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Some background stories about the E-M5, E-5 and new E-7 :)


Yesterday I wrote you about my E-7 release “troubles”. Two sources were so kind to explain me what’s going on with the E-7 development and release. It’s quite an interesting story! Here it is:

According to those sources, the E-7 has been in development for quite some time now, and got initially canceled early this year. Both claim that the “Sony sensor” and IBIS were originally developed for the E-7 and that the E-M5 is in fact a spin-off of this technology. Once the E-M5 was established as a product, it was decided to continue the introduction of the E-7 anyway since it was as nearly finished, and mostly needed testing. Neither source mentioned an introduction date, but suggested that ‘this year would be extremely likely because it is already being tested.

I guess the chance to see a new E-5 successor at Photokina is now getting bigger…

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