Samsung shows you why people prefers DSLR over Mirrorless :)


The video made by Samsung shows us in a funny way one of the reason why Mirrorless is having a hard time to convince people that they are as good as DSLR cameras. Chapeau Samsung for making such a video!

From my personal experience I can tell you that this is definitely true. Even more serious photographers sometimes buy tremendous stuff without really needing it. Just because they “think” it’s better.

Personal note: I shot pics of my son with the E-P1 and the Nokton 25mm f/0.95. Not because these are the best cameras and lenses on market…but because that’s all I need!

  • WSG123

    Funny commercial, but the correct answer is “I have no idea which has a higher quality image because how the heck can I determine IQ on a tiny LCD?”

    • Loved the commercial.

      The funny thing is, on the “larger” camera, you can see a terrible glare of the extra glass/plastic over the LCD. Maybe this is the magic.

    • er

      pls put more m43 news..we don’t care what other system is doing.. m43 will always be better regardless what information u feed us. we will stick by our believe on monday no matter what happen on tuesday. it will never change. m43 rules.

      • I care. it’s not like m43 is a separate type of camera with no relation to digital cameras of other sorts and make. new functions and tech elsewhere is something I expect m43 to top or take and develop.

        and this was just fun :)

        • hulk

          cant u sense er’s sarcasm? lol

  • CRB

    Simply great…

  • Yep, I agree with you admin…an E-PL1 and a few primes is all I “need” for my family and travels, and I’ve got tremendous value for money from my kit over the last 3 years. What I “want” will hopefully be out soon. I would like to be able to shoot my son’s sports better, but for that I currently need a DSLR and a fast, long zoom. Not interested in buying such an outfit though, for such a limited use.
    With luck, the OM-D Pro will have decent PDAF and a suitable lens will soon follow. Finally making the upgrade worth it, for me! Otherwise, what I have is plenty good.

    • So 650

      I’m doing great with my old cheap G1 and some good lenses. Embrace manual focus and you’ll enjoy shooting sports much more (though you’ll miss some shots for sure). I love my Tamron 180/2.5 for my kids’ baseball.

      • Oh my G1 / 20mm pancake combo was so sweet!

      • Been there and done that…..thing is, I want to “focus” on his playing, not on manual focus….

  • Matt jones

    Nicely done Samsung Australia

  • Nelson

    Australians certainly know how to make great commercials (this one and Sony one are made in Oz)

    • Scofield

      If it’s good, why do they need to pull it?


    kudos to the Samsung Marketing team to pull that off.

  • JimD

    That’s great. Life comparisons. That’s real

  • Al

    Just silly!!!

  • Brilliant. Both demonstrating our bias along with proof of concept!

  • Smiley

    Professional photo quality, that’s what I’m looking for when I’m taking candid non professional pictures.

    That explains all the facebook/twitter pictures that have -taken with my Canon 1D + L lens attached to them…

  • Anonymous

    The video is not available any more… :(

  • a

    not sure what is the point. I’m sure the admin shot his son with E-P1 and the Nokton 25mm f/0.95. also because of he “think” it is all he need.

  • biggy

    is there a need to justify wat system you use is better? It’s a fact some system got certain function/quality is better some is not.

  • HappyVan

    I think the point is that a lot more people think they can get better pictures out of DSLR than EP1.

    • OMega

      Which you possibly can if using like for like, meaning similar age. However what’s the point when the majority of those people probably end up with 640×480 screen shots, myself I can print an A3 from my E-1, not bad for an ancient camera.

      • HappyVan

        Not bad. But, we are talking about people in the market for a new camera.

        Why buy a D7000 when you could get two D60 for $200? Why buy a D800 when you can get a D200 for $250?

        For that matter why are we still using dail-up internet?

        • OMega

          Interesting choice, all Nikons, yet I’d never buy another one, most unreliable camera I’ve ever owned (apart from a second hand Hi-Matic F.

          • ph

            There can be many reasons not to buy a Nikon, but unreliability is a silly one.

            • Anonymous


  • Viktor

    I do not like these kind of “consumer tests” commercials at all. They pretend to show “proof” when in fact they have not included statements that point in other directions.

  • btw, the vid was broken for me. I guess samsung might be taking them down?

    here’s two more anyhow:

  • Michael

    The ad has been removed, but just search for “nx300 i am smart why dslr”

  • Farrukh

    What a fun advert, well done to them.

  • Rob

    Vid was broken earlier for me, but back up now.

    Very clever advert, and I commend Samsung for it. They should put those stands and reps outside/inside major camera stores before people go in to buy. It honestly would make a big difference.

  • Sad but true bias that people have about DSLR’s. I was at a conference last weekend in Washington DC and I told my colleagues that I was going to go take night pictures of capitol building and some of the monuments. Their response was that I would need a bigger professional camera to do that kind of stuff. I just snickered and thought to myself people just don’t know.

  • Steven

    I like the mirrorless camera. But I never trying to compare with DSLR. Cos they’re different. But I think this video confusing people even more. The Samsung guy in the video did not mention how about the MegaPixel quality between the DSLR and Mirrorless camera? What about Full Frame camera, small one still better?? And how about the Canon 1Dx 14fps continuous burst mode? You get more controls with the DSLR and more lenses to choose. Even the battery life on a DSLR is much better!! That guy skipped everything good about DSLR?? :)

    • ever hopeful

      “The Samsung guy in the video did not mention how about the MegaPixel quality between the DSLR and Mirrorless camera?”

      See that point a thousand feet above you? That is the point of the video passing you by.

      The important thing is the quality of the image, and if the MFT camera fills their needs (and the DSLR vastly exceeds their needs) the question is ‘why bother with DSLR. If we follow your logic we should be all using medium format because medium format is better than APS-C but the fact is APS-C is good enough for nearly everyone out there.

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      Those people looked more like casual photographers, not like people interested in numbers.
      For the same reason you could talk about DXO points, and they will look at you like a madman. And I would agree with them: just show me a nice pic and I’ll know what that camera can do.

      • Mr. Reeee

        That’s the same as mentioning sensor size.
        Every time someone asks about my GH2 and I try to mention it’s smaller sensor and mirrorless and eyes instantly glaze over.

  • DrThrash

    Good commercial. But the reaction of the people in it can easily be explained: “Big” cameras are associated with “large sensors” and therefore higher (possible) image quality. More right than wrong.

    I still prefer my Nikon D600 over my GX1 unless low weight/space is very important. There is a reason why most professionals use Canikon DSLRs and this reason is not only that customers expect larger bodies.

    • But the reaction of the people in it can easily be explained: “Big” cameras are associated with “large sensors” and therefore higher (possible) image quality.

      Maybe… But the majority of DSLR sales are APS-C, which is the sme size as this Samsung camera.

      You did know that, right? Or are you still in your “bokehlicious FF” world?

      Yes, you can be even when you also own a GX1.


      I disagree. In my observation, most casual users have no idea what sensor size is or why it is important. Instead, they think a big hulking camera with big lenses is more “professional,” and all their friends who are “serious” use one, so therefore it obviously must be the superior choice. It is part of the herd mentality.

  • Narretz

    Summer drought on the rumor front. So little to post that admin must recycle news from mirrorlessrumors. Also, my metaphors are all over the place.

  • DingieM

    Admin, any more rumors of the ¨upcoming¨ Samyang 14-150mm?

    • admin

      ??? Where did you read this?

      • DingieM

        Oi me bad.

        I meant the one from Tamron: 14-150mm F/3.5-5.8 Di III VC

  • twoomy

    Funny commercial, but ridiculous as “proof” of anything other than how stupid people are trying to determine image quality by looking at a tiny LCD. I shoot both Nikon FX and M43 and yes you really do get better image quality from a Nikon D800–higher resolution, lower noise, much much lower noise for really long time exposures. But my GX1 and EM5 are much more fun to take with me and I still get decent shots out of them. Neither system has to be “better” than the other; they are both great in their own ways.

    • Mr. Reeee

      This commercial simply speaks to the kit lens and popped-up flash crowd of DSLR snapshooters, who buy into brands and logos, not to anyone who has any real knowledge (or skill) of photography or camera gear.

      • kodachromeguy

        Absolutely right. Most people buy into logos because they perceive it as the safe choice.

      • JimD

        “”This commercial simply speaks to the kit lens and popped-up flash crowd of DSLR snapshooters, who buy into brands and logos, not to anyone who has any real knowledge (or skill) of photography or camera gear.””
        That’s as maybe. but that’s what keeps the price down and the company in business that’s where m43 needs to be. In fact must be. If you want new bodies for your m43 glass.

    • Why anyone would want to argue that this ad doesn’t prove anything is beyond me. The only point of the video is to sell cameras, which is obviously all Samsung marketers care about. It also illustrates how naive most people are about cameras and how they rely on what they see the pros using to form their opinions about camera quality. Imo, this is a very effective ad and better than anything I’ve seen from Olympus or Panasonic in ages.

    • Epidote

      A guy who needs a better camera to do better photo is a bad photograph
      My teacher explains me this every time he heard such a bullshit

      I have done all my last exhibition using photos done with a Yashica T5 … a very small camera … and i love it
      And believe me i am not alone. Almost all artists love to go smaller.

      Bad photographs beleive camera do 80% of the job .. do you really think you are a better painter if you use more expensive colors ? I remind you that Jimmy Page compose “Starway to heavens” using a Telecaster

      Those who refuge their minds in “most expensive lens” are bad photographs
      And the new argument that i really love is “better in high iso” …

      90% of my works … i fight against “over exposition” … i never try to shoot “darkness in darkness” …
      Photography is a fight with the light and the composition of the light. I mean if i work in astro photography i understand the argument … but even astrophotograph are less stupid. They often use very small captor but know how to compose hundreds of shoot to capture a nebula.

      Now that i am retire … i laugh about the new generation who fall in the old same trap “more expensive captor, more expensive lens, better whoknown make better pictures” It is wrong and will be always wrong

      A good photograph take a better picture with an Iphone than a bad one with a Mark III … if you dont accept this

  • ever hopeful

    It ‘proved’ that the image quality of MFT is good enough viewed on a tablet when they *thought* they were looking at DSLR. The only barrier is sensor-snobbery

    • blad

      To be honest, the only snobbery I usually encounter online comes from smaller sensor using folks bashing larger sensor users.

      • twoomy

        LOL, that’s actually quite true! I think it’s a penis size thing. Although to be fair, larger sensor users are bashing over other stuff; they don’t even know that M43 exists; they’re busy arguing if their $5000 manual focus prime is 20x better than somebody else’s kit lens. (All said tongue-in-cheek, so please don’t anyone take personally!)

      • Mr. Reeee

        I’m jealous of full-frame sensors, but not 2 1/2 pound camera bodies. ;-)

        Maybe Sony will save us with a interchangeable lens RX2!

  • Chad

    video is kinda stupid but have to agree to some extent.

    Have full E-M5, FX setup. There is really not much more point with APSC DSLR’s over m43. However FX still has a significant edge. Having said that i find it to be about only 15~20% better at best and rarely do I need that extra detail over the size I have to put up with carrying the FX. If I could only own either one I will go with the E-M5. But I keep my FX for my ego and to feel pro’er when going out for a shoot.

    Friends praise you of being the ‘better’ photographer when really you are just holding a bigger camera.

    • Bollox

      My friend, the difference is there and it’s huge, IQ being one of many factors.
      I agree that many people don’t need FX tho, you know, it has a long learning curve.
      As smart as one can be, one may not feel like learning, or lack the time.
      Check out this forum’s readers’ flickrs: they are mostly depressing. A compact would be about right for most. They obviously lack the time…

      • ever hopeful

        “My friend, the difference is there and it’s huge, IQ being one of many factors.

        FX may have more information but that onluy equates to IMAGE quality if the IMAGE is being viewed in a format that shows the additional information (large, heavily cropped etc). No matter how brilliant the photograph, if it is being viewed at 5″x4″ the is no difference in image quality and the information from a D800 or 1Dx is wasted.

  • Pete

    Just remember the Leica M6 and their lenses. The best lenses in the 35mm world, because it is mirrorless, there were no added lenses needed for the long way to the the mount and the film.

    Mirror is dying…..

  • ss

    I wonder where could I buy this kind of dSLR casing. It would make a mirrorless camera much more usable for me.

  • f/0.00020

    MFT is competing against smartphones, not DSLRs.
    Samsung mirrorless is DOA. Non-adaptable mount.
    DSLR is for apes. Same goes for mirrorless shaped like DSLR.
    Modular mirrorless ILC is the future.
    Sensor, processing chips, memory all able to be upgraded. Open source firmware.
    Cameras built to order, much like PCs.
    DSLR is for gutless wannabees.
    Mirrorless 100% rangefinder style or modular rectangular or die.

  • mavrosgata

    It’s an embarrassingly funny spot on which obtuseness people make the decisions..bigger SHALL BE better. Even if we don’t know much about the matter.

  • JimD

    Welcome to the real world. The world of the ‘Camera of the day’ buyer. Want what you like, but buy the ‘camera of the day’ ‘we have the biggest, over there on that pallet’ ‘best price today only’ ‘biggest packaging so the neighbours can see you have a real camera’
    Unfortunately it takes a lot of ‘camera of the day’ purchasers to support the manufacture of higher quality cameras. Without them, some top cameras would not exist nor would the company who makes them. This partly explains why m43 is quite expensive compared to many DSLRs.

  • pipo

    about your personal note: the nokton is a great lens. as soon as your kid will start moving, you’ll wish it had a fast af ;-)
    i can recommend the olympus 45mm, it is a great lens for fast kids.

  • Aaron

    Are they selling that housing? Maybe people will begin to take my tiny camera seriously. ;)

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