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Sony kills Bayer sensors: Will Olympus next High End OMD use the new APCS (active pixel color sampling) sensor?


What you see here on top is a spec sheet describing a new Sony 1.5-inch sensor. But the one Big news here is that this is the first Sony APCS sensor (yes APCS and not APS-C!). APCS stands for “Active-Pixel-Color-Sampling“. This works unlike current Bayer sensors where you combine four R-G-B-G pixels to get 1 single pixel of color information. In Sony’s new APCS sensor every pixel manages to get the full color information. And unlike Sigma foveon sensors it doesn’t need three layer of pixels. It does all with one single layered array of pixels. The new Sony sensor design will bring the following advantages:

– Bigger pixels (higher Dynamic Range and Lower Noise level at all ISO’s)
– Possible to increase megapixel resolution further
– Less processing power needed (no interpolations between pixels needed and faster readout time)
– Increased color fidelity
– No anti aliasing filter needed. No moirè.
– sensor is also ideal for monochrome shooting.

The new Sony APCS sensor is expected to be announced early 2015. It will be first used on the Z4 smartphone and will be launched on cameras later on.

That news matters because as we know Olympus has access to Sony sensor expertise. I think it’s highly likely that Olympus will launch a High End OMD camera using that kind of tech maybe in around one year already? In theory the new Sony sensor has the potential to bring a big jump forward in terms of Image Quality. I hope Olympus will grab the chance!

news via SonyAlphaRumors.

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