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Schneider confirmes development of lenses for mirrorless system.

Share (google translation here) analyzed the latest Schneider financial report. Like so many other companies also Schneider announced that they will step out from the compact camera (fixed) lens business. And they confirmed that they want to focus on producing high quality lenses for Full Frame and for Mirrorless system cameras. As we reported before here on 43rumors their three MFT lenses will hit the market with at least a six month delay because of production problems. I think they should skip the 60mm f/2.4 macro release. We already have a good Olympus 60mm macro lens. It would be much better they do a MFT version of one of their great existing primes:

Xenon 16mm f/1.2 (Click here to see on eBay).
Xenon 25mm f/0.95 (Click here to see on eBay).
Curtagon 35mm f/2.8 (Click here to see on eBay).
Componon 50mm f/1.4 (Click here to see on eBay).
Xenon 50mm f/1.9 (Click here to see on eBay).
Xenar 50mm f/2.8 (Click here to see on eBay).
Xenar 75mm f/3.5 (Click here to see on eBay).
Xenotar 80mm f/2.8 (Click here to see on eBay).
Xenar 180mm f/2.8 (Click here to see on eBay).

My favorite would be the 16mm f/1.2 Xenon! Great for street photography!

  • Farrukh

    I’d be more interested in the 16mm f1.2 and the 180mm f2.8.

  • Hmmm… 16mm/F2 maybe?

  • Yun

    Yes , 16mm F1.2 & 180mm F2.8 are for me too .
    If the image quality is guarantee , go ahead with the production .

  • I like to dream too, but a 1.2 would surely be more expensive then 1500 euros? :-)

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      That’s for sure.. Given actual prices of Schneider lenses, I fear they could easily reach and pass 1700 €. They need good sponsors (read photographers) to promote them, and still they don’t have to expect sales like those of Panny20mm.

  • I would like a very high quality 25mm f/1 AF that is weather sealed and has aperture ring and focus ring that is well damped and can click to become a function ring.

    Also a 10mm f/2.8 with similar features.

  • Martin K.

    I’ll be glad if any of their ‘planned’ mFT lenses reaches the market at all, no matter what model. the more choices the better.
    ‘in development’ means nothing, can be just some marketing talk and can be stopped by the management any time for financial or other reasons, see Zeiss rumors and others..

    talk is cheap, seeing is believing.

  • Stop, guys! Typo! There is neither 16/1.2 lens in Xenon series nor 50/1.4 in Componon series.

    Rather 16/2 and 50/4…

    • thanks to admin, someone will buy that ebay lens thinking he will receive a 1.2 soon.

  • Cyril

    16 mm 1.2 and 25 mm 0.95 for me

  • OMega

    Interesting comment you make Admin, “I think they should skip the 60mm f/2.4 macro release. We already have a good Olympus 60mm macro lens. It would be much better they do a MFT version of one of their great existing primes:”. If you are going to make that type of comment you may as well negate the 75mm as well, as the Olympus is already recognized as one of the finest lenses produced, same argument as you make for 60mm.
    No disrespect to Admin is meant by this comment.

  • Wayne Wong

    12mm F1.4 & 8mm F4 Tilt & Shift lens pls

    • rrr_hhh

      8mm is too wide for a TSE lens. If you can shift, you don’t need much more than 10-12mm. And shift is all one need given the large DOF available on MFT. These focal length..

      But please, we need a shift lens for architecture !

      • rrr_hhh

        Sorry, the spellchecker played tricks on me.. it should read :
        And shift is all one need given the large DOF available on MFT at these focal lengths.

        Instead of :
        And shift is all one need given the large DOF available on MFT. These focal length..

        • I could use a T/S for huge DOF landscaping too.

          • Anonymous

            Are you sure it is really needed ?
            @F2 for a 10mm lens you get a DOF from 1.7m up to infinite. Close the aperture @ F5.6 and everything wil be in focus from 0.66mm to infinite.

            Do you really need more for a landscape ?

            It is also a cost/benefit analysis : how much heavier and how much more expensive would a TS lens be with respect to a shift only ? And how often would you need it ? And what would be the optical compromises needed to add tilt ?

  • ckmaui

    based on cine lens options listed ?
    Schneider : Cine-Xenar 25mm/T2.2
    Schneider : Cine-Xenar 35mm/T2.1
    Schneider : Cine-Xenar 50mm/T2.0
    Schneider : Cine-Xenar 75mm/T2.0
    Schneider : Cine-Xenar 95mm/T2.0

    I wish someone would create a quality super wide please! something like 14mm in FF equiv
    also if Panasonic is working on a 150 2.8
    then Schneider might be late to that game also ?
    we have fast 0.95 nokton options that seem to have nice character
    and some nice primes already
    12 2.0
    17 1.8
    25 1.4
    45 1.8
    75 1.8

    IMHO we need a quality 7 and a quality 125-150 range prime

  • JF

    I only need one thing: a 8 or 9 mm f2.8 tack sharp weathersealed prime with filter thread then could sell my oly 9-18mm which I use at 9 mm 95 % of the time…we already have anything else except fast tele but that’s not for me !

  • I think just EVERYONE would prefer them to make a really hot & perfect 16 mm or 17 mm lens instead of a 14 mm. The 17/1.8 Olympus is okay but just not that perfect, both optically and regarding max. aperture.

    Probably they’ll listen to this before the first lens release….

    And then please a 150mm macro lens. Not another 60mm. We have a 60mm Olympus Macro but there is no TELE macro whatsoever for MFT.



    With respect, I don’t entirely follow your expressed desire. We all want Schneider to design purpose-built MFT lenses, not just adapt their existing lenses to MFT mount.

    So if they have venerable designs for 35mm “full-frame” or for APS-C, they would be expected to reduce the size, weight and _focal_length_ to create the “equivalent” same-speed lens in each case. (Or they could keep roughly the original size & weight to deliver a faster lens).

    But in taking designs from cine C-mount lenses (like the 16mm f/1.2 you mentioned) that actually have _less_ coverage than required for MFT, they would be expected to _increase_ the focal length and probably give up some speed, or at least create a larger lens at the same speed.

    I suspect that they have a roadmap based on studying their projected market segment within M43 (which may be more video oriented than stills oriented), and they will design lenses from first principles to serve that, rather than deliberately recycle past designs. At least that is what we should all hope for.

  • Future MFT user

    I’m confident about Schneider taking M4/3 seriously. I have the feeling that they can make a TS lens, which I doubt other manufacturers will make for M4/3.

    I’m still waiting for the announced 14mm f2. I hope it’s got 75mm f1.8 IQ in wide angle. Expensive for sure, but if it’s as good as the 75mm, will be worth the price tag.

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