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Silver E-P5 with 17mm and VF-4 is the most preorderd of all E-P5 options at Amazon.


The new E-P5 is here and at least in US it’s available in four different configurations. Wanna know which one is the more popular? The Silver super kit with 17mm lens and VF-4 viewfinder is the most preordered according to Amazon Ranking tool (Click here). And as you can see the body only options are less popular than the super kit version.

Of course this is a purely indicative (and changing every hour). But it underlines the general feeling expressed by the 43rumors readers, the body only price is a bit too high. And the Superkit has a better value for the money you are going to spend for it.

Specs, Price and Preorders:
Full dedicated pages to the new Oly stuff at Adorama, Bhphoto.
E-P5 Black at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto. In Europe at Wex UK.
E-P5 White at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto. In Europe at Wex UK.
E-P5 Silver at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto. In Europe at Wex UK.
E-P5 Black with 17mm f/1.8 lens and VF-4 at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto.
E-P5 Silver with 17mm f/1.8 lens and VF-4 at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto.
E-P5 Black with 14-42mm lens at Wex UK.
E-P5 Silver with 14-42mm lens at Wex UK.
17mm f/1.8 Black at Adorama, Bhphoto.
45mm f/1.8 Black at Adorama, Bhphoto.
75mm f/1.8 Black at Adorama, Bhphoto.
VF-4 viewfinder at Adorama, Bhphoto.

  • Cheetos

    I let the first adopters take the brunt of new technology, the beta testers if you will. I will wait a couple of months for all the bugs to be worked out and a nice price drop. Though I like that beauty in my hands to play with, I am in no hurry to part with my money since Mama didn’t raise no fool.

    • Rinaldo

      After 15 months E-M5 price dropped 100 bucks…. ops, $50 at BH… it will a loong wait…
      I am on the statistics… got a silver kit ;)

      • Anonymous

        And after 2 months the price of the E-PL5 dropped $100. There’s no denying the E-M5’s remarkable stability but I see reason to believe this will achieve the same.

      • bru

        after 9-12mos, E-P3 dropped $500. I hope E-P5 does just that.

        • Anonymous

          It took more like 20 months before there were significant price drops on the E-P3. I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for the E-P5 price to drop.

          • bru

            ahh, you’re right, 20 mos did go by just like that. well i think e-p5 should be priced at $799 (like an em5 without the evf) during launch then drop $50-100 in several months. Then the next OMD can keep the $999 price tag. I hope the market will teach Oly a lesson.

  • GFL

    That viewfinder is honking. That thing is BIG!

    • Gabriel

      Big viewfinder, maybe Oly has something to compensate for :) And the price is big too.

  • @admin
    Have you seen

    BTW that Toronto wide blog post link you posted earlier is excellent :)

    • true homer

      Based on..?

      • Anonymous

        based on fantasy lol

      • The Other Chris

        I’d trust Mike Johnston’s opinion over a 43rumors user’s any day of the week.

    • flash

      I agree with it, for the most part.

  • J Shin

    I guess I was completely wrong. I was not expecting E-P5 to be that expensive. I guess Olympus is counting on the design being a draw. Perhaps they are right.

    • Ross

      Since it has features that can out perform the E-M5, I guess they can charge for them. Of course, the price will drop eventually too, just like the E-M5 did.

  • The most expensive kit being the best selling is an indication that only people with lots of money (too much?) are buying at theses (over) prices. This will not do well at this price.

    • Gabriel

      Body only is 999$, kit is 1499$ so a 499$ for VF and fast 17mm appears as a bargain. A brillant marketing trick ;)

    • Oh Well

      What kind of theory is that?

  • Anonymous

    Wait…the EP-5 does not have a built-in EVF.

    • Gabriel

      It have, it’s call the OM5-D :)

      • Anonymous

        OMD E-M5
        You messed up with the model number

  • Rinaldo

    Wow… the silver kit now is in second place!!

    • Anonymous

      that would be amazing ,till you look at its position on the all digital cameras list in which it doesn’t even hit the top 100

  • Why one would want to spend 1500 $ on such a steampunk device beats me. It was all v. well to order an EVF from Epson until Oly devised a way to integrate it in the OM-D, but why would one want to spend more to have an unstable device which takes more room?

    The E-Px was a lovely concept in the beginning, but the 5th iteration shows that are more efficient ways to integrate the parts in a camera. Just be patient and there will be a better solution this Winter. Meanwhile it seems a cynical experiment in marketing, see if you can sell the parts separately…

    • WSG123

      I rarely agree with you amalric, but I do on this one. I sucked it up and dealt with the removable viewfinders because I loved the format, but now that the OM-D exists, I’ll be damned if I’m going to go down that road again. It seems like a lovely camera, but I’m not sure why people are dropping OM-D money on a E-P5 + VF4. I can understand people buying the E-P5 without the viewfinder if they simply don’t care about the viewfinder and want a smaller body than the OM-D.

  • Looks like the black hood IS NOT part of the package . Now dealers are going to have to stock lens hoods in two different finishes for EACH of these lenses ?
    Guess what ? they will end up having too many of one color andnot enoough of the other one
    You want to bet how many people are going to have mismatched lens and hoods ?

    Olympus does not seem to learn from previous mistakes… sad really


    • Ross

      And many people will just get the JJC version instead (& I’m sure they’ll do the black version too).

  • kl

    Olympus can people will. I definitely can’t though I’m really intrigue by how the Vf4 like in practice. Wasn’t there an uproar when panny announced the price for GH3 too?

    We have to admit this hobby isn’t a cheap one to start with. So you can’t expect a camera with new feature to enter the market cheap.

    • Ross

      “So you can’t expect a camera with new feature to enter the market cheap.”
      That’s right, because no matter the price or how cheap it is, there will be those that will expect it to become cheaper. Do we call them ‘cheapscapes’? ;)

      • Anonymous

        Your English Sux
        The correct word is “Cheapskates”

        • Roller Boy

          Cheap skates? I thought that this was a camera site.

        • JimD

          Get an education. It’s Strine not English

  • Oh Well

    I really don’t understand! Why there are more trolls here than at DPR esp. when the main mod there is a Panny fanboy?

  • tbunny

    How can the packages with VF be the most sold when everybody told me I don’t understand the market and everyone loves this camera without VF???

    Just pulling your chain.

  • james70094

    That bundle price looks pretty good. Looks like Oly might be trying to create higher sales for the VF-4 and 17mm f1.8.

  • As to prices the Yen was devaluated recently, so Oly is making less from dollar prices. Instead they chose to step up Yen prices, so I assume that all models will see a price increase! They probably feel that they are offering something unique, and that the consumer can take a hit. We’ll see if they can make a profit, or if they’ll have to manage with decreasing sales. These are turbulent times for camera makers.

    • Holga

      What are you talking about? When the yen devalues, it makes export prices cheaper. We should be seeing lower prices on cameras, not a $1K for an EM-5 body with a missing viewfinder.

      • Well, exactly. But they chose to do the opposite, and they increased prices to avoid hurting profits, can you not see?

        This is the ‘Last Camera Syndrome’ T. Hogan mentions in his blog:

        All the technological wealth is wasted on a model born obsolete. It will be interesting to see the sales.

        Do you think that the E-P3 was a resounding success? Think again. I am with Hogan on this one.

        • Holga

          You need to take your sunglasses off, because you are the one failing to see. You said: “As to prices the Yen was devaluated recently, so Oly is making less from dollar prices.” This is WRONG.

          If Olympus does not change their price in dollars, they make MORE money when the yen depreciates.

          So, if Olympus prices the camera at $1,000, they gross 80,000 yen when the dollar is worth only 80 yen.

          When the dollar appreciates to 100 yen, they gross 100,000 yen. Which is MORE?

          • It seems that you are unable to understand that Oly can fix different prices in Japan, in the US, and in the EU. Nobody can prevent it.

            If the Exchange rate was at play the prices in $ should have gone down with devaluation. Instead they rose. This clearly indicates that Oly is fighting desperately to keep its profit margins, and even increase them of possible.

            That is why T. Hogan spoke of the ‘Last Camera Syndrome’. If the market is melting away you must sell every last bit of equipment at top prices, over and over.

            That is what is happening, but marketing lemmings can’t see it. Of course technological advancement sweetens the pill, but how far?

          • Oh Well

            Cost of material import goes up for the Japanese. Their local selling price in Yen in Japan has to go up for the same item before the Yen fall to compensate. That is unless they do not mind a drop in demand. Overseas, if the demand is or expected to be there, there is no reason to lower their selling prices. Every company on earth would try to max out their profit margin if they can. Wouldn’t you?

        • I am of the opinion that Hogan is wrong. He’s like a Canon EOS 5D Mark III owner trying to see the point of the EOS 100D camera. He’s also not understanding that Olympus will be replacing the E-M5 later this year (or early next) with a substantially enhanced model. Sure, the release of the E-P5 now (at this time) creates a bit of paradox regarding the E-M5 in terms of features and specifications, but I sincerely doubt whether Olympus actually sees the two lines (PEN and OM-D) as, well, one. They are two different lines with two different types of users. Also remember that the E-Px is now at number four, not counting the E-PLx and E-PMx offerings, whereas the E-M5 is the first of the m4/3 DSLM cameras from Olympus.

          Olympus is getting right, in my opinion, with the E-PMx, E-PLx, E-Px and E-Mx lines. Each offers something unique, with neither intending to be a direct replacement (a.k.a. upgrade) for the other.

          Now if Hogan wants to talk about “Last Camera Syndrome,” then he should rather look at Nikon and Canon who are still dicking around with the mirror-box and other 1960’s SLR concepts (e.g. OVF-located lightmeter).

  • Josef V

    I have to say that the pricing for this camera makes almost no sense at all. Now Olympus has two bodies at the exact same price and a price gap between $550 to $1000. Not only that, but the E-M5 has a built-in viewfinder.. and weather sealing..

    Seems the strategy should be more along the lines of (body-only):

    E-PM2 $400
    E-PL5 $600
    E-P5 $800
    E-M5 $1000

    Olympus could make a E-P5 bundle with the viewfinder for $1000. It’d make a lot more sense.

    • Oh Well

      For those who wants also the 17mm and VF-4, the body is 1449-279-499 or $671. Say if the body was really 800 as you suggested that it should be, there is still a saving of 800-671 or $129 buying the kit.

      The current kit price actually sounds quite reasonable.

      • Anonymous

        And when they ask you 2000 US dollars for the next “E-M5” it will also be quite reasonable, because let’s face it if they get away with this price policy you’ll be paying FF prices in a not so distant future for their top of the line products but it’s all ok because micro 4/3 is a more pocketable and lighter system so it’s totally justified and excellent value for money!

      • Anonymous

        In the UK the E-P5 17mm-VF4 kit list is £1349 which is £200 ($300) more than the US price converted to £ with 20% VAT (sales tax) added.

        Paying 17% extra for changing the video mode setting from NTSC to PAL seems a bit rich to me.

  • Cheetos

    Silver model with a silver lens is damn sexy!!!

    • kl

      Sexy indeed. And for those who don’t care about aesthetics, look at how well the Pentax k01 sell.

      • Gabriel

        k01 sell well because of huge price drop in order to clean remaining stock. i bought one at 440 € with the two kit lense. slow af and hard to see screen in bright light are my main concern, but great iq.

  • adaptor-or-die

    Looking at video of the VF4 and EP5, that EVF isn’t much different in size to my VF2 & eP2, so that whinge seems a bit hysterical. There is a side diopter wheel and the eyepiece is oversized, neither of those aspects are bad things, the added resolution and speed sounds great.

    Full evf/Lens Kit price is around the same price that the OMD launched and you get a fast prime and a big eyeful of fast VF … so the price when you add 1/8000 shutter, the better backscreen and all the other additions. The body alone price sucks a bit, but the kit price has plenty of appeal and it will go down. I can imagine the updated OMD coming up will have all this in it’s bundle, the old OMD will discount further and the retail march continues.

    The nice thing about the PEN is that you can remove the EVF and so suit the camera to your needs on the day. The OMD doesn’t give you that option, I’d have happily skipped on the pop flash for waterproofing and a more durable frame over-all.

  • Tommy

    What the marketing experts are missing is the launch of the EM-5. It took months before we could get one simply because Oly was not able to fullfil the huge amount pre-ordered units on the pipe of most top web shops. They’re simply not willing to make the same mistake again and they’ll extract every cent they can before the next ‘lastest camera’ comes around. I also disagree when the engineering experts says the improvements on the EP-5 when compared to the EM-5 doesn’t pay just based on a few things. VF-4’s resolution and refresh rate is way superior to the VF-2 built-in the EM-5. WiFi is also very useful when you want to share something in higher quality right away. Low ISO (100) and 1/8000 of shutter speed do make a lot of difference when shooting on day-light. But the real shame comes when the same marketing and engineering experts also risk making their point on exchange rates. It’d would be much better to simply admit the original statement was a mistake. In the end, I see the EP-5+VF4+17mm silver kit as a nice and reasonable package, more specifically for EP-3 users that like the design and didn’t jump into the EM-5. I bet they will not regret waiting almost 2 years. Last, this guy T. Hong sucks… Long live Olympus! Keep leading the mirrorless segment!

    • Anonymous

      Congratulations, your “team” is winning I guess… I feel nearly inspired by all that Olympus enthusiasm…

  • OMega

    I like the camera but money spent on including Wi-Fi and I have to be honest the built in flash makes it a no no for me. Also regarding the Wi-Fi, as has already been stated is the reason why the grip cannot be changed, a big negative for me, looks like I will remain with the E-P2. Sorry Olympus, no sale to me.

  • safaridon

    These US initial sales rankings for the EP5 look very impressive until you look at overall digital camera sales and see the LX7 at #7, FZ200 at #8, and GF3 at #10 and GF5 at # 62 and no other m4/3 models including EP5 or EM5 models even listed in the top 100??? Just google DSLR camera sales if you don’t believe me! Granted the EP5 has only been out a day or two in comparison to the others.

  • So, the 17mm lens DOES cost more in black than silver according to BH where there’s an instant $50 rebate for the silver version…

  • Jeroenimo

    really torn on this one. It’s the camera for me, but as some kind of ‘statement’ I wouldn’t want to validate Oly’s pricing strategy by just blowing 1500 euro on it. And like others have said the price drops will take their sweet time to arrive.

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