Sony NEX versus E-P3 battle.


Steve Huff (Click here) compared the Sony NEX-C3 and Olympus E-P3 jpeg quality. In Steve opinions Olympus colors are better than Sony.
And EosHD (Click here) compared the high ISO results of the new Sony NEX-5n against the E-P3. The NEX-5n is undoubtedly better. And also better than the Canon 5D markII.
Also Soundimagesplus (Click here) tested the E-P3 ISO results: “To be honest they are not as bad as I feared, though I can’t really think of much use for the ISO 12,800 setting.
You can check the E-P3 price and availability by clicking those direct search links: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

Olympus 12mm f/2.0 review at Soundimagesplus (Click here): “This has been a very long (10 parts!) series of posts about one lens. The reason is that its probably the most useful lens I’ve bought in a long time.
Check the 12mm lens price at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

  • Duarte Bruno

    This is ridiculous, comparing the E-P3 decrepit sensor to the NEX-5N at ISO12800… Was there any doubt of what the result would be for stills???

    Now this is interesting, the E-P3 trounces the NEX-5N in video, so those initial technical illustrations that mentioned a full sensor binning on the E-P3 must be true after all!

    I wonder how it fares to the GH2…

  • Pablo

    YES. I do agree, that the Oly has WAY BETTER COLORS than SONY. Or any other camera…

    I love my NEX, however, I hate the terribly long time, it takes me to get the colors right.

    When I shoot RAW with EP1 the colors are great with no need to tune in 95% of the shots…

    • Narretz

      Are you not feeling well? Shouldn’t you welcome this opportunity to bash m43s? ;)

    • H00ligan

      Get a color checker passport and make five presets. Problem solved. Unless you are lookin for oversaturated, in which case tweak the presets.

  • Narretz

    Wow, the NEX-5n practically murdered the EP-3 on the high ISO. And they didn’t even test it against the NEX-7, which would then have technically been the comparison between the high-end models of both companies.

    • I’m afraid the 5N will be cleaner than the 7, judging from a comparison between it and the a77.

      • lnqe-M.

        Absolute right!

  • Oh no you di-indt!

    Seriously, though. Round 1. Fight!

    OK, now I’m being serious.

    I actually really like the idea of the NEX-7. I have an e-pl2 but when I read about the sensor specs of a *all* the new NEX cams, I felt, well, a little jealous.

    But, well, you know what? I still get great pics with my camera, I have an excellent 20mm f1.7 lens, a compact 40mm-150mm zoom (and an OK kit lens) and I can fit it all into a tiny little bag.

    Oh well, maybe Olympus isn’t hitting a home run with the e-p3, as far as the sensor is concerned. At the end of the day though (I’m comparing with my e-pl2 here since it’s quite similar to the e-p3 in terms of controls), my camera feels good to hold, all the right controls are at my finger tips and I can customize the camera almost to no end.

    Well, maybe if I had bought into the NEX system, I would look at m43rds owners and laugh at their lower quality, smaller sensor. Maybe. Except that I know what I can do with my e-pl2 and I know how much better the e-p3 is. Were it not for the sensor’s shortcomings, I would argue that the PENs perfectly fill their niche, better so than even the Panasonic m43rds offerings, specifically because of all manual controls and customization options which are offered (on the PENs).

    It’s true what they say, though – it’s the person behind the camera that counts. I’ve gotten photos on istockphoto with even a Canon G10, S95 and even an old Canon S230! Maybe someday I’ll “need” the NEX. But today I will refrain from arguing and just accept that I’m satisfied with m43rds.

    • voldenuit

      As a m43 owner, I am jealous of the NEX 5N and 7 sensor performance.

      But if I had been a NEX owner, I’d probably be jealous of the m43 lenses.

      It’s called a camera system for a reason, with “SYSTEM” being the operative word here.

      There’s no perfect mirrorless system (in fact, there’s no perfect APS-C or FF or MF DSLR system, either).

      The G3 sensor is almost as good as a D5100 when it comes to noise, and that’s a pretty big step already. Now Panny and Oly need to start cramming that sensor into their smaller cameras. The E-P3 isn’t the best representative of current m43 sensor performance, but sadly, we are still waiting for the modern sensors to trickle down to the rangefinder style bodies.

      • Mr. Reeee

        I can’t way to see what Panasonic does with the next version of their multi-aspect sensor in the GH3.

  • Fairly predictable conclusions ain’t it?

    • Duarte Bruno

      Yes, except for the video part! :)

  • Those high ISO comparisons really bug me. Two years ago the benchmark was 1600 and now 12,800? How often would you use that sensitivity even if you could? Beyond a certain point I find low light capabilities non significant and to be honest that point is already covered by all the new m4/3 offerings.
    Now, colour fidelity is a completely different issue. Good colour response can save you a lot of time every day.

    • Agreed, it’s so funny how everyone’s ADHD has them constantly looking to the newest sensor technology. It’s moving too fast and all of it’s pretty much crap – even the lenses. Every month there seems to be a new bench mark, which is why I sold everything and shoot solely with my Mamiya 7. Perfect lenses, pictures dreams are made of, it trounces anything digital on the market. Plus, it’ll be worth more than anything currently available or soon to come for many years to come!

  • JB

    Not sure where EOSHD gets that claim of better than the 5D II???… I looked at the test results on Focus Numerique and my reading of the image samples was that the NEX-5N was more or less similar to the D7000, which isn’t surprising since they both have 16MP Sony sensors.

    • I think that goes for ooc jpeg’s, the nex-5n, besides a proven great sensel (improved or not) has a great jpeg engine, althou colors of oly are better,
      frankly i shoot only RAW so i’d get better color from sony due to higher color fidelity and dynamic range

  • mountainwalker

    If these cameras were horses, the challenge is not fair: a cold-blooded horse (NEX) against an Arab racehorse (PEN). Of course, a cold-blooded horse is able to carry a much heavier load. Weight watching of lenses should not be forgotten when pixel watching.

    I would be interested whether Olympus’ unique colour quality is a result of VNG, variable number of greens in Bayer pattern which means, simplified, light green and dark green are filtered separately, R-G1-G2-B instead of R-G-B.

  • Boooo!

    If your camera cannot shoot clean ISO 51200, you are a bad photographer.

    • Narretz


    • lnqe-M.

      See, and the help not by fast lens ;-)

    • My camera can shoot ISO 819200, you insensitive clod!

  • Can Sony just sink ship, PLEASE? I love Micro Four Thirds much better than these posers like Sony. Here Panasonic and Olympus are trying to create an open standard for us while other companies try to pocket all the loot and are more concerned with profits. I have not been so creatively interested in a format like I have with Micro Four Thirds so let’s not keep comparing apples and oranges. Micro Four Thirds is in a ball game of it’s own so let’s let the ball soar!

    • voldenuit

      Four Thirds was an open standard. Micro Four Thirds isn’t.

      Meanwhile, your irrational desire to see Sony fail is unproductive. Competition spurs development and drives prices down, both things which are good for consumers. Wishing for a de facto monopoly is counterproductive and harmful to all photographers – m43 users and other system users alike.

      • Mr. Reeee

        Exactly. Competition drives industries.
        Look what happened when Microsoft weaseled their monopoly. A virtual standstill for more than a decade, leading to it’s current decline.

        We’ve already got the “default” of Nikon and Canon to contend with, why ask for another?

        Sony makes some fine and quite desirable cameras. Don’t tell me the NEX-7 doesn’t pique your interest in just the tiniest bit? It does mine and I love my GH2 and the whole M4/3 ecosystem.

        • Honestly, Sony doesn’t really pique my interest. Not even the Sony NEX 7. Hahaha.. What does generate interest for me is the Digital Medium Format cameras, and the Leica M9. If I was super rich I’d have it all right now, but to me the Micro Four Thirds was a genuine idea. They started this market and I do see it as an open standard. Look at all these companies hopping on board? Look at all the cool third party / aftermarket stuff dedicated to old manual lenses. Micro Four Thirds is in the true spirit of what I like about photography. If people like Sony, good for them. I’m here at 43 Rumors though, and not with Sony. I don’t even really care whether they are mentioned here on not. But I will share my opinion on the matter! Thanks for your thoughts! :)

    • Vlad

      Sony is concerned with profit? Wow! Did you actually see Olympus’ prices? That’s what’s killing them.

      • You’re right, Olympus is the most money hungry of all the companies. Putting out cheap, yet incredibly expensive lenses, the fact that you need to buy new lenses or an additional adapter to use older lenses. At least with a higher end Nikon body I can use lenses built years ago, no problem. This is why I got rid of my Oly stuff, minute upgrades to siphon as much money from their customers as possible.

        They are ALL money hungry!!! :)

  • Thyl

    To put the EVF to the left side of the body on the NEX7 is imho a good idea also for video shooting, since it simplifies use with a shoulder mount (at least for those carrying the mount on their right shoulder).

    I wonder whether the NEX5 or 7 support recording in the x.v.Color gamut, like the VG20 does. That would also be a wellcome feature (at least if I am finally able to find an editor that can handle it). Hopefully, a step closer to real cinema (DCI defines the whole CIE XYZ space, wow).

  • R

    Sony makes good TVs. Oh, sorry, they used to. The walkman was pretty good to. Sony cameras? Good for robots and soccer moms.
    No one who is any good at photog uses a pony sony….

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