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Some doubts about last week E-7 rumor…


Last week a good source told me that he “heard” that the E-7 will arrive in 2013 only. But I just got some small rumors from other sources saying that a slightly E-7 is coming and will bring some smaller upgrades (like same E-M5 Sony sensor). It happens sometimes that sources close to manufacturers receive incorrect or just partially correct info. I am rechecking the rumor now.

This is just to say that you shouldn’t give up the hope. A new Four Thirds High End camera may be coming soon after all. But what I am 99% sure about is that it will not bring any earthshaking new feature…

E-5 shop check Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.


P.S.: There are still some guys saying the E-M5 has not a Sony sensor. Just a reminder…Olympus President Sasa said the Olympus E-M5 sensor has been made by Sony!!! (Source: Yahoo Japan).

  • Anonymoose


    No, fifth!

    • Duarte Bruno

      Wow, finally a almost completely useless first comment but it’s really a failed firstie, because it shows great humor. Glad to see this blog isn’t all elementary school posters.

      Keep them coming!

  • Photokina would be the right time to announce the E-7 because:

    1. momentum and feel good factor from O-MD and PENs
    2. bringing out newer models more quickly has had a big positive impact on sales
    3. disquiet amongst canikon users regarding their recent DSLR offerings
    4. new Olympus technology has been warmly welcomed

    I would expect the E-7 to have extended features and improved performance of the E-M5 (especially regarding art filters and continuous focus tracking) plus a few new features maybe multi-spot white balance, focus point linked to metering, intervalmeter, built in wi-fi and/or gps

  • blohum

    I don’t think that anyone expected a new 43 camera to have any “earthshaking” features… even just adding the new sensor to an E5 body would keep a lot of 43 users happy.

    • Martin-K

      +1000 !

    • Exactly.

    • @blohum
      more likely to have a “tree shaking” feature :)

  • Christian

    I neither expect nor need any earthshaking news. The only thing I require to upgrade from my E-3 is a new sensor.

    • I agree with the two above comments . putting the omd em5 sensor in a new E body would be enough for an upgrade AS LONG AS olympus E6 or 7 also get it together for the SD+CF card and does not repeat the ridiculous implementation of the E5 ( meaning like ALL other cameras with cf+sd cards)


  • Anthony

    Could it be the New E-50 ?
    & weather resistant

  • John

    This rumor site does more damage to Olympus than the Olympus scandle . 90 percent of those that post are pro other companies to begin with and the actual post have information that makes you want to jump ship. In the end Olympus will deliever a great product 4/3rds or micro 4/3rds I own both and will continue to own both .

    • We all have our bias. Its human nature.

      Well, ok, some does a better job than others at being aware of it and most importantly being careful at what they write ;)

    • dewdt

      @John the amount of ott olympus hype here makes this site borderline advertising

  • Djay

    I would expect “something” (E-50 = E-30 with OM-D sensor) at Photokina. This will keep the 43 camera user “alive”. Or Olympus make the converter that can make the HG or SHG lenses 100% work at M43.

    And E-7 should have 18 Mpx or higher with features same as other brand N (D7000) or C (7D).

    From marketing point of view, the option to make a converter that can do that will “kill” the “new born” lenses. Some users may not switch/buy M43 lenses.

    At the end of the day, the ultimate question is “how much for what (features)”.

  • new codec for me Olympus

    please! Buy a licence from Panny/Sony for avchd v2 HBR 1080_p_not_i_25/50.
    Put multi aspect ratio sensor in E-M7 and that I will buy, for now… 75 and EPL1 work just great – thanks.

    @Admin: any news on Oly lenses (apart from 12-60 and 25)?

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Wrong, AVCHD should be simply forgotten.
      There are lot better container formats which don’t make such directory mess and limit bitrate.

  • Anonymous

    When will we get GH3 news?????????????????????????????

    • …………………………in this life or the next you shall have your GH3

  • Ross

    I don’t think E5 & E3 users need earth shattering features, but aside from the E-M5 sensor, the 5 Axis IS & full HD video would probably be desired & perhaps the touch OLED screen too. The E5, I believe would be a great tool itself (speaking as an E30 & E-M5 user) with the better high ISO & greater dynamic range of the Sony sensor in the E-M5 & that would make it a very capable pro camera. One hopes the other extras can be added too. To dream of a faster shutter speed in that camera will probably not happen, but to dream of adding the accessory port (of the PEN & OM-D) is not so impossible if Oly wishes to do it & that way the VF-2 could be used for video (or live view), but I wouldn’t hold out too much hope for that.

  • Anthony

    I hope new E-7 is Super 4/3 & has quad Image Processors

    • 000

      Very good idea!!!!!!!I want it!!! Littel Hassblade!!! brilliant!!!

    • fofthum

      You have been reading too many pots by the idiots on dpreview. :-) super 43 my ass

  • Some Other Guy Named Bob

    I don’t need it to be the next big thing. I just need the newer technology added to PDAF so I can keep using my lenses! I would love to downsize to OMD, but until it has it’s own lenses that are as good as the 35-100/50-200/12-60.. or until it can work with them.. I am just not that interested.

  • Anonymous

    I expect the E-7 to be very similar to the E-5, with some tweaks to existing electronics and including the E-M5 sensor and IBIS with it’s associated engine. I don’t believe much more is required to make a worthwhile upgrade, the camera itself has just about everything except the sensor and IBIS. If however there is a new sensor (18/20 Mp) all the better but I feel most users will be happy with the E-M5 sensor as an upgrade, the IQ from that with SHG glass would be awesome.

  • Photokina, Photokina…

  • Ab

    I would buy it, looks goot to me, and as others have said it is a reasonable full body portrait lens… Well I would for $600 :)

  • Olympius

    Well, let me add my $0.02….

    1. Keep the E-3 / E-5 body. It’s fine as it is, and when you are using BIG lenses with the camera, all that size and weight becomes a benefit, not a liability.

    2. If all they did is shove in the E-M5 electronic suite into the E-5, that would be cool. The E-5 itself was pretty much just a melding of the E-PL1 with the E-3, with a few parts thrown in from the E-30.

    3. There is something else I really, really want in an E-7 other than the E-M5’s sensor: a new, far more capable focusing system, something along the lines of what Canon and Nikon users enjoy even in their consumer, low-level DSLR’s….servo AI and all that.

    4. Just for fun, why not put the Pen accessory port on the E-7? That way, for video use, and other uses, one could attach a VF-2 or VF-3 and still have a working viewfinder. Some of the other Pen accessories would be useful too on a DSLR.

    Other than that, there’s not much else I would change.

    Personally, I would think that the E-5’s sales have gone down the tubes (along with 4/3 lenses in general) now that the E-M5 is around, so they had better do something by Photokina, or kiss 4/3 goodbye.

    They also really, really need to bring back the E-620 with a new sensor as well. Lots of 4/3 users, including me, could use a smaller DSLR right along with the E5’s replacement.

    As for the E-30, it was the worst selling DSLR of all time, let it rest in peace.

    – Olympius

    • JimD

      You have just offended my E30. It won’t come out and play now, its sitting in a puddle of tears. It would like an apology.

      • Ross

        I think mine feels the same way too? ;)

  • Snowbird_UT

    Not surprised with confusion over E-7 rumors assuming the rumor about 2 new 4/3 cams being true. The question isn’t “If” or “When” but “Which One First”. I would guess that the E-7 with basic upgrades will be released in Nov-Dec of this year and the new tech, new design E-xxx will be middle of next year. Maybe the hybrid / modular camera will finally arrive in 2013?

    • cL

      That sounds just about wrong…. LOL!

      My E-620 is two years old…. No entry-level DSLR has such a long refresh rate in history…. So a new E-xxx or possibly an E-50 (only saying that so JimD’s E-30 won’t commit suicide) should due first before E-7, as that’s more logical. E-620 users are more likely to jump ship than E-5/7 users, and E-620 is possibly the best selling 4/3 DSLR of all time! (Olympus actually posted a profit the quarter following the release of E-620). It’s not a small user base you know. Most 4/3 users have an E-620/E-510, despite E-3/5 users are more vocal in photo-enthusiasts’s websites.

  • Ian

    I personally would love to see an E7 with a better overall iso range. The high ISO has been improved significantly, but I feel this is at the cost of the low ISO. What I mean by this is that the Pentax K-5 has an excellent iso80 and the Sony A77 has an excellent iso50. I would to see these kinds of true ranges in an Olympus pro body for my outdoor strobist work.

  • Marc

    @ admin. “P.S.: There are still some guys saying the E-M5 has not a Sony sensor. Just a reminder…Olympus President Sasa said the Olympus E-M5 sensor has been made by Sony!!! (Source: Yahoo Japan).”

    I am not saying the E-M5 sensor is not a Sony one, only that to date I didn’t see any viable evidence of it being a Sony sensor. Ie. the sensor could be produced by anyone (including Panasonic.) In the interview you are referring to (BTW link is dead), the Oly rep said that their new endoscope uses a Sony sensor…

    • micksh

      Exactly. Here is what I see in the source:
      Could not display the specified page.
      There is no article. You may have already been deleted.

  • Boooo!

    I have two E-3 cameras. They’re both over 100k actuations. Somehow I think at least one of them will fail before the end of 2013, so I really want that E-7 this year. The wife doesn’t know I have a “new camera” fund, and the only thing that could fly under her radar is if the E-7 looks the same as my E-3; I just need to rub some dirt on it and make it look used. If I switch systems or buy something different, or if the E-7 comes out after one of my E-3’s dies – she’ll notice, and then I’m as good as dead.

    The E-30 was more or less exactly the same size and weight as the E-3 and now the E-5. I can’t understand why people would want an E-50 – what’s the point? You lose weather sealing and get slightly worse build quality and shutter life. If you’re spending a lot of money on a camera, don’t you want it to be as good as it can be? Or is it that people mistakenly think the E-30 was smaller…?

    • Bart

      Compared to the E-3, the E-30 offers the following additional ‘features’:
      – less weight
      – ‘imager AF’ during live-view
      – slightly better sensor (12 instead of 10mp, slightly better high-iso performance)
      – slightly newer processing
      – user interface is more familiar to most amateur level photographers (mode dial etc)

      The E-5 eliminated most of those differences and improves on both cameras (but iirc removed the live-view IS option, no, the E-M5 is actually not the first Olympus camera to offer that feature)

      Obviously, the E-30 also had 3 notable disadvantages:
      – no weather-sealing
      – lower build quality
      – smaller viewfinder

    • Ross

      Adding to Barts list (& yes, it is lighter & a little lower in height) for diffferences to the E3,

      Advantages & additions:
      Cheaper price
      AF adjust
      Art Filters (just for the fun of it)
      Level meter
      Larger display
      Multi-exposure (up to 4)

      Smaller buffer size
      Only 2 My Resets (& not 4)

      The E30 was still a worthwhile camera & I am still keeping mine along with the E-M5. At least it can AF the Sigma 150 macro lens (which the E-M5 can’t).

  • Scott

    e-5 with built in batter grip omd sensor and better in the dark focus and I am happy for 2 more years

  • JS

    I am now considering to sell all Olympus lenses before prices go down and invest in a cheaper and better system. Unfortunately lenses can’t work without camera.

    • Scott

      Cheaper and better? I dont know of a cheaper and better system

  • caver3d

    The E-7 will be an evolution of the E-3 and E-5 (with the comparable footprint), as it should be. So, it will have the E-M5 sensor, possibly the E-M5 5-axis-IBIS, and a video upgrade to 1080p. That should be good enough.

  • Well now that my 53,00 shutter count E-30 locked up during a shoot and is being sent off to repair, I am really hoping for a E-50 with the EM5 sensor. I have a ton of SGH glass that would be wasted on the small and sexy EM5. I tried to use my 50-200 and 35-100 on a friends camera, and it was just too hard to hold.

    • bart

      Curious, I’ve been using the 50-200 with my e-m5 for quite a bit. AF speed and lack of c-af limit its use to somewhat more static subjects but I don’t find handling an issue.

      Maybe that is related to supporting the camera with my left hand mostly.

      • Anonymoose

        I tried the E-M5 and 12-60 combo and it was too hard to carry. Shooting is always fine – you support the lens with your left hand. But when you’re not shooting… What to do then? I just didn’t know what to do with the combo. Wearing it around my neck was uncomfortable, holding the cam in my right hand was impossible, so the only thing I could think of is to put it immediately in the bag after shooting a couple of photos. That’s exactly what my friend does (it was his gear)…

        • Bart

          I carry it in my left hand, holding it by the lens (and body).

          This is what I was already doing when using an OM-1 with a somewhat larger lens many decades ago.

          Carrying the camera by the grip only, when having something as big and heavy as the 50-200 mounted, is going to put enough strain on the mount to cause problems over time, and isn’t a good idea anyway, even if you do have a big enough grip.

  • Stanislav

    I’d like to see an 18×18 mm sensor with 21 Mp (counted from the actual 16-Mp OMD’s sensor), thus you’ll not need to think about the camera orientation.

  • Alain (from France)

    E-M5 dynamic range performance shows obviously that sensor is à Sony one.

    Tank you for your very intersting web site i visit each day

  • JOHN D

    I loved everything about my E-3 except it’s weak sensor. The dynamic range was no good. I feel like the best digital cameras are the ones that have figured out how to mask the digital footprint apparent in all sensor captured images. I could care less about new features, gimmicks, art filters, etc, etc, etc.

    I just want to see a camera that can handle really wide range. I’m sick of looking at blown highlights and muddy shadows.

  • pcDoc

    Beside the already mentioned advantages of the E-30 vs. the E-3 the price is key too! I don´t need the weather sealing and the metal body. Don´t get me wrong, it is nice to have, but for me not worth the price difference! So I would love to see an E-50 with E-M5 insides.

    But I´m ok if there is just an E-7 with that specs. The only real downside is the price! Not saying it is not worth it, but for people like me (and there are a lot) who don´t need the weather sealing and a metal body pay at least 300-400 EUR too much! An E-XX for about 1000€ (the E-30 started at 1299€ and droped to 850€ within 6 months!!!!) I would buy instantly (as I own quite some pro lenses I love), but 1699€ for an E-X is simply toooooooo much for private use without an option to choose an E-XX model! The price difference might not entirely but at least partially cover the loss switching the systems…

    So I really hope Oly does not forget about their FT user and create either a mFT cam which does fully support (=speed and C-AF) FT lenses or continue with FT cams!

    I like small cams and don´t need the bit C or N bodies, but even the OM-D is far to small for my hands to fit in my hands. So I would also appreciate a mFT cam in a DSLR similar Body.


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