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Samsung wants to “own” the mirrorless market


Once again Samsung is expressing their strong faith that they will rule the mirrorless interchangeable camera market. Chekc out their latest statement at dpreview.

  • CR102

    Of course they will. The NX has a MUCH bigger sensor than m4/3, so image quality is incomparable. Even the lenses are bigger. Actually, the NX10 looks and feels just like a real DSLR (so why don’t you just buy a Rebel or a D5000? they are both parts of long established systems with herds of lenses).
    Seriously, Samsung lacks the vision, the culture and the finesse of specialized camera manufacturers. Their NR approach is a good example: if you look closely at NX samples shot at higher ISO you will easily notice this plasticky, digital look of smoothed out detail that others are trying so hard to avoid. Now that their imaging department is being swallowed by their electronics operation, any trace of creative thinking will evaporate. Still, in a market that values brand recognition and price they may do very well (just like Sony and others).

  • Sylwiusz

    Yeah, with their idiotic vision of upcoming system lenses it is as possible as meeting Elvis Presley. Here we go:
    18-55mm F3.5-5.6, Non OIS – completely another lens than OIS version, yeah, right :-D
    20-50mm F3.5-5.6 – sure, this way we can make: 19-54, 20-51, 21-51, 19-50 and so on – what an incredible lens choice!!!
    20mm F2.8 – it would be 30 mm FF equivalent – very unpopular focal length – Pentax used to have it in manual version (SMC-K 30/2.8), but together with that they had also 8.4-15-20-24-28-35-50 mm (some of them in a few versions!) in offer at that time…
    Planned NX lenses were listed here according to Dpreview:
    – I think they’ve mistaken focal length with aperture in the table anyway ;-)

  • Gabriel

    “he admitted the company had been ‘very surprised’ by the popularity of the 30mm f/2 pancake lens.”
    I’m not surprised, every serious photographer or amateurs want FAST PRIME. We want the same lenses that we found in a FF system. For instance, in Canon FF, there is a good 28 F/1.8, but nothing in APS-C, and it’s the same at nikon, pentax, sony. And if thoses lenses are small and light, it’s even better. DSLR are now quite cheap, with very good high iso performance, but when i check for possible lenses to put on, there is nothing that really appeals to me, especially in wide angle.

  • omox

    Sylwiusz, there is method in this madness of Samsung lenses lineup. If you want to have lens with OIS here it is, if you want lens of the specs but without OIS – here it is also. Only you decide what you want. As in my case, I have to stick with G-series lens with OIS and I have no other option. OK I can always swith this off but as I never read user’s manual I don’t know how to do it. ;-) ;-) ;-)

  • Ernø

    In 2006 Sony said they’d be #2 in cameras by 2009. Didn’t happen.

    Samsung has 2.5 mirrorless competitors right now: Olympus, Panasonic and 1/2 for Ricoh with its weirdo GXR system. Sony is coming this summer, and according to rumors so is Nikon with a 2.5x crop-factor system with a new mount.

    So Samsung, which has a tiny presence in the camera industry, best known for compact cams and a halfhearted rebranding of Pentax DSLR bodies, thinks it can muscle its way into ‘owning’ a market segment that will have 4 entrenched brands (with their own brand acceptance and established marketing channels)? Pretty unlikely.

  • Eric

    Do people really care about brands that much? In the last 3 years I have owned a DSLR/EVIL from Pentax, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, and now Canon. I buy from whomever makes the best product for me…If that is Samsung then so be it. If I were in the market right now for a pocket camera I would get that new Samsung because it looks better to me than anything by Canon or Panasonic at the moment.

    I have no idea if Samsung will out sale m4/3’s, I kind of doubt it, but who knows. Theoretically the NX system should have better IQ due to the larger sensor so we will see. Will people choose higher IQ or a more open system with smaller cameras? All I know is I’m glad there is so much competition b/c photographers will be the real winners as a result.

  • Jules


    Sensor size is all but one part of the equation in the whole formula. Theorically better, this is assuming that lens are even, that the electronics is even and that any algorithm is even. This is where the theory ends.

    So far I know, Nikon D3x and Sony alpha 900 both shares the same sensor, yet its not quite the same camera at high ISO… And Nikon has none of those Zeiss…

  • Eric

    That’s why I said Samsung should theoretically have better IQ. The fact is, all things being equally the larger sensor wins. With APS-C they have the option to either match m4/3’s megapixel count, yet have a much lower pixel density, which should give them an extra stop or two of ISO. Or they could match whatever pixel density m4/3’s is using and have higher resolution images. m4/3’s does have some clear advantages though, specifically Olympus and Panasonic glass (with the aide of Leica). So I give a clear lens advantage to m4/3’s on that front for now. However, if Samsung can talk Pentax into joining them then all bets are off. Pentax glass is extremely underrated. The next few years should be interesting as everyone jockies for their share of this new market. Again, good for the consumer, I couldn’t care less who wins; as long as someone makes a Leica-like body for under $1500 and a couple of sub f/2 primes then I don’t care what logo is on top of the camera.

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