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SLRmagic lowers the price of the 11mm f/1.4 lens


As you know one month ago SLR magic announced a new lens with Micro Four Thirds mount, the 11mm f/1.4. The list price of $209.99 seemed too high for many of our readers and it’s good to see that SLRmagic recognized that and lowered the prize down to $129.99.It now has a different design with different MC coating to exclude the lens hood. It has a Micro Four Thirds mount (you don’t need any adapter). You can see some image samples taken with the lens on eBay (Click here). You see there is a lot of vignetting you have to deal with (they call that toy effect). Those waiting for a high quality lens in that focal length should wait for the Olympus 12mm f/2.0 lens. But the SLRmagic lens is many times cheaper than the future Oly lens.

Preorders are also available on that link on eBay (Click here).

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