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Samsung NX200 announced, with cheap anti m43 advertising (+ new Fuji X10)


Samsung NX200 and anti m43 advertising

Samsung announced the NX200 and you can read a list of all previews and press releases at MirrorlessRumors. What surprises me is that for the second time in one year I see a wrong size comparison between Samsung APS-C sensor and the Micro Four Thirds sensor. As you can see from the image on top they showed the m43 sensor area much smaller than it really is! Korean friends at SLRclub calculated that Samsung advertising material shows a APS-C vs m43  sensor area difference of 2,25. But in reality the  Samsung APS-C sensor (whihc has a 1,54 factor) is “only” 1,6x larger. And what will really piss off Olympus and Panasonic is the “fake” image comparison made by Samsung that you can see at SLRclub (Click here).

Fuji X10

It is not exactly a Micro Four Thirds competitor but many readers here liked the Fuji X100. So it might interests you to know that Fuji announced the new X10. Press release at Dpreview. A Fuji guys youtube presentation is available at MirrorlessRumors. A product page is available here and one mroe article at ThePhoBlographer.

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