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Sony sets a new miniaturization record. Creates a lens only camera!


As you know Panasonic will launch a new GX-XXX camera that is rumored to be extremely small. At the time I posted the rumor there were some comments making fun of it and saying the camera could be as small as the mount only. And guess what, Sony almost did it! According to SAR they will launch a new Lens-Camera soon. What is it? it’s a Lens with built-in sensor and no screen at all. You will have to sync the Lens-Camera with your mobile device via WiFi or NFC to see the Live View images. The Lens has a 1inch large sensor (same as the RX100MII).

Ok, this isn’t what Panasonic will do with their GX camera. But it shows how crazy the Miniaturization war has gone. Crazy…and funny :)

P.S.: You can see here a concept camera that shows how it works (not from Sony). Just watch from minute 1 towards:

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