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Samyang will (finally) make autofocus lenses!


I really like Samyang because they make some great and cheap (in terms of price) lenses. So it’s good to hear that they will soon make autofocus lenses too! According to Photorumors they will also launch their new company logo the coming days (image on top).

The real one thing they still have to fix are the many different brand names they use to sell their lenses! eBay links to all different branded Samyang lenses:
[shoplink 20647 ebay]Samyang [/shoplink], [shoplink 20684 ebay]Walimex [/shoplink], [shoplink 20649 ebay]Rokinon [/shoplink], [shoplink 20650 ebay]Opteka [/shoplink], [shoplink 20651 ebay]Falcon [/shoplink], [shoplink 20653 ebay]Vivitar [/shoplink] and[shoplink 20652 ebay]Bower [/shoplink].

Damn confusing :)

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