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Sonnetar 25mm f/1.1 Prototype spotted!


Great news guys! The genius Mr. Miyazaki realized the first prototype of the Sonnetar 25mm f/1.1 for Micro Four Thirds! For those of you not knowing who the creator is you have to know that he has a long history of handmade and nice quality M-mount lenses. An example, he made that super nice and compact Leica Triplet lenses (Click here to see them on eBay). The sonnetar protoype has a multi-coated lens, is only 25mm thick and weights 67g only! That is the design of the lens:

KTF-Turbo (Click here to read the google translation) is now testing the lens and you can already see the first image samples (Click here). I let you judge the image quality. I find the bokeh very… harsh :)

The lens you see here on top is a not available for purchase yet and price is unknown although I suspect it will have the same price of the Sonnetar 25mm f/1.1 for Pentax Q mount ($650 here on eBay).

One more news: Photoshop launched the new App for the iPad (Click here to see it on iTunes). This really sounds like an amazing app!

  • oluv

    yes, the bokeh really looks a bit “wild”. but this handmade prototype shows, that small fast lenses are indeed possible. why the hell voigtländer has always to build such monsters?
    also the 25/1.4 leica is much too big compared to the 20/1.7. my leica sample was softer than the pancake even stopped down and the decrease of DOF was not big enough for me to replace the 20mm, so i sent it back!

    i would welcome some really small fast lenses like this sonnetar. they don’t need to be perfect, but small and fast!

    • bilgy_no1

      “yes, the bokeh really looks a bit “wild”. but this handmade prototype shows, that small fast lenses are indeed possible. why the hell voigtländer has always to build such monsters?”

      I guess the answer to your question is provided in the first sentence: image quality (not just sharpness etc, but also bokeh). And don’t forget that f/0.95 is quite a bit faster than f/1.1.

      But fort that price ($699) I would much prefer to buy either the Leica AF lens, or the Voigtlander for a bit more money (costs €712 in EU).

      • Will

        I believe f0.95 is just marketing hype, I think it’s really just f1.0 in fact is it even possible to have an aperture below f1.0? I don’t know but I have heard reports of the f0.95 lenses really just being f1.0.

        • I hardly think that the famous Kubrick F0.7 lens also would be just F1.0…

        • narutogrey

          Of course it’s possible to get a f-stop less than 1. The f-stop number is just a ratio between the focal length of a lens and the diameter of the pupil. The pupil is your aperture diameter x some magnification dependent on the lens design. If you have a 25mm focal length lens and a pupil diameter that’s greater than 25mm, then your f-stop is less than 1.

        • Yes it is, the “theoretical limit” is something like .4 or .5

      • live stream Has Reuters been contaminated asks Julian Assange since it became Thompson-Reuters?

        really weird as I was thinking the exact same thing about 3-4 months ago

  • oli

    I love google translations :
    “With the help of an acid, we were able to borrow a prototype of a MS optical Sonnetar25mm f1.1 from Mr. Miyazaki.”


  • jorge

    Looks like a toy-lens. Even with tiny Pens suitable. Let’s wait for tests. Two Noktons and this lens – the M43 is growing to an outstanding system!

  • Camaman

    That lens is almost to small! :-)

  • Maley

    Is the picture on top the sample image? Hard to tell anything about the bokeh from that…

    • uiti

      Check “c-snap” link to see sample in the bottom of page.

    • Mistral75

      Here for the samples:

      Click in the bottom right corner of any picture to enlarge it up to 667×1,000 or 750,×1,000 depending on the format (4:3 or 3:2).

  • matt

    well, I wouldn´t like to have such a small lens when I could only us manual focus.. autofocus is a really good thing when you are playing with such a small DOF. I would rather buy a nokton like this one

  • Maley

    Super ugly bokeh, more like a toy-lens. The price will be steep. Really niche lens. But only a few will be made anyway.

  • Oitzsek

    Very cool i ll get this

  • Vivek

    Cool! I hope they make one in NEX mount also! :)

    Swirly bokeh in a tiny package! :-)

  • Really nice lens – but it‘s time for fast AF lenses (F >= 1.2) as well.

  • Gabriel

    So it’s possible to make small and fast lenses for µ4/3. Now , i hope Oly make some fast µ4/3 lenses like the 12-60 4/3.

  • The bokeh seems rather… significant. I wouldn’t mind it if it was priced at half that much.

    • flash

      I expect when the lens is for sale it will have a another Aperture shutter arrangement that will give it a different bokeh, maybe bokeh not what you or I want as the traditional great bokeh. Will have to wait till it is ready for release before I will make a individual judgment.

      I feel Mr Sadoyasu Miyazaki has a specific look in mind and will work until he achieves it. I have seen some large prints taken with his triplex and have to say I was impressed with the result.

  • Miroslav

    Do we really need another 25mm lens? There are two m4/3 lenses, Leica and Voigtlander, there are two 4/3, Olympus and Leica, there is 4/3 Samyang 24mm. It’s nice that it’s so small and fast, but if he made a 40mm or 15mm F1.1, it would be much better…

    • Vivek

      I have many lenses in 25 FL range. They are all useful. :)

      This one is unique in being very compact and fast. What we need is a compact body to go with it. A GXR with a built in EVF, for example. :)

    • Esrhan

      I think we definitely need at least one compact 25mm lens.

    • flash

      I do not think Mr. Miyazaki is worried about market share.

      • Miroslav


        No, but we are worried about holes in the lens lineup. They’re getting smaller and smaller, though.

    • A 45 mm F1.2 AF… Oh, my God…

  • safaridon

    Now I wish they would soon produce a fast short tele 100mm lens for m4/3.

  • Steve Biro

    That looks like a lovely lens. But I’m not sure I’m going to pay that kind of money for a manual-focus only lens. Others will feel differently, I’m sure.

  • Quote from the KTF-Turbo link above:
    “With the help of an acid, we were able to borrow a prototype of a MS optical Sonnetar25mm f1.1 from Mr. Miyazaki.”

    Uh oh – they threatened the poor guy w/ an acid?!
    Seems like secrets of the trade are getting harder to hold on to, these days… ;)

    • Frederic Hew

      I guess they mean lysergic acid. Evidence is in the bokeh.

      • naoyuki_oi

        Ha ha ha…
        This sentence seems to be difficult for Google translation!
        “With the help of Mr.Sha-sindbad” is the correct translation.

        In Japanese language, people’s name is usually followed by “-san”, you know, and the same pronunciation “san” also means “acid”.

  • Vivek

    Scrambled. LOL.

  • In fact I have a 28/2.8 triplet which is as small: The Industar 69 (adapted), which I paid 10 times less in Moscow.

    That shows that if you have imagination the sky is the limit with m4/3.

  • pdc

    Put this on a GF3 and it will go in your pocket or girlfriend’s evening purse. Petite and fast (the lens, that is).

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