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Some fun “restaurant rumor” (The second after the E-P1)


I receied a rumor from an anonymous source that is not related to any (Micro-)FourThirds product. I thought I should post it because:
1) The person has been so nice to send me the rumor (Thanks!)
2) Because we are talking about a somewhat strange camera and it might be a sign that Fuji will not join the Micro Four Thirds system.
3) It’s fun to read how the source catched the info!

That’s the message:
I was sitting in a German restaurant yesterday and listened to a conversation of a Japanese guy with a German guy in -broken – English about Fujifilm working on a digital Fuji TX / Hasselblad XPAN like panorama camera with a larger extra wide sensor and the possibility to switch to normal image ratios. The special point was about a nearly doublewide sensor for improving panorama image quality.
Have you heard something about such a camera already?

So is Fuji going to make another “special” camera after the Fuji X100?
This is the second “restarant-rumor” I got in 2 years of 43rumors. The first one was about the Olympus E-P1 having video…..and it was correct! So if you ask me that’s FT5! :)

Fuji TX on eBay Hasselblad XPAN on eBay

  • GreyOwl

    Interesting. My bet is that the X100 is just a start, and given that it sells in good numbers, we can expect more niche cameras from Fujifilm. A M4/3rds X100 type? (Just dreaming).

  • LOL.

    Over here, our corporate overlords, after taking over our small nice ISV, first thing they did was to send everybody to information security training (Sally something).

    Well, one of the most prominent things was to not talk about/do anything related to business in public places, where one can be spied on.

  • Henrik

    Yeah, steal words from private conversations in restaurants. This makes a better world. Great character, also for the publisher.

    • admin

      If someone talks about cameras in public places I would not say that this is “stealing”. If we would hack websites to download secret info…that would be stealing! :)

  • Alfons

    Wouldn’t extra wide format emphasize the telecentricity problem of sensors?

  • DonTom

    Man, if Fuji could do a digital x-Pan! That is a dream camera for me, but not in film format.

  • AndyOz

    Interesting. Wonder if it will come true.

    Hi Admin

    I thought you had a rumor that you were going to release this week which you hinted at in your last rumor summary
    I thought it might be about Fuji.

    I for one am looking forward to it. Or was this it about Fuji?

    Thanks for all your work.

    • admin

      Hi Andy!

      I got one mor enews about the FUji I have to check. That’s the cause of the delay…

  • Mark

    This is true. I was at that restaurant too.

  • Hmmm…. wide format, presumably back-illuminated sensor. Expensive, and oh so yummy.

  • nalax

    I had an X-Pan and it was a great camera. A digital version would be even better but can you imagine the cost to produce the sensor – 24x65mm? I would say that size would never happen but perhaps a 14x36mm sensor would work. It would still be pricy and likely make the X100 seem like an inexpensive camera. A risky proposition.

  • david

    Due to the lens issues, and just like the x100, I see this could be real. But guarantee it would be fixed lens! All the recent fuji specialty cameras have been fixed lens, and that would solve alot of issues in this cameras design.

  • eric k

    Some people talk about fixed lens cameras as if its the kiss of death re: Fuji X100.

    Actually, in my case every SLR I ever bought over the last 25 years I stuck on a 50 or a 35 and never once changed the lens. For my Nikon F3hp I only owned one lens.

    Even my Pentax 67 I only used one lens about 95% of the time for jobs, for my personal use I only used one lens.

    My favorite 35mm film camera is the Contax T3 which is a fixed lens.

    I would wager to say many people fall into the same usage pattern. Not changing lenses often if at all.

    I suppose it is nice to have the option, but I would rather the camera be smaller and cheaper with a fixed lens than bigger and more expensive with interchangeable lens. At least in terms of a compact camera.

    • pdc

      Hey eric k – live a little – explore superwides, macros and super telephotos and you’ll find there are many interesting perspectives outside of “normal” – MFT allows you to look at the world through many eyes (lenses).

  • Ahem

    Overhearing a conversation at a restaurant isn’t a rumor, it’s gossip.

    This is ridiculous.

    • mat

      It depends on who’s doing the talking and whether they have any real knowledge or not.

  • mr.gelo

    Hope they will make something list this….
    This was my father’s secret weapon back in 1980’s…

    • mat

      If we’re wish listing… How about a digital version of the GF670 and/or GF670W? Normal lens + 1:1.25 & 1:1 aspect ratios, need not be MF sensor, just full-frame.

  • cL

    Fuji likes to make weird cameras that nobody else makes, which is good business for them. Just look how expensive all the variations of Fuji 645 is on eBay…. Well, if you want a small medium format camera, I guess you have to get that or the lousy Holga. Anyways, it seems this “rumored” camera is on the same vein. I guess it’s fun, but I don’t think I want a panorama camera…. I am too used to squarish 4:3 perspective that my brain doesn’t function that way anymore. I have trouble visualize 2:3 perspective even….

  • ZDP-189

    The rumour’s bull faeces, of course, but for the sake pf

    Sony NEX stitched digital pano is similar in concept with swing lens pano that mr.gelo mentioned, within the limitation that you can’t curve a digital sensor. The X-pan idea doesn’t translate so well into digital either. It’s not like you can just use more film and adapt your lens design to cover the area. You’d not get many double wide full frame sensors from one wafer. …

    … Wait a minute! I have the (tongue in cheek) answer: Take a 5D mark II and mask off the top and bottom of the sensor and you have a more than double wide 4/3 sensor. I think 30mm was as wide as you could get from the X-Pan and a 14mm or 16mm would give about as much width and resolution as you can get from a scanned X-Pan frame.

    • Jonathan

      If Hasselblad is involved then I think we should expect this camera to have a larger sensor than cropped 24×36 FF, most probably with offset micro lenses like the x100 and the Leica M8/9 (Fuji has demonstrated some competence in this). We should also expect this camera to be quite expensive!

      Fuji is quite innovative and bold in coming up with such cameras, they have my respect for that.

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