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SLR Magic 35mm T f/1.4 lens in Stock at Adorama. G series discounted and selling well.



For the very first time the new SLRmagic 35mm T/1.4 lens is in Stock at Adorama (Click here). Two test videos can be seen on Vimeo_1. and Vimeo_2.

And the Panasonic G series is discounted and selling well. For example the GF3 plus X kit for $375 at Amazon (Click here). And so the GX1 and GH2 and G cameras (Click here to see ranking and deals).

Reminder: $100 discount on the 35-100mm X lens at Amazon (Click here).

  • Jákup

    Does it autofocus on a G5?

    • Tron

      Manual focus lens.

  • David

    Can you please fix your Vimeo links?

  • Rutrem

    i have the Fujinon 35mm f1.7 close focusing… and i adore this focal length on m4/3 sensor… not to wide to lose details and not to long, excellent for shooting in urban environments. Also like a lot the Olympus 35mm f 3.5 macro, a little slow focusing in macro mode, but for landscapes and portraits is nice.

  • Nico Aho

    Nice to see a new lens look exactly like one of those crap cheapo Russian lenses. Just look at that pos, it makes the Zenit and Jena lenses look good.

    • Erich

      Explain your self, what do you mean by “crap cheapo Russian lenses”, I think you are confused and never truly used any of those brilliant lenses. They lack a good quality control, but their character and performance is unprecedented.

      • Rutrem

        :) a cheap “crap” Helios 44-2 or and Industar 61 L/Z can bit the ass of any other highlly regarded legacy lenses in the class …even some original Zeiss competition.
        i would love a 35mm f1.4 close focusing lens sharp as my Industar or Helios.. i would love also that this lens would last as much :)
        But for 200$ , a lens of that speed u can not ask for more…

      • Nico Aho

        Crap cheapo lenses. Do you have a hard time reading? Shit russian build qaulity of lenses and cameras. Every used a Zorki or Zenit and its lenses? Ever seen their designs? I seen them before you were born, son.

        • Rutrem

          …i have 5 russian lens, and all of them are faaar better then any kit zoom lens.stop.
          …i dont have any experience with russian cameras so i want speak about.. but i heard a lot of good stuff about Zorki 4

        • Erich

          To me the end results that what is important, and that is the photograph or picture you are taking, the character. Yes design and looks can be more important to some, but not to me and I did not find anything crappy about Russian cameras except an old smell.

          • Rutrem

            from mine point of view some russian lens are really good build and handling, i like a lot the Industar 61 L/Z, shooting with it and the files this lens produces. The Helios 44-2 is an lens that have to get used to.. but the sharpnes and dof of that lens is great, best piece of metal u can buy for 30$ :)

            • Erich

              Completely agree with you. Helios 44-2 build like a tank rough solid and heavy. What year is your’s Helios? I am trying to get my hands on one of the first Helios 44 that was made in m39 mount for Russian cameras “START” in early 1950. I heard it is very sharp lens with great bokeh and 13 aperture blades.

    • AMVR

      Sounds like you like to jump into the bandwagons without any thought beforehand, have you held this lens ? have you made any tests ? people like you make investors stay away from m4/3, in the meantime NEX and Fuji are welcoming new lens makers and catching up with M4/3, and that’ll be a huge blow to this system just on the basis of being in disadvantage in terms of marketing when it comes to the sensor size. We all know SLR magics first endeavors into m4/3 were utter crap, mostly adapted lenses, but that has slowly changed, I was personally impressed by their M mount leica wannabe, even if this lens is crap I’d still welcome any effort to expand the lens catalog. Every time some company tries to introduce a new lens they get shot down by scumbags, seriously, are you really so naive to think Pany or Oly will ever introduce lenses like this ? what’s the point of having such a versatile system that’s highly adaptable if people limit themselves to native lenses, we would all be stuck with slow as hell 14-something kit lenses(which are as crapy/good as these re-engineered ones). This format has undoubtedly attracted many kinds of photographers, from street shooters to video enthusiasts, and those people need speciality lenses (I need T/S, but people like you shot that down too) and pany & Only ain’t gonna give it to them. ever.

  • John
    • Rutrem

      agreed, before the lens is not tested cant be said if is good or not. Thnx SLR Magic for the effort, they have delivered very nice lenses at the start of the mirrorles systems of Sony,Oly,Pana

  • Hate to be a spelling Nazi but “Panaosnic” ? :-)

    • admin

      corrected. Thanks!

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