Sigma 30mm f/2.8 for 200 Euro and coming on Feb 24th.


We have some news about the two not so spectacular Sigma Micro Four Thirds lenses. The Sigma 30mm f/2.8 for Micro Four Thirds will be available from February 24th. According to Sigma Germany the price will be 199 Euro. There is no price and availability info about the 19mm f/2.8 lens. If you wonder why those lenses look so big the explanation is quite simple. Both lenses have been designed to work for the Micro Four Thirds and Sony E-mount cameras. And the NEX system is using a larger sensor and that’s why the lenses are unnecessary larger for m43 cameras. I would prefer Sigma to design lenses for the Micro Four Thirds only as they did with the Four Thirds system. I am sure this will make more money with those lenses than they will get from the lenses they have just announced.

Reminder: List of Four Thirds lenses:
Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 Sigma 18-50mm f/3.5-5.6 Sigma 18-125mm f/3.5-5.6 Sigma 24mm f/1.8 Sigma 30mm f/1.4 Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Sigma 50-500mm f/4-6.3 Sigma 55-500mm f/4-5.6 Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 Sigma 105mm f/2.8 Sigma 135-400mm f/4-5.6 Sigma 150mm f/2.8 Sigma 300-800mm f/5.6


  • Raúl

    What? The Sigma lenses for 4/3 were also designed for APS-C sensor size, and unnecesarily large as well.

    I think those new lenses will sell well for NEX cameras, but they are not interesting at all for m4/3, even if they are cheap

    • mpgxsvcd

      We need a poll for these lenses. It only needs one selection though.

      Would you buy these lenses?

      1. Not unless they were the last two lenses left on Earth.

      • L.Coen

        Well, judging by just looking at them, they’re a hell of a lot smaller than the sony 50mm 1.8, which is practically as long as two 50mm lenses for their alpha cameras. The fact that sigma is even making lenses that aren’t as long as sonys tells me they must be doing something right. Well, sony users got no choice given that sony elected to make their cameras as thin as pancakes, their Zeiss 35mm length is a joke. when a 35mm lens is as long as your standard zoom you know you went wrong somewhere in the initial body design. As a sony nex user, look what you guys got, the crappy 16mm soft corners pancake, the so so kit, the long ass 50mm, the long ass expensive zeiss 35mm, the long sausage 50-200 mm and the dare i say, useless bazooka 18-200. If i were some of you sony nex users, i’d get on my knees and thank god that sigma is even making those 2.8 lenses. sony has even come out and said making pancake lenses for their nex system isn’t easy, let alone smaller primes.They say beggers can;t be choosers and at this point in time, if these two sigma nex lenses were the last ones on earth, they’d still be two that Sony has yet to be able to make.

        • Chez Wimpy

          -Well, judging by just looking at them, they’re a hell of a lot smaller than the sony 50mm 1.8

          Yes, because neither is a telephoto lens.

        • Have you really used a NEX-7 or just bad tempered?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, for APS-C (the first four from the list and the 30 EX) and for 35 mm (the rest..). I believe that Sigma will never develop a “dedicated” (µ)FT-lens, since its smaller image circle will render ist unusable on NEX. I reall hope that Tamron and Tokina “think different” – as Cosina does, for instance..

  • Dummy00002

    These lenses have been designed for the DP1M/DP2M. They make them available for NEX and M43 mounts because it costs them nothing, but that’s about it.

    • It costs them reputation and the privilege to be taken serious.

      • Gianluca


      • Fan

        Just wait. I expect them to be really good. And my photo library does contain images taken with 60mm and an aperture of smaller than 2.8. F2.8 is fine with me.

    • reverse stream swimmer

      Well, Sigma at least will learn how to make the MFT- & E-mount, and programming the interface to the Panasonic/Olympus- & Sony cameras. Also learn to use silent AF with CD-AF techniques, which also will benefit video for CSC cameras.

      Interesting to read: “The superior telecentric optical design improves the image quality throughout the frame.”

      But like many already said: 19mm/2.8 & 30mm/2.8 is fine on APS-C, not the first picks for MFT. (However 190mm/2.8 & 300/2.8, that would have been something completely different…)

    • That is why I expect these lenses to be super sharp.

  • Nathan

    Anyone want an overly large, cumbersome f2.8 lens in 60mm equivalent?

    No, I didn’t think so either.

    • Fan

      It’s not so big. I will buy it.

  • That was laaaazy of sigma. These lenses make no sense for m43. On the other hand, I hope they perform well for nex. Smallish primes is exactly what that system is needing.

  • At first I was wondering “wtf 30mm lens?!”

    But this being developed for APS-C crop factors rendering it a ~50mm lens (35mm equiv.) it suddenly makes a lot more sense.

    Tempted by the price, but between the Pana 20mm and the Oly 45mm it does not have a space in my lineup.

  • Camaman

    I have higher expectations from Tamron.
    I would love a 14-200mm super-zoom smaller than current 18-270mm PZD.
    I love that lens on my Nikon, and since it mostly an f5.6 or f8 lens it would be perfect fro a one lens travel kit. :-)

    That or cheap 12-35 and 35-100mm bright zooms to compete with Panasonic!

  • krugorg

    Yeah, good for the NEX users… not perfect, but a little more in the lineup for them at least.

    For m4/3…. /yawn

  • james

    What? An overly large, slow and Manual only lens??
    Why would I not just buy an old 35mm film lens and an adaptor on ebay? Better and for half the price.

    • Fan

      It’s not manual, that’s the point. It has full, video and still optimized AF and full electronics with aperture control and EXIF data. I am really happy that for the first time, a manufacturer other than Oly and Pana is producing such lenses.

      It’s not large either. Admin is biased.

  • Mr.Tritium

    So the 30/2.8 will be a 45mm equivalent on a NEX camera right? That’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for, a lightweight and cheap standard lens for my Nex-5N :)
    I really hope they’ll make a 24mm too, the Zeiss 24/1.8 is really heavy…

  • This maybe the Cheapest Prime Lens available for M43 system.

    However I prefer my 20mm Pancake and Tamron 17-50mm which is f2.8 throughout range. Maybe Good on NEX, but not so good on M43.

    I am desperately waiting for Tamron’s M43 Lenses!

    • io

      “This maybe the Cheapest Prime Lens available for M43 system. ”

      For just 70€ more, you have the far better Oly 45mm f1.8

    • bilgy_no1

      But it’s very close in price to the Olympus 17mm f/2.8 which sells for €229. At least that’s a pancake…

      Anyway, good for both systems to have Sigma design lenses, get to know the interfaces and maybe develop more interesting lenses later on.

  • Bob B.

    He pulled the Sigma out of his bag…and faintly heard the snickers from the gallery……

  • Sigma shouldn’t have bothered to adapt those lenses to MFT. Nobody is going to buy them, really nobody.

    • Fan

      I will. I want to support them and I am looking forward to more fully electronic AF lenses from third party manufacturers.

  • sam

    We’ve got too many useless prime for 4/3 and nex camera. what we really need is a fast zoom 24-70mm f2.8, 35mm equivalent range, period. for Wedding and event photographer/videographer, we don’t care about the prime lenes as much as a good, fast mid-range zoom. Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Listen! Stop trying to rip us poor people off and making those useless primes, give us fast zoom and we will be happy. make it weather proof will be even better!

  • Boooo!

    “I would prefer Sigma to design lenses for the Micro Four Thirds only as they did with the Four Thirds system.”

    They never did that.

    • +1

      Although, the 4/3 lenses by and large weren’t QUITE as silly in their focal length ranges. The telephoto ones just went way too far. :)

    • Fish

      “They never did that.”

      Sure they did. The Olympus 70-300mm lens (which I use on my PEN) is a sigma designed lens.

      • Steve

        Ugh, really? I detest that lens. Really, really detest it. I bought it to get a bit more reach than the 50-200 but the quality is SO much worse I never use it. I just use the 50-200 at 200 and crop away.

      • bilgy_no1

        “They never did that.”

        Sure they did. The Olympus 70-300mm lens (which I use on my PEN) is a sigma designed lens.

        – Which proves that it is an adapted APS-C (or even full frame?) lens design. The Sigma branded version was sold for Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Sony mounts…

      • Mike
  • Mikey

    These lenses make very little sense for micro four thirds. As someone astutely noticed, they are DP1M and DP2M lens designs with a m43rds mount.

    It will be interesting to compare the performance of these on m43rds vs. Nex though, at least in the center where the performance should be the same.

    Sometimes I wonder if the m43rd sensors have something about them that produces sharper images than the Sony sensors. Or if the m43rd lenses are really that superior.

  • Yun

    It’s not for me ! All lenses manufacturer keep come out such short distance lenses , where is tele primes lenses , these are type of lenses short in M4/3 world .
    Come out something like 150mm ( 300 ) F2.8 , this is the lens everyone will want to have .

  • It wouldn’t be cost effective for them to make µ4/3 lenses exclusively, hence they’re also for NEX. Their 4/3 lenses were full frame lenses as well- so it’s not like this is a new thing for Sigma.

    • Agree, but it’s pointless to make a product that won’t sell, regardless of how cheaply it was to produce.

  • Jon


  • Fants

    These lenses are going to be great for NEX users, but the 30 really makes no sense for m4/3. The 19, on the other hand, could be quite great if you think about how high a resolution it needs to perform well on the DP1M (assuming it’s the same design.)

    • Brod1er

      I can’t agree. Just get the Panny 20mm. 1.5 stops faster, smaller, lighter and I probably better IQ for only a little extra cost. The only thing going for the Sigma may be faster AF- but that is unproven. The 30mm is slightly more interesting as it is a new prime FL for mft – but you just know you could design something much better (and Oly/Panny probably will).

    • same… the 19mm f2.8 makes no sense in the face of the excellent Panny 20mm f1.7… which many will already have

      • Fan

        It might make sense. It will have a silent and faster AF, for example. I will own both very soon.

  • I tried to talk to Sigma at CES about the m4/3 lenses but they said the generic “we don’t have anything to say about these lenses” It seemed they really didn’t want to be associated with the things. They were in the corner of their glass case, and no one was standing near them.
    We’ll see what kind of quality comes out of them, but i’m guessing most of us will steer clear of these ones.

  • If these Sigma lenses really are full frame (35mm) lenses, then it’s too bad Sigma doesn’t provide a few of the wider ones with tilt/shift mounts for the architectural photographers. The full frame glass would automatically have enough room for tilt/shifting an FT sensor within the full frame image.

    Or maybe someone could just make tilt/shift adapters for the various lens systems (Nikon, Canon, Leica, et al.). (Ideal.)

    • Fan

      Shift adapters do exist already, but the quality is questionable (infinity focus etc).

      These lenses are not fullframe, the image circle is for APC-S.

  • @Mikey: I think it’s about sensor resolution, not just optics.

    (In what follows I will just refer to 4/3s since the sensor is the same (in terms of physical size) in both 4/3 and m4/3)

    Using 14.2 MP NEX and 12.1 MP E-620 for comparison, the 4/3 sensor in the E-620 packs each MP into just 18.6 mm2 where-as the NEX needs 25.7 mm2 for each of it’s MPs. For further comparison a 15.1 MP Canon 500D has 22 mm2 per MP.

    i.e. even tho it has a lower MP count, the pixels on a 4/3 sensor are “more densely packed” and thus able to resolve to a higher degree. Obviously the resolving power of the glass has to suit the capability of the sensor, so it follows that a higher resolution sensor will demand higher quality glass to get the best from that sensor.

    Even putting 4/3 quality glass on a NEX sensor still won’t give the resolving power that you get from the 4/3 sensor – no matter how good the glass, the pixels remain more “spread out”. But this is also why Sigma lenses on 4/3 will pretty much suck, if they are designing to the tolerances of less demanding sensors then they simply aren’t taking full advantage of the 4/3 system.

    At least that’s my back-of-a-fag-packet calculation and over-a-beer understanding.

    If I’ve gotten my wires crossed anywhere anyone please jump in and correct my misunderstanding.

    I am only an egg.


    • That would mean a small sensor with many pixels would result in a better image sharpess-wise.
      So ideal would be a compact mini sensor with 100 mpix? Sorry – you are dead wrong!

  • Brian

    If I didn’t have any m43 lenses, I wouldn’t consider the Sigma offerings even if they were priced at $80. Dead serious.

    • Mr. Reeee

      + a zillion
      Not when you can buy pretty much ANY lens from KEH for a heckuva lot less and get a helluva lot better!

      Good Sigma lenses exist, but are pretty much an anomoly compared to most of their stuff, right?

      Speaking of cheap/free lenses, today I finally got my grandfather’s Olympus OM 135mm f2.8 telephoto lens, in perfect condition! (it even has one of those old gold duty stickers still on it) Tried it out with my GH2 a bit today. It is Nice. DAMN NICE!

      It even gave me a vague understanding of why Oly fanbois are so obnoxiously loyal to the brand.

      In case I forgot… Stuff it Sigma!

      • Nikku

        Be careful, Zuikoholism is powerful!

        • Ru Elpser

          I ll second that, if you try lenses like 90/2 zuiko macro or 100/2 zuiko there is no way back,

          • I would love to try the Zuiko 100 f/2, but i see its still goin away for alot of money these days, so I am considering the Nikkor 105 f/1.8

      • Hi, my name is Archer, and I’m a Zuikoholic.

        Olympus has always lived and died by their optics, and most of their work is in the hideously exacting realm of medical imaging and microscopes. Top quality optics is embedded deeply within the company culture.

        Now, if you want something really spectacular, try to find a 250/2 or 350/2.8. NASA at one point considered them the best optics ever made.

        BTW, the SHG glass is designed to resolve at 20MP pixel densities. That’s equivalent to 80MP on a 135 sized sensor. Is it any wonder that there are people screaming for a solution that allows full use of that glass on µ4/3’s?

        • Boooo!

          Sadly, some people are not only content, but downright happy with software corrections, as long as they have their lenses small and cheap. Some even think bright lenses aren’t necessary at all, because in the future software will produce subject isolation and bokeh, and there’s high ISO for faster shutter speeds…

    • Thanks to physics and the laws of nature, there is a limit to how densely you can pack the pixels. As with all things, there are limits.

      Equally, you can make your sensor as HUGE as you like, but each point of light that hits the sensor has to register somehow. If your pixels are bigger than the points of light then you cannot resolve as sharply as if you had smaller pixels. The bigger sensor simply means you won’t have to enlarge as much when you render the captured image.

      You really think I’m wrong then just do some basic simplified math…

      Consider a full frame sensor with 4 MP and a 4/3 sensor with 1 MP and go from there.

  • Mar

    Who needs Sigma really? No point what so ever. Tamron and Tokina produce better lenses anyway.

    • L.Coen

      two new sigma lens is always better then no tamron or tokina m43 lens.the tamron quality is shat. tamrons are not built like the old classic metal tamrons of decades ago.tokina is also a small player, their lens line tell anyone this.sigma is doing the right thing not making expensive 1.4 lenses on systems where the users even have a hard time affording 1.4 native olympus lenses. ive never seen anyone running around the panny leica 25mm. Sigma is doing the right thing by making low cost good quality small primes for users who care more about shooting photos then walking around with big fat expensive lenses on their neck trying to make every single photo they take have one inch of depth of field. most great photos in history have been taking with a greater f stop then f2.8 anyways, so i dont see why it’s such a big deal with the dislike these lenses get.

      • Boooo!

        If you go to Eastern Europe and see a middle-aged guy packing an E-3 with the 25mm Leica, that could be me ;)

        I got it cheaply, for less than 500€, and it was one of the best investments I made. Wonderful lens. If it was weather sealed, I wouldn’t need any blue pills, I’d just look at that piece of (gl)ass.

    • Fan

      For example, Sigma is really the only option if you want a circular fisheye on MFT. Just get the 4.5mm lens for Nikon and use an adapter. The image circle fits perfectly.

  • Anonymous

    Poor ,..Sigma, just wasted time and money of R&D to create this lenses , .. Would they ever think that anybody will be interested with bulkier and slower lenses , especially 19 F 2.8 – while the existing lense Lumix 20 f1.7 which has faster and tinier is highly recomended ,..

    I can”t imagine what kind of people who run this company?

  • well, at least two more native mount lenses…i don’t understand the thumbs down. I did some great sessions with both the old and EX version 28mm 1.8 Sigma’s in the past.

  • If they are anywhere near good at the edges on NEX think how good they’ll be edge to edge on m43. Unless they’re just total crap throughout obviously.

    • L.Coen

      I got news for ya, the nex lenses aren’t even good on their own corners. LOL

  • lone.samurai

    These focal lengths existed from sigma in the fourthirds make but they had large apertures!
    A sigma 30 f1.4 which is a much cheaper alternative to the lumix 25 f1.4 would make sense from a financial point even if it was heavier but when it’s slow, large and heavy then no price is making these things a logical choice.
    Frankly I’m really sick of sigma giving the same rehashed crap over and over which was always designed for Canikon or sony then given to Olympus and Panasonic.
    M43 is doing well, and that considered this is insulting. Sigma has made good lenses with quality control issues but when you consider the hole good copy bad copy scenario with this meaningless release than Sigma is just a risky proposition at best.
    I’ll eventually the 12 f2 and the 25 f1.4 to complement my 45 f1.8.

  • hinting

    too slow, too big, too expensive for m43 primes. If it was faster, or bigger, or cheaper, I may consider.

    Sigma should do some large aperture zooms and beat pany and oly to release them first, then they have a chance.

  • Anonymous

    What te heck, ..19 f2.8 , there’s no point to buy this lens ,. And I don’t think they even bother to review it,.. Lol

  • Anonymous

    There are no Sigma lenses designed for 4/3 system. Such as Samyang, until the arrival of the 7.5mm/f:3.5 (MFT mount)

  • There is no reason for m4/3 users to purchase these lenses. And no, Sigma never designed lenses for the 4/3 system, such as Samyang until the arrival of fisheye 7.5mm/f”3.5 (MFT mount)

    • Roy

      I like 60mm focal length. The 30mm may match with my shooting style.

  • This lenses are less exciting than my former 63 years old english teacher wearing lingerie. Sorry, I couldn´t resist.

    • shutterwill

      and I assume your teacher was a man, no?

      • MGuarini

        That was a mystery

  • Benneth


    Actually I don’t care which system these lens are designed for as long as they fit my purpose.

    What interests me is their optical quality. Does anyone have some clues? Any reviews on Internet?

  • Max

    Ok, m43 is not first priority of sigma…BUT:

    If the lense are sized for APS-C, there are also possible advantages, because more information from the lense-edges will be cropped on m43 than on NEX, which leads to:
    – less blured edges
    – less lense distortion

    And maybe some people prefer the heavy haptic, specally the focus ring looks nice to touch…

  • @Benneth – see my post above… the system for which a lens is designed can be a big factor in how it is required to perform optically. Acceptable (or even subjectively “great”) optical performance of a lens with one system does not necessarily indicate that the same optics will deliver the same results on another.

    With differences in digital sensors (in terms of physical size if nothing else) this isn’t like the days of 35mm, where all lenses were targeting the same thing (35mm film) and only the mount and (later) electronic interfacing was different.

    Things are vastly more complicated now.

    • Benneth

      Yes I saw your post. That is very informative.

      Personally however, I don’t judge any lens just because of its paper sheet, its technical paper or its physical look. I will find a chance to test it myself, evaluate it, and see how much I fit my purpose.

      • Williams


        Just as we won’t conclude the performance of any car before “test drive”.

  • Pei

    A number of Sigma primes received good reviews so I don’t know what you guys are talking about. DP1 and DP2’s lens also received good review so I doubt these will be bad.

    This is especially true when comparing with 40 years old lenses that’s designed without computer.

    • True. Sigma has made some very good optics in the past, and still makes some today. The 150/2.8 comes to mind.

      That said, even on a bad day, Olympus glass is much better than Sigma. Still, Olympus will never make something like the 50-500 “Bigma,” so having them on board is a good thing, as long as they make lenses that fill niches that Olympus will never touch.

    • @Benneth/Williams – yep, absolutely. Just be sure to test it on the camera you intend to actually use it on. :)

      It’s different from a car, in that you don’t test drive a car then take it home, take the engine out and fit it in a different chassis (i.e. a review of this lens used on one camera does not necessarily reflect on how it will perform on a different one).

      My only point was that the optical performance of a lens is not something that can be determined realistically in isolation from a given sensor/system in the way that perhaps was more true in the days of 35mm.

      Happy hunting. :)

  • Turtle

    They may as well put detachable mount in design so people can put it on both both M43 and NEX if they have both system… Can’t imagine if that’ll increase production cost much.

    • Fan

      Of course it will, different electronics and so forth.

  • Vromopodarix

    When i first saw these lens I was disappointed by the aperture but then I remember in the past looking for a 4/3 25 2.8 and the adapter. The cost stopped me from purchasing. Plus I HATE Sigma lenses (All 3 that I have used in my Canon have broken down in the past)

    But for the price of 200 euro I will most probably get the 30, I prefer the focal length of 60 much more than 35 which I hate. The 17 although very good optically is boring for me and i cannot justify the cost of the PamnaLeica 25 1.4 (for the same price I can get the Canon 28 1.8 for my work kit that will actually give money back).

    For me m4/3 is just for fun and the smallish cheap 30 looks sweet. By the way thinking that this is the lens of the new DP2 it will be probably excellent optically.

  • Brad

    I suspect that the optics were actually designed for the DP1M and DP2M. The fact that the lens design, with a modification to the mounting system, can cover NEX and m43 is a happy co-incidence.

  • Fan

    I will buy it.

    • Ru Elpser

      I will order one, if i get it I will be sure it was no joke

  • Fan

    It’s not even large, really. Somewhere in the middle between the Panasonic 20mm F1.7 and 25mm F1.4 lenses.

    I’m quite excited about another manufacturer fully supporting the MFT mount with AF and electronics. More exciting lenses might be coming. I am really interested in how this lens feels, sounds and performs. Nobody knows yet.

  • olyE5

    no thx sigma !

  • Vdaffyduck

    Please!!!! A long lens is missing in mft!! 120-400 would be nice….. or the 50-500 in mft-size… just dreaming ;-)

  • Roy

    I’m very impressed on their 50mm/f1.4 DG and 85mm/f1.4 DG on my D300 and D700 bodies. Hopefully this one on M4/3 will be nice too. Maybe I will rent a 30mm, do some test on my GF2, and make a decision later.

  • Camaman

    How does bigma 50-500mm for FT fairs on m43 cameras? Anyone ever tried the combo?
    How does it focus?
    Could it be the best safari setup paired with new OM-D ? :-)

  • They may be a bit bulky, but the weight is OK. Another thing is if m43 needs Sigma prime lenses as we now have a couple of HQ PanOly lenses in different price levels. OK the Sigmas are cheaper – but that may apply not only to price but to quality as well.
    There are Sigma and Tamron lenses (for SLR)that are good quality. Tamron has 70 and 90 mm macro that are competitive for instance.
    I know people that have bought Sigma lenses that never could deliver focus sharp images = poor quality control in manufacturing

  • I wonder how the AF in these lenses compare with Olympys MSC. It surprises me that this has not been discussed. If Sigma is going to release a lens line for m4/3, they need to design an AF system that is competitive. The AF performance of these lenses could be indicative of what to expect from Sigma further down the road.

    • Fan

      Sigma’s announcement contained a statement that they developed a new AF system specifically for movie and still. I expect it to work quieter and hopefully faster than the Panny 20mm pancake. Therefore I will be interested in the 19mm lens too. F2.8 is totally fine with me.

  • BLI

    When will the E-M5 be available? Olympus has previously said late March. Amateur Photography (today) says late April.

  • Jojo

    You’ve given us that listing of Sigma lenses in 43rds mount a number of times, but it seems Sigma don’t actually make any of them now. They produced batches of these lenses in 43 mount in the past, but don’t list any of them now. You may still find a new one in stock somewhere but they are no longer made.

  • @ Admin:
    You say:
    “If you wonder why those lenses look so big the explanation is quite simple. Both lenses have been designed to work for the Micro Four Thirds and Sony E-mount cameras.”

    I rather think it’s because they are originally designed for the new Sigma DP1/2 Merill cameras, and thereafter just adapted for m4/3 and NEX…

    From DPR (
    “The Sigma DP1 Merrill and DP2 Merrill each boast exclusively-designed, high-performance telecentric fixed lenses. The DP1 Merrill features a wide, 19mm F2.8 lens, which is the equivalent to a 28mm lens on a 35mm SLR camera. The DP2 Merrill, however, offers a 30mm F2.8 lens, which is the equivalent to a 45mm lens on a 35mm camera.”

    (sorry if this is already mentioned up thread, I haven’t read it all…)

  • Kevin

    pretty obvious that the compatibility to M4/3 was more of an afterthought

  • Trebor

    If the lenses are the same design as those on the Sigma Merrill compacts then this may mean that they have higher resolution than existing m43 primes such as the Panasonic 20mm F1.7.

    The Foveon sensor is not a panacea but does achieve significantly higher spatial resolution than a Bayer sensor – the Sigma SD1 beats all the current 24 Mpixel competition in this particular criteria. So if the lenses have been designed to take advantage of this: telecentric design with fluorite-like glasses and aspheric elements, as described, then do you care that they are only F2.8?

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