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Some info about the real Samsung semitransparent viewfinders (may be used by Olympus)


A Samsung source just sent me some info about their semitransparent electronic viewfinder. Samsung is one of the companies working on that technology that Olympus could use in future cameras.
The source gave me bits of very intriguing info. Thanks!!!

Here is the text:
Samsung has two small prototypes of semitransparent OLED, that officially are known as ST-AMOLED, they are truly AMOLED devices (Active Matrix OLED). Samsung can not make a higher resolution EVF, the limit right now is just 750×560 on 0.55″ 4:3 display with 52% of transparency. The new device for late of 2012 will reach 1080×815 on 0.75″ 4:3 display, offering 1080×720 on 3:2 mode and 73% of transparency. The final device will have a RGB-W pattern, including a White photodiode to improve the high contrast scenes.
I have not information about commercialization to 3rd companies, but it will offer an advanced technology on the market for competition.”

Samsung is not the only electronic viewfinder maker. Also Epson, Fuji and Sony could sell them to Olympus.

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