Second part of the 75mm review by Robin Wong (and play with the lens online)


Robin Wong (Click here) posted the second part of his Olympus 75mm f/1.8 review: “it will give you extremely sharp images, with very admirable bokeh quality and performs very well in autofocus. If you need the 75mm focal length, do a lot of portrait shooting, and know what you are doing with a 75mm focal length, this 75mm F1.8 lens will make you a much happier photographer.

And don’t forget to play with the nice Matching Simulation (Click here). All newest lenses including the 75mm Olympus, Panasonic X zoom, Tokina 300mm, Sigma primes and Nokton 17.5mm are included! The only thing I hope Olympus and Panasonic will add is larger pictures. Hope they are reading me :)

Links to the mentioned newest lenses of 2012:
Panasonic 12-35mm X lens preorders at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama, Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Fotohanskeuzekamp, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev.
Olympus 75mm preorder and price check at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, Amazon Germany and Amazon UK.
Sigma 30mm lens at Amazon US, Amazon DE, Amazon UK, Amazon FR, Amazon JP (Click here) and Digitalrev.
Sigma 19mm lens at Amazon US , Amazon DE, Amazon UK, Amazon FR, Amazon JP and Digitalrev.
Nokton 17.5mm at Amazon and Bhphoto and we Europeans can find it for an incredible good price at LaPetiteBoutique (Click here).
Tokina 300mm….still missing :(

  • Adriaantie

    I keep laughing. Look at those pictures. Fuc…… FF DSLR size body and lens with tiny sensor.

    • Jesper

      Sarcasm? I picked up the grips last week, damn that OM-D with grip is tiny and light weight!!

      • MikeS

        Just an uninformed troll. My E-M5 is tiny compared to my D800.

      • E-1

        Don’t feed the trolls. No one without serious problems would think a 5D3/135/f2 is the same size as a M5/75/f1.8.

    • Incorrect

      FF size? Even with all grips on it’s about half the size of a FF camera. You clearly have never held an OMD or a FF camera in your life.

    • The Real Stig

      I laugh every time you post. Thanks for the free entertainment.

    • OM-4ever

      Hahaha, good thing you’ve got no money, kid!

    • It’s bigger, but in no way is it the same size as a full-frame DSLR with grips:

    • TooMuch

      It’s expensive because it is a pro lens, stupid :) This craps on the Canon 5D + 135 F2. Wait… it costs more or less the same? Some marketing dept is being funny here.

      • hsysgh

        It is a 75mm lens not a 135mm lens if you put the 135mm on a mFT it gives an effective AOV of a 270mm lens. The Nikon 85mm F1.8 at half the price with a hood delivers excellent results { as does the Canon 85mm on its APS equiv AOV 135] , with a more convenient AOV for portraits on the APS D7000 with an equivalent AOV of a 127.5mm and a bit better DOF control.

        85mm F1.8 Photozone–nikkor-aps-c-lens-tests/718-nikkorafs8518dx?start=1

        I do not doubt the 75mm will be a great lens and I will probably put up the cash for it myself , but don’t kid yourself about comparing to FF the F1.8 gives you the same DOF as an F3.6 lens on FF. APS is the competition for mFT so it is the 85mm lenses you should be comparing. When you do the Olympus price is not too clever. The only mFT that competes with the likes of the D7000 is the O-MD the numerous 12mp models suck in comparison. The O-MD +75mm comes in at well over £600 more than the D7000 +85mm F1.8 with the DOF and sensor advantage{ smaller than it used to be } on the side of the Nikon.

        • bart

          People who insist on comparing a 75mm lens on m4/3 to a 85mm on 135 format are gearheads with no clue about photography whatsoever.

          Is there a huge overlap between when you’d use both setups? Nope.

          There is a lot of overlap between when you’d use the 75 on m4/3 or a 150 on 135 format, or along the same lines, between a 45mm on a m43 and 85-90mm on 135 format.

          For a lot more money, size and weight you get more dof control.

          • efefe

            The D7000 is an APS camera and with its 1.5x crop the 85mm works as an 127mm so pretty much in the same range as the 75mm , its also half the price has a hood and only weighs 2oz more.
            As well as a DOF control you get a far better sensor, a huge range of native AF lenses . mFT consists of a sprinkle of very good primes 12mm,25mm,45mm and now 75mm everyone of which is overpriced. The new Panasonic f2.8 zooms look good but most of the other lenses are as slow as a snail lenses like the Olympus zoom that is F6.7 and the omd kit that is f6.3 at the long end is a joke.

            • bart

              I don’t own a D7000 but I did borrow and use one for quite a bit till I got an e-m5.
              The D7000 sensor is not a whole lot better, it is a very tiny bit better, so little that it is irrelevant.

              The 85/1.8G is by far not as good as the 75/1.8 so no surprise its also a fair bit cheaper.

              So indeed a d7000 with 85/1.8 may be cheaper, and get you a bit more dof comtrol, but won’t get you a comparable quality.

              IQ depends on a lot more then the sensor, optics and processing are as important.

              • sfswf

                The D7000 + 85mm F1.8 will deliver excellent image quality, it is touching the excellent level in the Photo zone test mounted on the D7000 from wide open including the extreme edge performance.


                The only advantage that the 75mm gives is its build quality which at double the price is expected. The D7000 will offer better noise performance, better DR , and about .72 stops better DOF control.

                • Shad

                  Completly wrong.

    • Bart

      Huge ego and mouth, with such a tiny brain, you are plain silly.

      But eh, if you can’t see the difference in size between this and a ‘full frame’ camera with large lens, then that doesn’t bode well for your ability to actually see if it can take good pictures (which of course got confirmed already by all your other posts anyway)

      • TooMuch

        And who the hell are you? Olympus marketing department or ordinary forum loser? Surely you are wayyy rude, is it because I offended your camera? It must hurt a lot.

        • Bart replied to Ariaantie, not you. :)

  • E-1

    The pictures look excellent, very 3D and contrasty to me. Subjects seem to pop out.

    Would have preferred LightRoom to Olympus developer to better see the lens performance (sharpening etc.)


    Ok just have to say that is a gorgeous kit right there! The silver pro lenses look fantastic on a black body. Who needs more?

    • mooboy

      You really think it looks ok? I’d have to see it in real life, but a bit silver lens on the black OM-D body really doesn’t do it for me. I often use the silver 45mm on the black om-d and it doesn’t bother me… but those mock ups above with the much bigger lens.. I dunno.. just looks a little off to me.

  • Miroslav

    “All newest lenses … are included!”

    No, Panasonic 12-35mm is missing.

    “Tamron … still missing”

    Does that mean they’re coming soon?

  • frank

    I think there is a little too much buzz over a lens of this focal length. Ok, it seems to be a nice lens, but a lens of this viewing angle is not a classical portrait lens. That this one looks more like a FF portrait classic like the Canon 85/1.2 is only concidental, but the viewing angle is totally different.

    The 45/1.8 is much more so a classic portrait lens.

    • BLI

      This depends on what you mean by “classic”. In the early 1970s, the classic portrait lens was 135mm. 2*75mm is not that far off from 135mm. Your idea of 85-90 mm is not that classic; in fact it could be said to be “modern”.

      Olympus describes the 75/1.8 as a portrait + event lens, which probably is a good description.

      • pfeddeh

        135mm was just a short tele and has never been a portrait lens in my book. Lenses in the 85-105mm range are the classic portrait lenses.

        • BLI

          I don’t know your book. Professional photographers use anything from 90mm — 135mm, and even up to 600mm. This is not my book; see

          ” Typical “portrait” lenses are therefore between 90 and 135 millimeters long (for 35mm cameras). Many professional fashion photographers use 300mm or 600mm lenses, resorting to using a walkie-talkie or bullhorn to communicate with the model! ”

          Of course, I cannot guarantee that this is written by pros, but ca 1972, the standard for portraits was 105-135 mm according to my then local photo dealer.

        • BLI

          See also :
          “It’s no co-incidence that a lot of top portrait pros swear by using a longer lens, up to 200mm”

      • hsysgh

        the 135mm was only really used for head and shoulder portraits , the 85-100mm range was far more popular

    • If I understand correctly your argumentation, it is based on the premise that if the 75mm is not a classic portrait lens, then it is of little practical use.
      Is that it?

    • Bart

      – there is more in this world then portraits, in this case, Olympus clearly points at that by calling it an events and portrait lens.
      – classic portrait lens (general conception, not your private and exclusive one) can range anywhere from 80-200mm, depending on the exact situation, preferences of the photographer, desired image etc.

      For me personally, this is an ‘event lens’, one that very likely will find its way into my camera bag, since it nicely complements the 45/1.8 for stage photography. All I’ll still need for that is a fast 100-120mm.

    • Ulli

      while the Fl is not comparable with the “classic” portrait in film format, the isolation and compression effect are. The 45mm is more flexiblere but the isolation and compression rendering is less impressive. I have shot alot with the 50mm ZD and 50 1.1 Voiglander, both with good results, but after using the ZD 35-100, preferred the rendering from this lens at 60-100mm. I see in Robin’s photos alot which reminds me about the zd 35-100 at certain FL’s
      While the close portraits are outstanding, the full figure shot in the back alley shows (M)43 benefits from longer & fast focal lenght like this 75mm.

  • Yun

    Excellent picture quality , the lens looks very promising .
    Hmm… Good company for my GX .

  • Meh

    Interesting, except for price (not cheap enough) and size (not small enough).

    • Olympus is going to make you a special one with a valve on the side to let the air out when not in use. It requires a special pump to get it back to proper size. The pump weighs 25KG.

  • BLI

    …YELLOW record button??? (Top view of black body E-M5 with 75/1.8 lens)

  • TadeoR

    agree on 135mm being the classic distance – if you have the space if you can “go” back it will give you nice perspective much more condensing of subject and space. i love my 135 canon f2 – and i know i will also love this one.

    I dont get why there always must be someone trying to compare both system and present and criticize the other system – dont spoil the fun of others – i have FF, APSC and m43, all are good and all have its place.

    • bli

      I think it has more to do with training yourself to see what a particular focal lenght can be used for. An interesting “project” (and not my idea): decide that you can only use one lens during a month, be creative, and see what you can come up with. Probably a good way to learn to take advantage of what you’ve got :-).

  • Mike1

    Totally agree with Robin Wong that 150mm (35mm) is not a focal length for everyone. So Olympus, make a 50mm f1.4 version of it and I’m in. Great lens!

    • Henrik

      We already got the 1,8/45, so a 1,4/50 would be rather a waste of capacities, given that other focal lengths are under-represented as of now.

      • E-1


      • Mike1

        I mean 25mm f1.4 which is equivalent to 50mm standard prime.

    • Henning

      The 75 doesn’t do much for me. As others have intimated, it’s more like the 135 on FF. That grew out of the fact that on rangefinders 135mm was about the limit; it was the most extreme telephoto unless you were willing to go with reflex housings. 135mm then carried over to SLR’s, and were generally marketed as cheap alternatives to longer teles before useable zooms were developed. Lenses of focal lengths of 85 through 105 were the ‘classic’ portrait lenses all through the 50’s until now for the FF 35mm size. Other lenses were used, including 300/2.8’s, but they were outliers.

      When 200/4 and 180/2.8’s came out for SLR’s, they rapidly outsold 135’s. In that vein, I’d like to see a 90/2 or 100/2.8 of high quality for m43.

    • Mike1
      A 50mm version will have the set focal length police after you. 50mm = 100mm in 135 and we all know there is no such standard lens. What must you be thinking?
      All people using 50mm lenses on m43 cameras must desist immediately.

  • Fish

    Hey Admin, thanks for this. I think it is the Tokina 300mm rather than Tamron.

  • Fan

    A few weeks ago I told the model that my sensor was a bit smaller, and she didn’t care! She thought it was funny though ;=)

    • BLI

      Maybe she didn’t know what a sensor is, and misunderstood :-).

      • E-1

        I love those guys that feel the need to explain jokes.

  • Dave

    Dear Olympus, please make a pancake 25mm 1.8 and a 25mm OVF for the pen series so I can take some awesome street photos. K thx

    • There is pancake 20mm 1.7 and OVF (VF-1) that has exactly same angle of view or framing.

  • MK

    900 and it still doesn’t match
    as a consolation prize you obtain: no lens hood or bag

  • Silver Gh2 with 75mm :D

    • Bob B.

      Silver OM-D & 75mm!!!

  • che

    Robin and everyone other is making mistake by sayin if youre looking for a portrait lens that 75mm is preferable when its not, at least it is not 75mm it is 150mm on m4/3 as it about 125 on a APS-c sized sensors… so just keep real FL in a bracket always like 25mm 1.4* (50mm 1.4) but there is one other problem. If we have FF DSL with 50 1.4 and a 25mm 1.4 on m43 light gathering and aperture and focal lenghts are the same but DOF is not. ON FF DOF is much more shallower by one full stop so if you want 50mm 1.4 equivalent of ff lens on a m43 body you need 25mm 0.7 At least light gathering is the same. to sum up this 75mm 1.8 is actually 150mm f/3.6 which is pretty bad. Whoever does portraits knows that shallow DOF is a must even on this focal lenght you need it specially if youre not in studio with backdrops. Now go and see how much it costs to get any telephoto zoom 70-200 or 700-300 on canikon* (excluding L series) ff and see that it costs fraction of a price of this lens. To bad for a system that supposed to be cheaper alternative to any dslrs not just ff. Anyway remember the days untill 90s that every camera were smaller than todays dslrs (in range of omd) and had a FF (35mm film) in it. Idont care about in body IS milions of buttons and menus, they all need to stop producing crop sensors and design compact interchangable FF cameras in size of film rangefinders and SLRs of 70s and 80s

    • BLI

      Eh — I don’t exactly get your points. Importance of shallow DOF in portraits? You’ll see people always shooting at +5 to ensure sharp pictures, and blurring the background in Photoshop, and others shooting at 1.4 or 1.8.
      They must all start to produce FFs, etc… — why not buy a small slr from the 70s and 80s?? And what is so holy about FF? Why not large format?

      In short — if you don’t care about sub FF sensors, IBIS, etc, why bring this up on a rumor site for precisely this sensor size?

    • che.
      I started with SLRs in the mid 1960s. I also liked TV. I do not want to give up my networked Panasonic viera plasma for an old CRT tv. Like wise I am not interested in selling my 43 and m43 gear to repurchase a 1960s SLR as my main camera.
      I believe most here have similar attitudes.

    • mooboy

      With apologies to E-1 for feeding the trolls…

      “Now go and see how much it costs to get any telephoto zoom 70-200 or 700-300 on canikon* (excluding L series) ff and see that it costs fraction of a price of this lens”

      A Canon 70-200 f/4 without IS costs around $700. That is a little cheaper – but hardly a ‘fraction’ of the price. It also has no IS, and since canon has no IS in body. Also, it’s effective DOF if f/4, instead of your claimed f/3.6 which isn’t good enough for portraiture – your claim, not mine. So, if you want to beat f3.6 on a 70-200 FF lens.. you’re suddenly looking at f/2.8 and more than double the price of this lens.

      But really, did you look at the examples Robin posted. Did you see any and thing, those would be good portraits but too much DOF???

      “To(sic) bad for a system that supposed to be cheaper alternative to any dslrs not just ff”

      Who said cheaper? For me, it’s about smaller. Like quite a few others here, I already have a FF DSLR – but I want a smaller alternative – and happy to pay for high quality when warranted.

  • AJW

    Guys, what the h@ll??? So what about the size. To each their own. If you need it, then buy it. Good for you then, you have a nice compact 75mm lens that works at a 150mm equiv. Don’t look back.

    If you don’t need it, then why all the banter and why do you care?? Go ahead, make due with the 45mm/f1.8! It’s not like Olympus is FORCING YOU to buy this lens. And I don’t think Olympus really thought of this lens as a mass market/consumption lens anyways.


    • Bob B.

      I agree…if you don’t want the lens don’t buy it.
      This thing looks über sharp and the bokeh is amazing…
      All metal, beautifully made…..
      Looks like the price is right to me, (except the hood should be part of the package..along with a lens pouch but that will not stop me from buying this lens).

      • jevfp


        I agree ,.if you don’t like this lens ,just don’t buy it,.so i have more chances to purchase one,.

        woow ,.i saw ,the review from SLR GEAR here;
        compared it with any PRO and High End glass about the sharpness from Canon /Nikon/Zeiss,.also Leica its even compelling me to purchase this lens,..see the blur index,.its EVEN MORE SHARPER THAN ANY OTHER LENS,.PROBABLY IS THE SHARPEST LENS EVER MADE

        wish i still have my Leica R 80mm Summilux,.it will be very interesting in comparison,.I guess my Zeiss ZF2 85mm F1.4 planar won’t have a chance in sharpness comparison against this lens,.

  • Bob B.

    Nice job Robin! The images look SWEET!
    Does anyone know where you can purchase the over-priced lens hood? :-)

  • Nice Job! Apart from the images the only thing I admire is the 75 mm focal length with the ability to take pictures in portrait mode.

  • Paulus

    A 75mm/f1.8 is not just a portrait lens – it is a lens with 75mm.

    The OM-1, OM-2 …O-M4Ti have been used a lot with a portfolio of fast 18mm/f3.5, 24mm/f2.0, 35mm/f2.0, 85mm/f2.0, 135mm/f2.8 and 300mm/f4.5 (full frame) lenses. Picture quality outperformed zoom lenses.

    Fast weather sealed Micro Four Thirds primes with 9mm/f3.5, 12mm/f2.0, 17mm/f1.4, 45mm/f1.8, 75mm/f1.8 and 150mm/f2.0 or f2.5 are very welcome!

  • awaler

    Absolutely admirable job!
    Many thanks and congrats to Robin Wong!

    The only thing that speaks against this lens is my bank account.

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