Some thoughts about the G3 from Vitaly (the hacker)


Vitaly the hacker posted his thoughts about the G3 on his website (Click here). He doesn’t like the new G3 because….

* Less buttons (you do not need AEL, right?).
* No eye sensor (You like play quest games enabling EVF via touch menu?)
* Noisier sensor compensated by math (read – more details blur).
* Intelligent resolution (read – more sharpness accentuating even minor flaws).
* And this magic button, ouch forget how it is called, something like Super-Druper-Auto-Everything-Intelligence-Not-From-This-Planet.
I think that it decides then you must take your pictures and prevents you to take any picture if it does not like this sour mugs ;-)
But I may misread something.

And if you visit his website (Click here) he also shows you the pink G3 :)

My two cent on that, I don’t think the G3 is a bad camera. Panasonic clearly targeted it for the amateurs. But along the G3 I would love to see a real Photo Camera too. A camera with less plastic, with more buttons and easier usability. What do you think?


P.S.: G3 preorders at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and Amazon UK (Click here).

  • Mice

    But the questions is… will it blend?

    • Duarte Bruno


    • lunic

      LOL too!

  • Philumix

    Agreed! To the full. Ever since they had launched the L1, read L1, Panasonic have been walking backwards in all respects but pixel count – I was happy to have the L1, less the G1, and have had to go another route since … Pity. We wanted a real camera, just that. Philumix

  • GreyOwl

    admin, I agree with your comments on the G3, for you seem to have hit the nail on the head. Horses for courses, as the saying goes.

  • Miroslav

    * Less buttons (you do not need AEL, right?)

    I like more buttons, I use candy bar mobile phones with full qwerty keyboard for many years, but sometimes too many buttons on a small body can lead to accidental presses. There are two Fn buttons and useless ( for me ) movie button, hopefully they can be remapped to whatever function one wants.

    * No eye sensor (You like play quest games enabling EVF via touch menu?)

    There’s a button for it. Eye sensor is taking automation too far.

    * Noisier sensor compensated by math (read – more details blur).

    Agree. Marketing needs :( … I’d like to see a comparison of details of a 16 Mpx image resized to 12 Mpx with 12 Mpx from the old sensor. That would prove if 16 Mpx is really needed.

    * Intelligent resolution (read – more sharpness accentuating even minor flaws).

    Digital zoom in other words, to be ignored.

    * And this magic button, ouch forget how it is called, something like Super-Druper-Auto-Everything-Intelligence-Not-From-This-Planet.

    One more for the ignored list. I’ve shot once in Auto with my digital cameras – the first time. And never again :). Hopefully that button can be remapped as well. But you have to have full auto mode in a camera, just to check yourself from time to time :).

    There’s no need criticizing modes in a camera that you don’t have to use. G3 has fair enough level of manual control over taking of images for its price/size/target audience :).

  • Panasonic takes out features people don’t use or switch off
    eg they took out the multiple exposure option that was originally in the L10
    thats why the took the eye sensor out, I for one switched off the moment my GH1 arrived it was too easy to trigger and most people are creatures of habit and will tend to stick to using either the EVF or the LCD and only switch on rare occassions.
    AEL probably won’t be used by it’s target market…

  • andrew

    complain less.
    hack more.

    i am sure that some of these issues could be resolved with firmware upgrades or HACKS.

    • TC


    • MikeS

      No amount of hacking will:
      * add physical buttons
      * add an eye sensor
      * replace a low-quality image sensor
      unless “hacking” entails taking apart the camera, installing the new hardware components, and then modifying the firmware to accommodate/integrate them.

      The other two complaints are with regard to Panasonic dumbing down the camera interface, and don’t require hacking because they can be disabled (intelligent res) or ignored (magic button).

  • Nager

    * Less buttons (you do not need AEL, right?).
    AEL can easily be mapped to one of the function buttons.
    * No eye sensor (You like play quest games enabling EVF via touch menu?)
    I turned the sensor off at first chance. When I want to use the EVF I just close the LCD (which takes about as long as to move the camera to eye level).
    * Noisier sensor compensated by math (read – more details blur).
    From what I have seen so far, the sensor appears to be a nice step up from the previous one apart from perhaps low ISO noise.
    * Intelligent resolution (read – more sharpness accentuating even minor flaws).
    You don’t have to use every feature a camera offers if you don’t like it
    * And this magic button, ouch forget how it is called, something like Super-Druper-Auto-Everything-Intelligence-Not-From-This-Planet.
    See above.

    All in all, as a current G2 user, I really like what I read so far. I won’t miss the left dial for a second, as I tend to stick to AFS and single point focus anyway. The level of miniaturization is quite astounding.

  • So you wan’t a x100, great.

    More seriously, I agree that a m43 camera with built-in VF-2 and full manual controls as buttons, wheels and toggles would be approaching my personal graal. I’m really not fond of these touchscreen things. Even if cameras are now decent little computers like smartphones are, I don’t think they should embrace all their user interface paradigms.

    • L2

      If Vitaly can put 1080p60 24Mbps on the G3, I’ll buy one!

    • Mr. Reeee

      We’ll never see a perfect camera, so it all boils down to how well we’re able to stop complaining and adjust to whatever camera we choose to use. ;-)

      I agree, but try and stuff the VF-2 into any of the current compact bodies and watch it bulge!
      Design is about balance and compromise and the G3 seems to have pulled off a good balancing act.

      All quibbling aside, I’d still like to actually TRY a G3 before judging it.

  • Less plastic? – It’s all magnesium alloy, how much less plastic can you get?

    An outstanding beginner – intermediate entry from Panasonic. Hats off!

  • IB

    More rant from Vitaly. Cries like a baby cause Panasonic disabled his crack.

    Every preview/review so far have indicated that this is a superb camera in every way, with image quality comparable to the Aps-C cameras.

    Vitaly is starting to get more and more irrelevant.

    BTW, the camera is made of aliminium.

    • Duarte Bruno

      Even though I don’t share any of his views about the G3, I think he deserves loads more respect for all of his Kung Fu on every camera he cracked and improved! :)
      Keep it up!

    • Simon

      it’s even an aluminium body, not magnesium.

  • Bob B.

    “A camera with less plastic, with more buttons and easier usability. ”
    We are looking for a photographers tool. Not a new accessory. Right?

  • Bomberesque

    Control and buttonz; I don’t see that this has less control than the G2, looking at the buttons taken off, only the AE-L is missing for me and this (i believe) can be mapped to one of the Fn buttons so majikally is not missing any more

    Sensor; I was under the impression that this is a less noisy sensor, not more. but then again, are there any full tests yet? where does the claim of a noisier-than-G2-sensor come from?

    other stuff; turn off and ignore (as someone else said)

    and what’s the “less plastic please”? G3 is alu bodied according to the hype It’s the other Gs that are plastic chassis, no?

    I was waiting for this to decide G2 or G3 and given the reports of faster AF, better (OK maybe have to wait for proper testing to see this) sensor and smaller size (plus I haven’t bought a new camera in 5 years so am not too price conscious but blimey the G2 looks like a bargain atm!) I just pre-ordered the G3. I am prepared to be dissapointed but honestly don’t expect to be. ofc, I’ll never admit it if I am

  • Per

    What is “a real camera” then? I would say all camreas that physically exists are real!
    I see the G3 as a rather good marriage between GF and G series.
    After trying to adopt to not having a viewfinder for two years using the E-P1 I would say that a handheld camera MUST have a viewfinder to be able to serve a photographer that works with image composition.
    Concerning new feautres and conservative complainers: The new Phase One IQ180 also uses touch-screen. – Is that a “real camera”? Or is that too just for point-and-shoot? :-)

    • Mr. Reeee

      Viewfinder, YES!
      After using prosumer digital cameras with shitty viewfinders for years, I’d forgotten how great it is to have a really USABLE one!
      For long lenses, low light, manual focus and macro shooting, working with an LCD alone, especially a fixed position screen, can be extremely restrictive.

      • Bomberesque

        Agree reg “real camera” snobbery. I had a run of bad luck with cameras a few decades back (involving mould, theft and cat urine, kind of a perfect storm) and ended up with only a Russian Cosmic Symbol fully manual (didn’t even take batteries) camera to my name while I got over the shock. It was quite a cathartic experience that the kids today could get something from, I expect (grumble, brumble, shakes fist etc etc)

      • Esa Tuunanen

        There hasn’t been any real prosumer digicams in last half dozen years.
        Not since KonicaMinolta A2 was discontinued to make room for low end DSLR bodies. Rather pathetic how despite of all the promise of m4/3 there hasn’t been a single body coming even close to its ergonomy.

        • Mr. Reeee

          My first 3 cameras were all Konicas (family hand-me-downs); 2 rangefinders and an SLR.
          A 1950 Konica II (with a Seconic handheld light meter), an Auto S2 and an Autoreflex T. All good cameras. I sold the SLR for a Nikon FM2.

  • Its funny how different my&vitalis take on G3 is..

    “* Less buttons (you do not need AEL, right?)
    Less buttons is bad but its worth the body size trade-off (i can always choose to get GH2 with bigger body and more buttons)
    Besides you can Configure one of the 2 Fn. buttons for AEL.

    * No eye sensor
    I have GH1 since 2009, thats 2 years, in that time i have used that “eye sensor” for total of about 5 minutes, good riddance!

    * Noisier sensor compensated by math (read – more details blur)
    I’m not sure how is RAW, but the JPEG at ISO 3200 gets more details then GH2 (Dpreview compare)

    * Intelligent resolution.
    its just another promotion feature.
    anyone who knows cameras wont even pay attetion to this feature, i wonder why to mention that

    * And this magic AI button
    That magic “AI” is the reason i choose GH1, because even my mom can take pictures now!

    • Mr. Reeee

      The iAuto mode is perfect when I pass my GH2 around at a party. Trying to explain what it is, does, etc. I see eyes glaze over. Even explaining sensor size gets blank stares from most people. The full-auto results are so good, no more explanation is necessary.

      The eye sensor is a give or take. It works well switching from EVF to arms-out LCD use, but holding the camera at waist level (which I do more than floating the camera in front of me) and it shuts off and on randomly, even using the kill switch. Adjusting the “sensitivity” is pointless.

  • Diane B

    I don’t consider myself an amateur (in fact shot commercially for furniture and textile industry for some years but now really don’t want to carry a FF kit) but this camera will work for me if the sensor is improved. If you read enough reviews you figure out how to implememt the things you use regularly, i.e., AEL for me. The eye sensor isn’t a big issue for me since I generally use the EVF on my G1 (and always a VF on my 5D LOL) and though I dislike the switch button on the GF1’s EVF its really because its extremely awkward for me–finger won’t reach comfortably. All in all, other than I’m worried it may be TOO small, I think most everything else may generally end up being a plus for me or neutral, since as others have said, there is no perfect camera.


  • Sounds like Vitaly should get himself a GH2.

  • kenw

    Well, he’s wrong about the sensor. The few RAW samples around show it is clearly a lot less noisy at high ISO than the previous 12MP sensor. If this guy is part of the “if only it had fewer MP it would be better” crowd who lack any understanding of how MP effect image noise then I don’t know what the point of listening to him is. He can write software for sure, but clearly doesn’t understand sensor design or objective analysis.

  • What i don’t seem to get is, how come people is already complaining of the performance of the new sensor, when we haven’t actually seen any RAW examples? For what i know everything out there is jpeg (which i couldn’t care less, but what your average joe shoots). I find it hard to believe that Panasonic developed a new sensor and it doesn’t improve on the previous generation ones…doesn’t make much sense, does it?

    Now, it is possible that they focused on improving medium-high iso at the expense of lower iso…there are always trade offs. I’d say that works *for my style of shooting*.

  • Oh, humbug, Vitaly! You’ve done more than anyone outside of Pan/Oly for mFT, so I won’t go beyond this, but did you get out of the wrong side of your bed or what?

    Seems to me Panasonic was simply answering what everyone has asked for in its lower end EVF model:
    – faster AF
    – lower noise at high ISO’s to better compete with Sony/Canon sensored DSLR’s
    – more compact/light body to take full advantage of mFT
    – improved video
    – improved JPEG colors
    – retains a great EVF, flip LCD, AF assist
    – lower introductory MSRP

    Other than some buttons which can likely be remapped to your preferences, what’s not to like at this model level? No, it’s not a GH2, and why should it be?

    Rather, given it’s size, weight and MSRP it’s closer to a GF2 with EVF, flip LCD and likely a better all around sensor (my guess, tests will bear this out).

    Get over your grumpies and put your talents to some interesting hacks for it!

  • For its likely target audience, I don’t see any glaring issues with what Panasonic took away or changed.

    Even the sensor issue, if it turns out to be what we expect (raw still poor) isn’t necessarily an issue on an entry DSLR because most entry users don’t shoot raw. You have to consider the G3 against something like the D3100. In that context, I actually admire Panasonic’s tight focus as compared to Nikon’s sprawling attempt to hand hold the user and provide options.

    I should also point out that we’re seeing some evidence that Panasonic cameras are appealing more to women than some other brands. I’ll leave the sexist commentary that will ultimately follow such an observation to others. Again, I don’t see a problem given the target and likely users of the camera. On a GH3, we might be able to argue about such changes, but not on the entry G3.

    • I think Panasonic pretty much hit it out of the park on this one, so long as the sensor delivers nearly what the GH2 sensor delivers when it comes to the RAW image quality. I don’t agree with Thom that the RAW files are unimportant.

      • Inge-M

        Where good, Panasonic G3 sensor is early too say, but better so GH2 sensor if look away from DR on ISO 160 to ISO 800.

  • Pep

    Yep, it’s an ENTRY-ENTRY LEVEL DSLR that is affordable for the beginning amateur who always wanted to try shooting with an interchangeable-lens camera but couldn’t afford or didn’t want to spend that money on the more expensive systems that are heavier and bulkier and are also more complicated to understand. This camera will get them an easier way into playing with lenses and such. Panny has hit a home run with this. It’s a cute little DSLR, when the laypeople see other laypeople fidgeting with lens choices on this thing, they’ll be all like “you can do that with that camera? that is so cool! and it’s that cheap? awesome!”

    • Inge-M


      • +1 yeah. It seems this is Panny’s direct response to Sony NEX, and i’d say its looking good.

        I still believe it can be also seen as an upgrade to GF1, with built in evf, and better iso performance.

    • Pep, i just dont think its only for entry level DSLR,
      Its also for the advanced shooter like myself, i just dont get why DSLRS have to be as HUGE as they are today, why they cant make them like the first SLR’s that where as small as Leica M9

      • Pep

        Well, frosti, the sensor size has a lot to do with it, I suppose, as far as why the other ones are so much bigger.
        This little G3 is small, but with all those pixels squeeze in, it is starting to look a little bit more noisier than one would like, I think. So that could be a problem for some people, I suppose.
        But it is an entry level camera though. I know for a fact many people were waiting for a camera just like this.

  • QuantM

    It is not bad camera as replacement of G10.
    But is a bad camera as replacement of G2.
    For me the most outrageous downgrade is the removal of the microphone socket.

    • Chris

      As far as I know, all those small SLRs used 35mm film: i.e. the ‘sensor’ was as big as full frame cameras. I don’t get why conventional SLRs have grown so huge…

      Wouldn’t say there’s a big difference between ‘entry-entry level’ and ‘high-end’ for lots of people. It depends on what you shoot, but many people don’t need a zillion fps or microsecond speed AF etc. and lots of people couldn’t consistently say which normal-size pictures are taken by entry-entry level and which by the high-end. Some types of photography requires more expensive features, others are equally well served by ‘entry-entry level’, and there’d be no gain in going for high-end dslrs, I think. Probably more depends on the lenses than the level of camera body…

  • ronin

    The G3 Seems better speced then the Baby Nikon like the D3100. This is morelike an entry model camera. Im guessing this might take some sales away. Im hoping when they come out with the GH3 It will have an magnesium body and a better grip make it more of a semipro body. That would rock.

  • As I’m not a m43 user, let me just say that: still no E-5xx/E-6xx replacements in sight.

    And the way m43 evolves, it doesn’t seem that they would ever become a replacement for entry level DSLRs: too many compromises to make them smaller, both in IQ and in ergonomics. IQ is especially troubling: with the new cameras, it is highly impractical to shoot RAW as one would have to apply all the /usual/ camera/lens correction manually later in PP. G3 sadly continues with the trend.

    As things go, my next camera probably would really be the iPhone or the Galaxy S ;)

    • Mr. Reeee

      There was an interview with some Olympus bigwigs a few weeks ago that mentioned the PEN line will take the place of the E-xxx lines. Oly will continue to develop the E-xx and E-x camera lines.

      So, it looks like there will be no more E-xxx cameras.

      The G3 certainly specs well against the D3100 and even the D5100. Size and weight make the G3 a winner in comparison, especially when native lens size and weight are factored in for both platforms.

      As far as RAW shooting goes, batch convert and tweak the real keepers separately. I’m still shooting RAW + JPEG with my GH2 until I figure out some kind of acceptable RAW workflow.

  • For birders, losing all those buttons is a pity:
    * bird in flight: rapidly switch to af tracking + afc
    * bird in branch: rapidly switch to manual focus using afl
    And since I like to review pictures on the lcd, losing the auto evf/lcd switch is also a minus.
    Hence I guess I’ll wait for the next G2-style body with G3-level af speed, hopefully still at a G2-level price tag…

    • spam

      I can’t imagine why birders would buy a G3, or any MFT-camera. Focus tracking is one of the main weak sided of MFT IMO, and it’s difficult to follow a BIF since the viewfinder lock up between pictures.

      You already have G3 focus speed in the GH2 body.

      • if a birder would use ft or mft its prob only for the fact that the small sensor gives more tele for a given focal length, so for instance, he just buy a 300 mm f/4 for gettin same fov as a 600mm on 35mm format. ofcourse he has to settle with manual focus.

        • Mr. Reeee

          The 100-300mm and a GH2 would be a good birding combo, given the GH2s fast autofocus and manual focus magnification for shooting through vegetation. I’ve tried using the 14-140mm for bird shots, but there’s nowhere near enough reach for that… that red dot on the left is a scarlet tanager… so I’m considering getting the 100-300mm lens.

          Maybe I’ll mount the two on a Stedi-Stock, but it’s a little on the paramilitary side of things for my taste, plus it’s red-line dork-factor. ;-) At $25, at least it’s a cheap solution.

          • Brad

            For what it’s worth, I use a 100-300 on a G2, and quite like it. I’m sure you know all about the limitations of the Panasonic lenses, but in medium to bright light, I’ve gotten some very nice results. And yes, the faster autofocus of the GH2 compared to the G2 would be a definite boon! That’s why I want to upgrade to the GH2 (if they’re ever available again). I have a daughter who will be more than happy to take over the G2 from me!

      • I currently use the G1 + Pana 100-300 for this purpose.
        This gives a 600mm efl IS AF system, light enough to be carried around the neck or shoulder for a whole day of birding.
        Even with that first-generation mft, afc + af tracking can work for (slow) birds in flight…

  • amalric

    In Micro parlance the distinctions between entry level and Pro (?) are really beginning to wane. It’s the sensor which matters more and more, as we see the G3 matching in many respects the GH2. Not in video that is, but that has not much to do with still level.

    Also, I welcome the trend towards providing perfect JPeg, with built in denoising and other enhancements. I bought the PL1 /because/ it had such good Jpeg.

    I am too old to spend my days at PP, I have come full circle. My job must be to get the decisive moment, not to please pixelpeepers, and in this respect the G3 could be a v. good camera, although I will wait for its price to plummet.

    An now the lenses. Admin, let us keep informed about the 12/2, and especially the price. That lens might be a game changer for Micro.

    • Olympiad

      -And now the lenses. Admin, let us keep informed about the 12/2, and especially the price. That lens might be a game changer for Micro.

      And the portrait/macro lens! And EP-3? Thanks, Admin!

      • admin

        You know what? Tonight I dreamt the new Olympus lenses…and when I woke up I found a new rumor about those lenses from a REAL source . I am goign to post it tomorrow on 43rumors ;)

        • wow, well then..keep on dreaming about good stuff and they might come true :-)

    • Inge-M

      Development is so fast, so the is reason for distinctions between, entry level and Pro sensor, and Picture engine is away.

    • pdc

      @ almaric. Don’t hold your breath on a price drop.

      I think the G3 will have a very good run, and the $650 price
      is good.

      However, it doesn’t have features enthusiasts need –
      external microphone, more manual selects, 1080p etc.
      The GH2 will have to fill those needs until replaced
      by something better.

      My bet is for a GFx re-issue this fall, and next spring
      a GH3 announcement. They need to get back to an 18month
      product cycle – the 12month one just doesn’t produce
      enough sales.

      • Mr. Reeee

        At this point, unless there’s some dramatic technology breakthrough, improvements are too incremental to bother upgrading every cycle.

        A longer release cycle means users of Camera A are more likely to upgrade to Camera B when it’s released after 18 months to 2 years. Having new users AND upgraders clamoring for the same new model is better for business.

      • TenSpeed

        I don’t understand why people are complaining about the lack of a mic port on the G3. If you own a good mic, you won’t want to plug it into a crappy camera preamp. Record audio to a dedicated recorder, then sync it in post (you’ll be editing any real video work, so it doesn’t add much to the workflow). Something like an AT825, or a good M-S mic, or a Holophone Portamic (hotshoe mounted) into an Olympus LS-11 is a great combination! Not perfect for everyone, but works for me…

  • Diane B

    Maybe I’m missing something. Isn’t the GH2 the specced for terrific video body? The G3 the stills cam? As primarily a serious still shooter missing a mic port is of no consequence to me who only wants acceptable video occasionally. I don’t really want to say “serious videographers, buy the GH2” but that really seems to be the answer. I still don’t know if the G3 will be the upgrade MFT for me but I like that there’s an alternative to buying the GH2 which I had planned to do IF the G3 didn’t seem worthwhile. I really don’t want to buy a large FF body again (still shoot some with my 5D), am not interested in an APS-c body with the MFTs so close so I’m hoping this little body works for good stills shooting. I’m aware of compromises but willing to shoot bracketed shots when DR is too extreme, always have shot RAW since film (since 2001) and accept less than stellar very high ISO performance. I’m also not a sports shooter or BIF so I see this as the evolution of my first and seconr MFTs and think it sounds like a terrific little camera–anf I hope they don’t try to go smaller.


    • Mr. Reeee

      That’s all very logical.

      I primarily shoot stills and the G3 looks VERY tempting as a potential second body. The new sensor, EVF and articulated LCD instantly killed the viability of the GF2 as a second camera body for me. I look forward to doing a physical side-by-side comparison between my GH2 and G3!

      • Inge-M.

        If you shoot stills, is i safe on G3 is better. ;-)

  • amalric

    @pdc In fact I don’t hold my breath at all. Does Panny not drop its prices at all?

    Product cycles are far too fast at the moment, and I don’t have the money or the will to keep the pace :) I probably need to upgrade my laptop first to accommodate the new heavy files.

    To me 12 Mpx was the watershed anyway, when Digital met the top performance of film. Now I’d rather wait for increases in Dynamic Range.

    I’d like to use pinpoint focus on LCD, but again i use a lot MF old glass so I can wait.

    It’s stressing to witness the shortening of product cycle, but I guess it’s a corollary of strong competition in mirrorless, especially by Sony.

    Probably 50% of the new buyers upgrade from P&S, while the rest are enthusiasts (said Panny). I think the latter can do the wait and see game and buy only when they need to. I’d rather concentrate on lenses, recycling old ones, while the rat race goes on :)

    At some point I hope Panny and Oly will issue a pro model with a longer product cycle, or even Fuji a ILS X200, that’s when I’ll be interested. However to see those prices plummet it will take at least two years, meanwhile my faithful PL1 will do. I am a frequent but light shooter. Shutter should last enough :)

    • pdc

      @ almaric
      “I’d rather concentrate on lenses, recycling old ones, while the rat race goes on” – wise words indeed. I started in 2008 and only have G1 and GH2 cameras, but 7 MFT lenses, 2 Nikon F lenses, and some bellows macro adaptations of enlarger lenses, plus a home-made rig set-up for using a small HD monitor for pull focus in video and precise focus at very long telephoto. Way more fun than agonizing over specs for every new MFT camera model. That said, the G3 will be a winner for Panasonic if they get it out quickly and in quantity.

  • gf1Rocks

    Completely agree with Vitaly.
    I love every little bit of my GF1 and I like EP2 as well. GF2 and the new G3 make no sense to me. Instead of concentrating on the image quality (the only thing lacking in my GF1) Panasonic is adding “fancy” features.
    Seems like Panasonic has no loyalty towards the customers who bought GF1 because they like photorgaphy with their Leica III and can’t afford a M9, all I need is a bit more dynamic range and better perfomance at high iso. If I wante a tiny point and shoot, I will get a tiny P&S!
    I’ve gotten a GF1 because I NEED all the buttons and switches on it, I know how to use them and I like using it with a variety of different lenses that I have.

  • Danas


    Didn’t read all of the discussion here, my apology.
    Just wanted to say that it would be by far better if Vitaly did hack the om-D.
    Why? Well simply because you can’t take any of the Panasonic cameras to a Blizzard or a storm unless having some protective gear which apparently is not available in many places if exist at all. Didn;t see one.

    Om-D is showing fantastic results and the only strange thing by Olympus is only 30fps for video recording. But with their new 5 axis IS Olympus OM-D could be a perfect videography camera. So it would be really fantastic if Vtaly would attempt to hack OM-D and if successful would bring OM-D to its full potential. This little camera is really a rock star!

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