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Sharp publishes new roadmap: The 8K MFT camera might be announced in two weeks?


Today Sharp published this new roadmap (PDF file). And it says that Sharp will announce a lot of new 8K products within the next two weeks in celebration of their 105th anniversary on September 15. As you can see from the crop on top you can also see the 8K MFT camera that was first displayed in 2019. My hope is that indeed we are going to finally get this new cam!!!

Those are the rumored/shared specs…but they might have changed since 2019:

8K 30p
4k 60p (200Mbits/s at 10bit)
5.5 inch fully articulating touch display
Full size HDMi out (last year prototype didn’t have it)
Mini XLR input
Headphone and Audio Jack
Price under $4,000

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