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Some more Canon Mirrorless vs Micro Four Thirds news from sources…


I had the chance to talk with some sources about the new Canon Mirrorless camera. With the launch of the Canon mirrorless we now have a full and final view of the mirrorless system. The sources once again confirmed that Canon has chosen an APS-C sized sensor. Canon didn’t want to give any kind of advantage to Sony. Apparently they fear Sony more than m43!

The sources also told us that the first camera feels a bit cheap in your hands. And according to them it’s not a m43 killer camera. Quite the opposite. The NEX cameras are still better in doing competition to m43 cameras. Overalla Nikon and Canon had a very cautious way of entering the mirrorless world. One more thing: A more advanced Canon (and Nikon) camera will arrive in a few months only.

But that’s just a first impression based on my sources. Let’s see on Monday if the Canon system is something interesting or not. Follow the full news coverage on MirrorlessRumors or CanonWatch!!!

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