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SLRmagic needs your advice (50mm, 40mm, 12mm lens?)


As you know SLRmagic makes cheap quality and cheap priced m43 lenses based on current CCTV lens design (like the 26mm f/1.4 and 35mm f/1.7 lenses). Via Twitter they are asking m43 owners what kind of lenses they would like to be developed by the company. I thought it would be nice to help them by creating that poll:

What lens would you buy?

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Click here to see the current 26mm f/1.4 lens auctions on eBay.
Click here to see the current 35mm f/1.7 lens auctions on eBay.

  • Camajan

    Nice of them to talk to buyers!:-)

    Admin, why dont the shoplinks in your articles work on iPhone? Is it a Safari issue?

  • The poll would be more useful with price and image quality precisions. How much you pay depends on the quality you get.

    I ticked the 40mm box but I would not pay for anything if the quality is not better than my old adapted 50mm F1.8 zuiko.

    • TR

      There no way the quality will be the same as your 50/1.8 zuiko. This is totally different look. Low quality but fun. Cheap and small – a toy.


    please 12mm with strong vignetting… and in form of a pancake like the pana 12mm (not that toy stlye)… :)

  • Nice attitude. Great to see someone listening and trying to create products based on customer needs. I hope that some bigger company doesn’t buy them.

  • these lens easily pawn of any kit lens. definitely a go for them!

  • Miroslav

    12mm. Because of 2x crop of 4/3 sensor, plenty of legacy lenses are available in longer focal lengths. We need wides and we need them fast :).

    • raptor_cZn

      Was that pun intended? =D

      • Miroslav

        Yeah :)

  • SLR Magic doesn’t “make” lenses. They or he rebadges existing C-mount lenses and then doubles the price.

    • TR

      Yea but those silicon rings are soooo cool!

  • Mr. Reeee

    They’re called “Toy Lens” are not supposed to produce images like good quality legacy lenses. Rough and blurry is a feature.

    From samples, I’ve seen the Toy 26mm looks like fun.
    I vote for a 12mm.

    It would be cool if they sold a kit of lenses and one M4/3 adaptor. So, you swap out lenses only, not have a M4/3 adaptor for every lens, as the adaptive are much wider than the lenses.

    • AFAIK the 35mm isn’t marked as a toy lens and has more normal bokeh characteristics though it is still essentially a c-mount.

  • Jan Beeldrijk

    The outcome is also a message to Panasonic. Why such a lousy lens policy, when SLRmagic just does an inelligent job: ask the customers.

    I am aware of the toy & fun character of this proposal, and would be very happy with it.

  • Paulos Jonas

    You can buy these lenses directly from security camera / alarm stores and websites for a 1/3 of the price.

    You can also get some amazing fish-eye type lenses and zooms with very fast speeds.

    I’m pretty sure all they’re doing is buying the stock that would traditionally go to the security stores / suppliers and then reselling them under a different brand and the guise of M4/3 lens.

    I bought the current 26mm 1.4 that SLRM sell for $80 for $14.99 directly from a security store, and just picked up a very cheap c-mount adapter on ebay for $10. The most you’ll pay directly from the security stores is around $40.

    I’m buying up different CCTV/Toy lenses now when the going is cheap.

    • tribalmedia

      what security store website do you shop on please? thanks

  • Joost

    I do not know of any existing 12mm c-mount lens that does not vignette so much that it becomes unusable. If you know any that I can buy know please let me know.

  • Wife

    I wouldn’t buy anything from them. The components are on ebay for 1/3 of the price.

  • mochapaulo

    If you are open mind to any kind of vignetting, there are some CCTV lenses in 12.5mm or 16mm. I used to buy them to bid my luck and the result is both of them unable to cover the sensor. The boundary of the image circle is just reach the vertical side. You can only eliminate the black corner by cropping to 1:1.

    I welcome the idea of making 12mm lens but the criteria is don’t try to fool us of duplicating a existing model with the same character I mentioned above. If so, why should I pay money for this? Vignetting might be fun but don’t accept any kind of disability as a selling point.

  • Duarte Bruno

    Here comes the wide crowd (me included)! :)

  • BK

    A super cheapo Series of 25’s that could mimic the look of the Hipstamatic lenses could be a winner.

  • Vajk
  • arash

    a 12 and a 40 for me please : )

  • Ben

    I will not buy an SLR magic lens till they’re available from a US dealer. I want one but I do not want to order on ebay, have to pay 30 dollars for shipping, and then wait a month for it to get here. They need to actually get this thing in stores or on US sites.

  • geronimus

    a 12mm! with strong vignetting and bold colors. like the 24mm f1.9 on the rare Fuji Natura S… EPL2+12SLRm+20pana+45contaxG+90contaxG is in my recent dreams…

  • ben

    why does the total percentage of votes add up to over 100%???

    • admin

      because you can vote more than one lens.

  • Edvaard Wu

    The problem is that CCTV lenses vignette.

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