Some tech issues on 43rumors…


For weeks now I am solving a series of minor issues on 43rumors and Mirrorlessrumors. I disabled the member messaging and member registration. The main reason is that I want to do a full checkup and upgrade that solves any spam or loading issue. If all works fine in two weeks 43rumors will load faster and be more spam-proof. Yesterday the website was offline for a coupel of hours. The main problem was MirrorlessRumors that had a broken comment system (now fixed).

Thanks for the patience! And now let’s go one with a real FT5 rumors…coming soon ;)

  • Ross

    Thanks mate. I guessed you were dealing with some issues.

  • I guess you got a couple of message from members saying “what’s all these ‘i want to date you’ messages I keep getting?” :P

  • physica

    that’s why I can’t log into FTR yesterday………I see………I just think is my phone broke down or not :)

  • You had a canikon worm.
    You can spot them though. They have a big big eye, huge black bodies and need masses of disk space.

    • E-1


  • TomR

    As always, Admin, thanks for the hard work. You should add some links to Australian stores so you can gain some revenue when we order stuff.

  • Miroslav

    Please reduce the number of external websites that are loading with pages. Sometimes it takes around 20-30 seconds for a page to settle. That happens in all browsers I use ( Opera, SeaMonkey, Firefox ). The sites that slow loading the most are ( or however that’s spelled ) and

    • Ah, someone else uses Seamonkey. I think Seamonkey may be loading slow for the last few releases as the last bit of the page takes for ever, and some times a reload brings it up quickly. Quicker in Mozilla and IE.

      • Miroslav

        “someone else uses Seamonkey”

        Started with Netscape 3, I’m not ready for a change … yet ;).

    • E-1

      I have no issues with Chrome

      • Dannecus

        Also using Chrome and I haven’t noticed any issues with 43Rumors. I check it pretty much every day.

      • GreyOwl

        I had loading problems with Chrome yesterday.

  • Miroslav

    OK, let me explain a bit better my “problem”. For example, when I try to open a page with comments. I click on a page, the post is loaded, but the comments are not visible, because the page is waiting for an external website. After a few seconds, when that site sends its data, the comments appear. I start reading them, but then another external website finishes loading and the page jumps to the top. I scroll down, trying to find where I was and then another website finishes loading and the page goes up again. It can be quite annoying at times and I often hit escape until all those additional sites stop their activity.

    I am sure the browser is not to blame. Nor the internet connection – it’s 5 mbps and I often have 500 kB/s transfers. It may be connected to my geographic location, to the fact that I’m far away from these external websites. 43rumors is not the only site that behaves in that way, but is by far the worst of the websites I visit regularly.

    • GreyOwl

      The Ghostery extension on Google Chrome will block these tracking websites for you.

      • Miroslav

        Thanks. I’ll definitely try it.

        P.S. Today is the one that’s slowing things down.

        • GreyOwl

          Ghostery will block SkimLinks as well.

          • Miroslav

            Thanks again, Ghostery works like a charm on Seamonkey. Pages load much faster now.

  • anonymous

    I have the impression the camera database is also slowing down the loading of pages.
    I would prefer the camera database as a seperate page to navigate to with a link from the top menu – I definitely dont need it on each page.
    Or perhaps it could be ‘collapsible’ – click on its title bar to minimise/maximise, and load it only when maximised, and keep track of this as a preference?

    • admin

      I plan to redo EVERYTHING as soon as I can. You get smarter after doing things not before. That’s why there will be a real massive change!

      • Yes, if every thing was right from the beginning, correction would never be needed and we would mostly be out of work. We would probably all be the same as well. We could all be like …..

        Stick with it Admin. you can only do so much at a time.

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