Some free thoughts…


This are very busy times for me. Yesterday we transferred the whole website on a new server and now it will need weeks until I can fix everything on 43rumors (layout and new content). The good news is that everything loads much faster. YEAH!

I also continually receive mails with comments news and rumors…something like 60-70 mails per day!

How do I manage to do everything?

In this days I weak up one hour earlier than usual. I need one hour to check the latest news on my RSS reader and to check the mails I recieved. Than I go to work (train at 7.20 am). I am currently editing my latest documentary and every one-two hour I make a short break to check emails and news. After dinner I have 30 minutes to write something on 43rumors. When I am at home (at 6 o’clock in the evening) my girlfriend gives me exactly one hour time to finish my job on 43rumors :) But I have to admit…in this days one hour is not enaugh!

As you see I am quite busy and that also explains why I sometimes can’t answer you. There is a lot of hidden work on 43rumors. I am doing my best to catch interesting news/rumors and that needs a lot of time. Also the website redesign was quite a challenge for me. I have still a lot of bugs to fix.

Anyway what I want to tell you is that I am really excited. In March we will have a lot of new stuff coming! I also learned that Panasonic and Olympus are listening us. They are following our website and reading your suggestions. I expect some of your desires ot be fulfilled soon!

About me: Can’t wait to have time for some rest but I believe I will have to work trough the whole February and March until I can take some time for me.

If you want to know more about me just contact me at or comment this post.

Now I have to go back to work…



  • pasha

    keep up the good work!:)

  • Roger Sterling

    Hey, really great work, much appreciated!

  • CR102

    Your hard work is well appreciated. Perhaps you could use some help.

    • admin

      Hi R102! I learned that only I can manage rumors. I have tried a collaborative approach but for many reasones it did’nt work well :(

  • Rob

    i think a lot of questions could be solved by the community – set up some forums! it seems like there’s a regular contingent of people who frequent this site, would be good to chat with them..

    I see from the page source that you’re using wordpress, it’s probably a good idea to install some 3rd party forum software such as phpbb (as the wordpress specific ones are a bit rubbish).
    I know phpbb ties nicely wordpress CMS….

    • admin

      Hi Rob!
      I am working on it!

  • Duarte Bruno

    Does this mean there is a semi open channel to Manufacturers?
    Because I have made (and collected) some work about manual focus aids that have went up the suggestion route at Olympus. I don’t know if they have plans to implement them but I wouldn’t mind if that got up to Panasonic as well. I’ll have to check if that is OK with my peers but I would like to know if this has any chance of getting the message through either by this site or by your priviledge contacts.
    Contact me privately if you need further details.

  • Robbie_E-P1

    Hey Thank you very much! I check this website 4 – 5 times a day :) Keep it up mate! Your doing very well.

  • spam

    I appreciate your work, but:

    You don’t have to write anything when you don’t have to anything to write about.
    M$ Word has a pretty good grammar and spell checker

    • admin

      Hi Spam!
      You are right. My goal now is to write less and write better.

  • Falk Kuebler

    I appreciate your enthusiastic and energetic work highly.

    My suggestion: introduce a “Donate” button.

    • admin

      Hi Falk! Had one few months ago. Maybe I will add one again :)

  • omox

    I use more than google :-)
    Fantastic work!

  • Dwight

    We appreciate your work, but please don’t let it take away from the important things of life. This is just a hobby!

    Don’t worry about spelling and grammar. We can understand you. It’s not worth spending even MORE time on this website.

  • misu

    I do not own a panoly camera but still I am a fan of this site. I’d be interested in what documentary you’re doing, being a film guy my self. also I am considering a gh2 or e-5 (or even gh1) for the documentaries I am doing and would be curios to know how do you manage with the workflow.
    what’s more, I think not only panasonic and olympus are watching your site but sony, nikon and canon as well, while their rumors sites are far behind. you could join politics!

    • admin

      Hi Misu! I am shooting my documentaries with the Sony EX-1. I don’t use the GH1. Anyway if the GH2 has a decent codec and 50p I will definitely buy one!
      No way…no politics! My documetaries are very politics and I like to stay on the other site of the table :)

  • FT6

    Keep up the great work. I managed an unofficial fan site for a musician at one time, and sometimes felt like people didn’t appreciate all the work that went into it, but it was the coolest thing to find out that the musician himself loved the site. I imagine that having Panasonic and Olympus following the site has got to feel great as well.

    Anyway, know that your hard work is much appreciated.

  • Ole

    You are doing great work. I’m not native english speaker, but i always can understand almost everything you write. Without this website i was almost wondering if the manufacturers have a new product in the line and i am buying the old one. But now i know whats going on and can plan how to spend my money at the right time. I want to say “thank you”!

  • ho

    you’re doing well and i like to read all the rumors on your site


    waiting for New E System !!!

  • Falk Kuebler

    > Hi Falk! Had one few months ago. Maybe I will add one again

    Please do so, in a prominent spot.

    It definitively won’t make you rich, but I think for all of us it would be a serious way to express our appreciation.

  • Alex

    Really great work man. I am using your website to track the next panasonic LXx camera, which I intend to buy.

    I suggest you start an IRC chatroom for us to chat in.

  • besides the rumors, your site is a great place to catch the latest news. You’re doing a great job keeping us all in the loop of all things panasonic and olympus.


  • misu

    I also use ex-1 and hope for a better gh2 (or nex7). now I tried ex-1R and it is great. avchd is not for me yet as it needs a lot more cpu power, but documentary, and especially what I do, needs to be future proof, which mpeg2hd is not.
    I’d like to see what you are doing.

  • Carry on as you are. It’s a great website and has been bookmarked by myself for a loooong time!!

    Great site.

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