a
      promotion is in place this will be notified on our website.

      If you have any further inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Support Team | Olympus Imaging Australia Pty Ltd
      t: 1300 659 678. | f: +61 (0)2 9888 7538 | e: help@olympusimaging.com.au
      Ground Floor 82 Waterloo Road MACQUARIE PARK NSW 2113 or PO Box 1991

      Please visit us at http://www.olympus.com.au
      Join us on Facebook
      Follow us on Twitter

      • JimD

        Nothing other than the original E-M5 launch has found its way to the official site.

        They must all be away on holiday congratulating each other they have a product they can surf on without having to paddle.

        The site is as inspiring as their marketing ability. Nil, nothing. Real empty headed.

        • JimD

          JimD you seem to be getting at Olympus Australia why?

      • rrr_hhh

        How did you factor in VAT in your price comparison ? You are aware that US prices are always quoted before VAT ?

        So any comparison has to factor that in.

        However in most countries, prices are still higher than in the US after VAT subtraction, which makes me angry, just like you.

        Also, here (Switzerland), the Olympus official price is way above what you can find with online dealers.

        Olympus body only 1299.- CHFr, but online 1071.- CHFr
        Olympus kit with 12-50mm, 1599.- CHFr, but online best deal 1300.- CHFr

        No special offering at all. Grip’s best price online 250.- CHFr (but they can go up to 300.-)

        All these Swiss prices include an 8% VAT. The changing rate of the Swiss francs against the dollar to-day is 1.- CHF = 1.09$. So one compensates for the other : divide by 1.08 to substract the VAT and multiply by 1.09 to convert our price in dollars. Or just compare our price to the US price without any further computation..

      • L

        Wake up Aussies! A 180 Yen Japanese brand pen cost AUD$5.00. Any Asian books in Kinokuniya Sydney sold at x3 original price. Not to mention all the daily needs like toothpaste etc. Check out the Thai equivalent in 123 dollar shops! + the sky rocket high house price, Australia is very expensive!

  • Rick S

    this could have something to do with the value of money from one country to the next or a marketing plan by Olympus. No matter what it is you can get a Camera based on the price and offers or not. I for one am excited to get my new camera and start making pictures! :)

    By the way, Europe health care is not very good and they end up paying way more for it than you think in other ways.

  • David

    I guess you’re out of luck if you pre-ordered, right? The camera and the accessory must be purchased at the same time and no earlier than April 1, 2012.

    • blaster5k

      This is what I’m wondering. Do I have to cancel my pre-order from B&H and then order again after April 1 with an FL-300R on the same invoice in order to get the rebate on it?

    • Larry

      Just spoke to OlympusAmerica, an email is going out shortly to all those that pre-ordered the E-M5 [like me :)]. It appears that the deal will be that if you add one of the accessories to the pre-order, you will be able to participate in the the rebate. This concerned a pre-order with the Oly Store, I assume something will also apply to other stores.

  • Trevor

    So does this mean pre-orders are lower than they expected? That seems a little surprising. Why the rush to entice people? And, holy crap, the UK and Japan get the HLD-6 free?

    Edit: Maybe since you have to buy after April 1 they’re worried about a big drop off in sales. Get people to pre-order and then entice everyone else. That kinda sucks.

    • bilgy_no1

      I don’t think it says anything about the number of preorders. They probably planned it as a campaign before the launch to entice E-system owners to buy into m4/3.

      About the preorders, you don’t get billed until the moment of shipping, so it could be that the sales date will be after April 1? If not, you can cancel your preorder and place a new order with the accessory…

  • Xavier

    Meh, none of these are interesting unless you already have lenses in legacy systems. The flash is pretty weak (I know, it’s really small, but still). I’d much prefer the grip (even only the first half), but given all the Europeans complaining about the price on their side of the Atlantic, I’d say nothing :)

    Regarding the “half grip”, is there any plans from Olympus to sell it separately? I’m interested in the additional grip it provides, but not really in the portrait-mode grip and additional battery.

    • Pasukun

      But they are giving it to you for free.
      If you were thinking of buying one, this is just a cherry on top.

      • TomR

        Good point though Xavier for those who will not get it free. I would also like just the additional landscape grip. Maybe in time third parties will make us something.

    • Rob

      (This is a response to Trevor not Xavier)

      That was my second thought too (after this initial why them getting freebies?!). Of course you have to bare in mind sales tax is not included in USA prices (differs per state).

      This is not necessarily good news for us (micro 4/3 community) on the whole as maybe Oly wanted to see what pre-order figures were like and they weren’t happy with US figures so have made the decision (which is a big financial one) to give away a accessory with every camera order.

      Who wants to buy one within the first 6 months of it being in the shop then? Knowing that you missed out on a half decent accessory like that by not getting in early. The only benefit is you get to try it out before buying (something some of us have managed to do by getting to camera shows).

      • tmrgrs

        I was on the phone with Olympus USA earlier today getting the flash added to my pre-order for the E-M5 and they told me that the past month has been like a circus atmosphere for them with so much E-M5 interest. The sales #’s are going to eclipse every high end enthusiast grade camera in its class. Not just in Europe & Asia but here the US as well IMO.

        • Rob

          Good to know that its that popular. Apart from those who want one post launch, might just have to preorder one now knowing that information.

  • bg1

    I guess the lack of micro 4/3 popularity in the US comes in handy! I agree with you Xavier. I am much more interested in the grip. The flash description says that it can work as a slave which is pretty useful, and I can’t complain about it being free after rebate. I don’t own any 4/3 stuff so the other freebies are useless to me.

  • jorge

    Chip Germany: Full review now available. OM-D E-M5 third best camera over 1000 Euro. IQ better than Sony Alpha 77. Link: http://www.chip.de/artikel/Olympus-OM-D_E-M5-Systemkamera-ueber-1.000-Euro-Test_54946190.html

    • BLI

      Interesting Chip test:
      * claims DR of 11.3 at base ISO, whis is not too far away from the theoretical limit of 12 (with 12 bit A/D converter)
      * battery gives 550 pictures per charge without using flash

      Chip is originally a computer magazine; I don’t know how reliable they are in photo tests, but these numbers look really good.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        11.3 EVs would be same what DxOMark measured for GH2 so would be good news that Oly got sensor with really better DR at base ISO.

        And bit depth doesn’t limit DR, only how many possible steps digitalized value has between “floor and roof”.

  • Anonymous

    Damn,..when I purchase Panny GX1 + EVF ;which is =950 $ Panasonic never give a discount and even now,..Olympus body only -weather sealed it cost 999$ it only 50 $ difference to GX1 +EVF2 = It’s time to JUMP TO OLY & GET THIS OPORTUNITY,..

    thx Admin,..OLy too

  • nxp3

    The e-m5 and the accessory you want must be purchased at same time. But, if you have already pre-order, you can call the dealer and have them added to your order without loosing your place in line. I called BH this morning to add the flash. I also called Olympus to ask them if I had prorder since Feb 20th will the rebate still apply. The answer is yes, since the actual shipment is not until after april for US. So if you have preorder, you can add without getting screwed.

    Oh and I have to say EU, stop crying, you got a grip.

    • Zend

      Free grip is for UK only, not the whole EU :(

    • Anonymous

      Nxp3 : thx man for your confirmation about pre- ordered @ B&H , its really helpfull

    • Daniel

      is BH like Amazon and they’ll possibly end up shipping part of your order (the flash) first and you’d end up getting the accessory before the April 1st promo begin date rendering you ineligible? Or will they hold the flash and make sure they ship together?

      • nxp3

        They said they had the flash and can ship that to me first, I told them no I want it all together.

    • wwilson

      Hmmm, I have just been e-mailing with BH and they are telling me that they don’t see how it can be done and still meet the terms of the rebate form. I sent them a copy of the rebate form along with my request.

  • TomB

    As a red-blooded American, I am very happy to see that Europeans get to SUCK IT (and their VAT tax too). On the other hand, why are these free-health-care-consuming, Molson-drinking HOSERS from North of the Border getting a deal? Blame Canada!

    /SARCASM MODE OFF/ Seriously, I will never understand marketers. Looks like the price of the “free” grip is built into the outrageous pound-sterling price the Brits have to pay, the Continentals are getting screwed, and what is the GN on that flash? .5? Oh! And I want the free plastic mini OM-1 Keychain thingie the Japanese and Malaysians are getting….. Marketing, gotta love it.

    OK, I’m going to go eat my freedom fries and shut up now.

    • tmrgrs

      28 GIN at ISO 200 & 60+ feet.

  • Rob-L

    Don’t freak out everyone! Maybe they just haven’t announced this in your country yet. Give them a couple of weeks and then freak out.

    • bilgy_no1

      Oh I’m freaking, Jerry!

      – Cosmo Kramer –

  • jorge

    Sorry:Chip says E-M5 is second best camera. But EOS 5 Mark III not tested yet.

    • Hazst Zsluckauf

      Chip; Muuhahahahahhahahahaaaaaa

  • El Duderino

    Ok, well I guess I will be canceling my preorder, and waiting till april 1. No way I’m passing up a free flash. Not a chance. I’ll wait if I have to

    I thought it was the killer big flash they sell, not a small one. I’m greatly disappointed, but I should have scrolled all the way down on that PDF.

  • drone9

    Actually customers in Japan do not get the battery grip. They can choose between the MMF-3 4/3 adapter or a 32 GB SanDisk Extreme SDHC UHS-I memory card.


    • fh


      admin, please revise the post! HLD-6 is available separately, but there is no rebate or “free” offer.

    • Yea, I was almost jumping for joy, but as far as I know, Japanese buyers don’t get the battery grip. Pity, because I have no use for the MMF-3 and already have a 32GB card. Even the FL300R would be more useful.

  • Global Market

    global market is not a oneway tickt. ;)

    • JimD

      There is no such thing as a global market when selling. Its just grab by region. The marketing people think the internet stops at the border and noone knows what is happening next door.

  • Corey

    Just got an email from Olympus confirming that the rebate will be honored on pre-orders. They did say that the items need to be on the same order and that if you did already have the accessory you want as part of your order you should call and have it added.

  • Mar

    Seems like Europe keeps getting the short end of the stick :(

    UK gets free grip, Asia 32GB SDXC or MMF3 and USA adapters or a nice FL-300R flash (plus huge price difference compared to Europe)…

    Really Olympus? :_(

  • pdc

    The DSLR market in North America has been huge, and unlike Europeans or Asians, I think that Americans do not do as much research before buying, so the mass market here is not as well informed about where the future lies. All the CSC manufacturers will have to use price to gain the same relative market share in Canada/USA versus Europe and Asia, so you will continue to see the lowest prices for the newer CSC goodies in North America.

  • Befürworter


  • JimD

    Olympus Australia has fallen in a big black hole and disappeared. We have heard from them as much as a deaf man hears and seen as much as a blind man sees.
    These are the people who want a new BMW with each item sold, pat themselves on the back and tell each other what a good job they have done. The Oly Australia website looks to be the same as it was the day the e-m5 was announced, if it has changed it has been ineffectual and the oly people have not earned their money. Australia does not have a price yet only the initial surmise of about AUD$1200 for the body. The AUD$ is up the Yen is down the camera should be AUD$950 but it will be over AUD$1200 and no extras when it dies get priced, which will be a hurried “Oh, make it $xxx dollars” as the MM goes out to lunch in the new BMW.
    Also Olympus Australia has withdrawn from the much touted Olympus Worldwide Warranty, probably to many were purchasing from asia and the US.
    So If you are going to holiday in Aus. and your camera breaks it will cost you, if its an Olympus. Makes a joke of world wide warranty does it not.
    If you gather I am getting at Olympus marketing you are right. They still think the world is separate small areas each of which does not know what is happening in the other parts.

    • nicwalmsley

      Thanks for the heads up about the worldwide warranty. I’d still consider buying online from OS, once the online price drops below $1000 and the GST threshold. Either way, I will obviously be looking to get a more competitive price than the RRP in Australia.

      ps, they haven’t updated the E-M5 site, but the Olympus Blog does list all the RRP prices.


      • JimD

        Bloody thieves and robbers. They must be scared to put it up on the web page. Camera warehouse just lost a new customer. Adoram here I come.
        I have said before and will say again I am happy to pay GST but I am not going to pay $350 over the odds for a lazy so and so who has done nothing to date to have a new BMW.

        • shin

          we Australian ALWAYS pay more for goods. thanks god for ebay.
          i myself prefer cheaper prizes vs free grip or small flash or adapter. no need freebies $1299 for em-5 + 12-50 mm i am a happy man.

          • mooboy

            Problem with speanding over $1000 is the GST gets added on then. Still, I’m now more tempted to get body only from USA and just skip the lens. Really annoyed about Olympus Australia and the messed up warranty situation.

            • JimD

              I have no problem with adding and paying GST. I do have a problem with greedy marketing people who do nothing for their money. Nothing, I say again, just look at the web site, still the same as the day of the E-M5 announcement, prices not to dealers, no deals, the price is on their blog only. Opted out of Worldwide warranty, because of internet purchase and still want their BMWs. If they want to reduce parallel imports and private imports they must do something about it, and not put up more barriers. The poor Australian retailer is the one suffering.

      • mooboy

        I’m shocked about the warranty as well. I’m even more tempted to import now just because I don’t want to deal with Olympus Australia if they’re being suchs miserly pratts. I’m surprised as this, as when I got my Pen, it was actually cheaper to get here than from USA.

        @nicwalmsley… the Australian dollar is still around the ~1.05 mark. Assuming it doesn’t drop (you may want to wait for available stock, if you pre-order, we could be below 1.00 when it ships) you can safely get a OM-D without GST now. GST is only payable is goods over 1,000 AUD.. not goods + shipping.

        • nicwalmsley

          good to know GST threshold is for the goods only.

          I asked Olympus Australia about the RRP (via Twitter). Here’s what they said:

          “Cost of living/doing business is higher in Australia than OS. We price as low as we can for the local market.”

          I feel like replying, “Why don’t you use eBay to make a bulk purchase from OS. You could on-sell with profit and still be cheaper than current RRP.”

          • JimD

            Logistic costs here are no different to the US. The cost of labour is slightly higher. We have 10% GST. that means the cost of the E.M5 here should be about 13% higher. Any more is greed.
            I also believe the GST is payable on the cost + post/freight. At present with exchange rates that may just squeeze under the $1000. for the body.

          • JimD

            Go to Oly and complain. I have.
            This is a public view I am the second complaint out of only 2 comments, that seems about 100%

            • Max Headroom

              I have gone on to the site and left comments also…

            • mooboy

              I can kind of see the 12-50mm kit as reasonable. Added 15% compared to US price… assuming an even exhange rate. Allow 10% for GST… and, I’ll get it from digital camera warehouse I suppose.

              But, 1,300 for the body alone is a 30% mark up. Total bs. Especially when, with current exchange rate, you can get the body from US for a little over $1,000 AUD delivered to your door by fast courier… probably earlier than Australian shops take stock.

              If the primes were weather sealed, I’d definitely just import like I did with the GH2. Now I just need to decide how much I want a weather sealed lens.

              As for the blog, I see there’s 3 complaints there now :)

              • JimD

                No the 13% included GST not GST on top.
                If Oly Aust marketing supplied cameras to resellers to be sold at US + 10% and guarantees stock return if not sold in 3 months. Aus retailers would be selling world wide very quickly. Selling GST free is not a difficult thing, it does not require masses of paperwork or investment in new systems.
                Now Oly Aus get working on it, get out of your antique paradigm and earn your money.

  • Jo

    So is the flash powerful enough for anything? Perhaps a simple off camera indoor portrait of a kid? Or is it junk? Anyone?…..

    • Ross

      It is less than the output of the FL36R & that has limited uses. I would suggest if you want a flash, get a real one like the FL600R (which includes the video LED light) or FL50R.

  • 43shot

    $169 for that flash. Then they hope no one sends in the rebate card. I would rather get $150 rebate on a battery grip or something. Also not very good feedback on the flash. Sounds like they are trying to dump old stock.

  • I may have to order the flash then. But be careful, it’s hot. :)

    “Important notice for valued customers who purchased the FL-300R Electronic Flash: It has come to our attention that part of the FL-300R flash body may heat up and possibly cause burns if touched. The unit will not heat up enough to cause ignition of surrounding materials or serious injury; however, we ask customers to stop using the unit immediately for safety reasons….”

    From: http://www.olympusamerica.com/cpg_section/cpg_support.asp

    • 43shot

      I saw that.

      • nxp3

        That is last year. I’m sure the problem has been resolved or they wouldn’t offer it knowing it’s dangerous. It’s fixed by now.

  • Kiri

    Just a correction, customers in Japan do NOT get the battery grip for free. We can choose between a memory card or legacy OM adapter. And that is only for pre orders.

  • mclarenf3

    Well, 43rumors just paid for itself. Thanks a bunch for the heads up on this. Now I gotta figure out if my retailer will add the MMF-3 to my pre-order without having to “lose my spot in line”.

  • nxp3

    Maybe because Nikon is doing so much advertising in the US with it mini PS camera with interchangeable lens that Olympus wants some of that. Mirrorless is doing pretty well elsewhere and don’t need much help as the US. EU and Asia will buy it anyway without free stuff.

  • El Duderino

    UK gets the grip. Damn… all I want is the side grip, don’t even care about the portrait grip. :-/

    • mooboy

      Sorry if I am being dense.. but isn’t it same grip? Just has two modes? I find it confusing myself.

    • Boooo!

      Forget about the side grip only, unless you want to remove it every time you need to recharge the battery.

  • caver3d

    Wow, let’s not start World War 3 between the US and Europe over a flash or an adapter. In the immortal words of Rodney King: “Can’t we all just get along?”

    • JimD

      No, not while one part is subsidising another part. Why should the US market be subsidised by the world? The addition of more (yes more, in addition to the original) subsidy in the form of addons does nothing to those already irate at the subsidy. The volume of dissatisfaction is becoming quite alarming, led by those from EU and Australia.
      Yes, Guilty! Its almost enough to get me out of retirement to show these people how to market in an international environment. Steve Jobs was right about “A” players, these are mostly ‘C’ players and he would not have had them near his people for fear of contamination and failure.
      There is to much “get the US market at any cost” from Oly and “we are Americans we don’t care about the world (or olympus)” from the US.

  • Hazst Zsluckauf

    Nex 7 here i come. Those 13,4 ev dr are too tempting

    • Nawaf

      People know that getting an APS-C camera body won’t get them in to the same level of a full-frame camera body.. Good luck finding a body and waiting for lenses. I’ve given up for now, but maybe next year will fair better.

  • Daniel

    It says you must purchase the camera and the accessory at the same time. I wonder if that means I need to cancel my pre-order and order it again with the accessory.

    Aside from that, it appears Amazon.com (whom I’m buying the camera from) doesn’t even sell the flash (only third party sellers do).

    That makes this pretty confusing on how/what to do.

    • Jon

      Just got off chat with Amazon. I was able to add the MMF-3 adapter to my existing E-M5 pre-order. I couldn’t add the flash because it’s being sold by a 3rd party.

      • Daniel

        I just called the rebate center. They said their rule list says that the two items must be on the same receipt unless the camera was a pre-order, in which case they will accept multiple receipts. When I asked if it could be from different retailers, she said yes because there were no additional rules or exceptions on top of this. I’m gunna order the flash from BH after April 1st and submit the two receipts together for the rebate. Sounds like I wont have a problem.

        • mclarenf3

          Thanks Daniel, but where on the rebate form does it say this? Everything I am reading says I need to make it on the same purchase (and no mention of pre-orders are given).

          • Daniel

            I know, it’s pretty confusing now with all the conflicting information. From my perspective, it’s going to be the rebate center (third party company) who’s processing the rebates and issuing the cheques, so they are the ones who we should really be concerned with. She was reading me word-for-word what they have in their system. It looks like they have more information than us, but as silly as it sounds, I think they’re going to know better than Olympus if it will work. When their company receives our rebate form, they’ll have the same rules as what the rebate call center had to reference against. When I send in my rebate form, I’m going to specifically circle the order date on my Amazon receipt and write “pre-ordered camera, accessory on separate receipt as per pre-order exception rule”.

            It’s still not an ideal solution with well documented support, but I’m betting on it being alright.

            Olympus seemed really clueless about the rebate program. Initially they said it’s only eligible for orders placed on Olympus.com … I had to read the rebate form for the agent and her reply was that she wasn’t sure then. I don’t think the Olympus call center is well equipped with this programs rules and details.

        • Freddy

          I just called Olympus TF number.
          Lady on the phone said they must be purchased at the same time on the same sale receipt.
          I explained I made a preorder, she told me I would have to cancel and order again, or just do it directly trough Olympus and then the rebate would be valid.
          I makes me wonder which one is right, it seems they are not completely clear on this rebate.

  • marilyn
  • marilyn
  • st3v4nt

    As usual no special deal in my place, heck the distributor even want to up the price at first before getting protest from most oly user….

  • Don Pope

    Not much of an offer. No FL-600 and no Grip! Not even an extra battery!

    Just the old FL-300 flash and two lens adapters that are useless if you don’t have legacy lenses.

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