SLRmagic Hyperprime 12mm f/1.6 lens officially announced (Bye bye Noktor)



The new SLR Magic Hyperprime 12mm f/1.6 has now been officially announced. As you see the “Noktor” name is gone and so the not so nice green ring you always saw on the lens (now it’s black).

NEW: THE SLR Magic HyperPrime 12mm F1.6
SLR Magic expands its micro four thirds lineup with new ultra wide angle lens

Hong Kong, China (November 11, 2011)  – SLR Magic expands the micro four thirds lens lineup with the new SLR Magic HyperPrime 12mm F1.6 ultra wide angle lens. With this latest addition, the portfolio of lenses for the micro four thirds system is now comprised of five focal lengths. The world’s fastest lens in this focal length, the SLR Magic HyperPrime 12mm F1.6 will be available in November 2011.
The field of view of this new HyperPrime Lens corresponds to a 24mm lens in 35mm format and this ultra fast wide angle of view opens up many new creative composition opportunities, particularly in the fields of interior, architectural and landscape cinematography and photography. Additionally, an ultra fast max aperture of F1.6 makes the SLR Magic HyperPrime 12mm F1.6 ideal for available-light photography.
We place our highest priority in the development of all HyperPrime lenses to fulfill the demands of professional cinematographers and photographers. The design and build of the SLR Magic HyperPrime 12mm F1.6 is solid and reliable.
The SLR Magic HyperPrime 12mm F1.6 will be available from authorized SLR Magic dealers end November 2011.

Technical Data of the SLR Magic HyperPrime 12mm F1.6
Lens Type: Ultra Fast wide-angle lens with three Tantalum glass elements to ensure superior cinematic performance.
Compatible Cameras: All micro four thirds mount cameras
Optical Design: 12 elements in 10 groups
Distance Settings: Distance range: 0.15m to ∞, combined scale meter/feet
Aperture: Manually controlled diaphragm, 12 aperture blades (circular), Lowest value 11
Bayonet: micro four thirds
Filter Mount: internal thread for SLR Magic 58/77 RING (optional) lens hood for 77mm filter; filter mount does not rotate.
Lens Hood: SLR Magic 58/77 RING (optional)
Surface Finish: Black anodized
Length to bayonet mount: approx. 73/81mm (approx. 2.87 /3.18in) (without/with lens hood)
Largest diameter: approx. 60/79mm (approx. 2.36 / 3.11in) (without/with lens hood)
Weight: approx. 330g (approx. 11.64oz)

Andrew Chan
Product Manager

List of all lens reviews,_Photographer/A_Deeper_Perspective/Entries/2011/10/13_SLR_Magic_Noktor’s_new_HyperPrime_12mm_f1.6_micro_four_thirds_lensPart_One%3A_First_Impressions.html

Video test by Adam Troup from Scotland

Video test by Bob Gundu from Canada:

Video test by Seb farges from France:
Video comparison with Olympus 12mm f2:
Day Test: Night test :

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  • TB

    I will be getting one of these as son as I can pre-order in the UK….looks really, really good. Price?

    • SLR Magic told me, it will be 499 US$.

      By the way: The review at contains a test video as well.

  • Joey

    Somebody do a review vs the olympus nao!

    • Bob

      There already is one

    • V4Vendetta

      ¿499?, wow i lke. But i see in ebay the last month in 1200 U$, ¿speculation?

  • Mr. Reeee

    The price announced at it’s intro was $500.
    Based on the images and video I’ve seen using it, that seems like a very good price.

  • Hi everyone. I’ve had one for a few weeks. I gotta tell you, it’s a great lens. I’ll have some test photos for everyone in a few days. It’s not for everyone. If you care about fast focusing, this isn’t for you. It’s unique, it fits my style and approach to photography perfectly. Having experience in the film industry, I agree with other viewpoints that this is much more a film/video lens than a stills lens.

    More to come, but what’s the best way for me to share some of my photos with this lens with everyone and this site?

    • C

      Post links itt. Its not elegant…

      You could also contact the admin, if you thought it was of front-page importance.

    • dudeness

      Every time there’s a SLR magic post; paid for of course, we know admi, we’re not all idiots; one or two congratulatory shills commentaries follow on cue, like magic! What a shameless p.o.s. scammer.

      • Jurek Ugarow


        Who is clueless.

      • Brod1er

        Think that is a bit unfair as you have no evidence. However, I think readers should remember that SLRmagic did look to find 30 people to take early samples of the lens. I assume it is these people who have published the glowing reviews. If you read between the lines, this lens doesn’t really cut it for stills although I can see the attraction for videographers.

  • Sim

    I wish they came up with a better name than “SLR Magic.” Not a name I would be proud to have on my camera. I’m glad that the green ring is gone, though.

    • C

      This. Not so much green ring, but this this this.

    • Neonart

      Agreed. Even if on the lens they just stamped SLR MGC, it’d look better. SLR Magic on a lens rim just comes across as cheesy.

      But in the end, they are making some great lenses.

    • Nick Clark

      Odd, considering they don’t make SLR lenses :/

    • I liked the Noktor name!

      It’s much better than SLR Magic. I agree with @Nick, they make lenses for mirrorless cameras, so the name doesn’t even make sense! Even though it sounds vain, I would rather have Noktor written on my lens than SLR Magic. Maybe it was too similar to Nokton?

      I have to admit that I liked the green. Am I the only one?

      • Nick

        You were the only one :D

      • Miroslav

        “I have to admit that I liked the green.”

        I liked the green ring more as well. Green ring on black lens combo is OK to me. Nikon / Samyang red rings and especially Sigma golden rings are much worse looking.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        At least that green ring was better than this “SLR magic” name in place of Noktor…

        • wouldn’t the green ring interfere with the color temperature of the light transmission entering the lens?

  • Derek

    My next lens, anyone know what US websites will be selling it?

  • johann

    hope we don’t have to wait too long for these… it would be a great xmas gift to myself ;)

  • Bu

    Will be shooting our first food festival with this lens over the weekend, will be good to see how it performs!

    *Just need to get used to the weight, it’s heavy!”

  • blastingmills

    I am really torn between buying this lens and the Olympus 12mm f2.

    For video on the GH2, the 12mm f1.6 and manual focus would be ideal.

    However, for stills, I would like the lighting fast autofocus and sharper image of the Olympus 12mm f2.

    Such a tough decision!

    • Sim

      If you have the money, you can’t go wrong with the Oly since manual focusing on it should be just as smooth. It’s just much more expensive… but may be worth it since you’re also going to use it for stills. Distortion and flaring should be less on the Oly as well.

      • Buy both. As you can see, they’re very different lenses and you have a use for them both. I have the Olympus and am planning on buying the SLR Magic.

        Together, they are the fastest 24mm equivalents this side of FF DSLR.

        Even though I love my Olympus, I crave the SLR Magic’s DOF @ f/1.6 and close focusing.

        • Brod1er

          Are the aperture and focusing distance differences that significant? 2/3 stop max aperture difference and 15cm vs 20cm close focus. I would have thought the main reason to buy the SLRmagic was if you are a videographer looking for that old school look (flare, soft bokeh, low contrast). The price difference is not even that significant in the uk.

          • Esa Tuunanen

            It’s full stop.
            Noktor/SLR Magic’s 1.6 is light transmission based (aka T stop) taking light losses inside the lens into account with mathematical aperture ratio being F1.4.

            And especially for premium price prime Oly has optically uncorrected below substandard geometric distortion covered up with software.

        • BeaverTerror

          Are you high?

          • Am I high? Or Brod1er?

    • Miroslav

      “I am really torn between buying this lens and the Olympus 12mm f2.”

      Me too. I’d like to see a test of how easy it is to focus with SLR Magic. Focus peaking would help greatly, we’ve been asking for it here ever since Sony brought it back to life couple of months ago, but there’s nobody listening at Panasonic / Olympus…

    • You definalty won’t get lighting fast focusing with the SLR Magic lens. The focus ring is smooth, but offers more “resistence” than most lenses. Plus, with a GH2, you’l have to also click the thumb dial to initiate the focuz zoom assist. This lens also has a wide, big grooves on the focus and apature rings, which most film lenses have to attach a follow-focus. So, if you have to choose on or the other, and your stills requirement is lighting fast-autofocus.. the SLR Magic most certainly doens’t meet that requirement.

      • Miroslav

        I am aware that manual focus is slower, but what I’m really interested in is how hard is to focus accurately with SLR Magic? How many shots have you missed because something you thought was in focus in fact wasn’t?

        • Due to the long focus throw you can focus VERY accurately in combination with a 10x magnification in the EVF.

          • Miroslav

            Any problems with accurate focusing at night?

  • TB

    Anyone know any websites in the UK taking pre-orders?

  • Pete

    Is there any advantage for this lens, compared to the olympus 12mm?
    1,6 of course, and it looks like an old leica m.
    but olympus has some of the best lenses on planet, and the 12mm is one of it.

    • The HyperPrime has a distortion of only about 1%, so it does not need electronic correction.

      A close focus of 15 cm compared to 20 cm is a large difference if you plan to use it for close ups and allows you to play even more with DOF.

      Another point is that the “manual” focus is not working continously at the Oly 12/2.0. You have discrete steps while moving focus.

      • Pete

        Thank you Helge, this are real reasons I did not think about!!!

  • Glad they decided to remove the green ring. I used a pre-production model with a green ring and it was terrible when using filters. Would have liked the focus ring in front, but besides that a great lens. I used it a lot in this production:

    • Please invite me on your next trip. Wow.

  • Tulio

    Nice lens. I see the “Micro Four Thirds sticker” on the box and wonder if they will make a NEX version of it.

  • Ojojo


    I wanted an 11mm f1.4, I’m switching!!!!!

  • Now… When is this lens going to become available for sale?

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