UPDATED: Samsung blog blames MicroFourThirds…


UPDATE: One hour after publishing our post Samsung removed the article.

This is our original post:

I just want to share with you an exerpt of one of the latest article on the official Samsung blog (Samsungimaging.com).

However, what I can tell you is, that the APS-C image sensor is bigger than micro four third sensors. The increased size of image sensors results in improved low light performances and greater dynamic range. Thus meaning, the image quality of the pictures taken with an APS-C are theoretically better than the ones taken with a Micro Four Third sensor” and “I mean, that’s like saying a usual VW Golf equals a Ferrari because it rolls on 4 tires.

So we are VW and they are Ferrari. I dont’t know if I should laugh or cry. Do they really need to write such kind of s….. to “convince” people to buy their products?

  • Robbie E-P1

    LOL what a douche bag!

    APS-C is not THAT much bigger!

    The only big leaps between sensor sizes IMHO are: P&S VS 4/3 and APS-C VS FF. Every other difference comes down to other factors.

  • CR102

    Sensor size seems to be an important selling point for Samsung. I find it sad really. So different from the Kevin Spacey campaign, for example. So dull.

  • Well, they are right about sensor size and image quality, but in these kind of small “take with you anywhere” cameras the difference between aps-c and m43 is to small to be considered important. BUT, most people wont understand that. Also, the big crowd will buy the camera with the most zoom, no matter what sensor size or image quality. So for us photographers really interested in good small high IQ -cameras, we can just aim at the best bang for the buck no matter what sensor size.

  • Not a smart comment really, mirror less camera is mainly about camera size. NX is trapped in the middle of size and quality. They can’t do both. it’s a trade off.

    Bad position to be in. However, if they are able to release another smaller camera, like E-PL1 and couple fast lenses, they could be a solid challenger to m43.

  • Oomox

    Using officialy that kind of statements by a company ALWAYS turns against one.
    Don’t worry and don’t take it personally :-)
    On the subconsious level potential customer feels something like that “If samsung gives offence directly to competitors, what kind of company it is then? And what about the future? How will they treat me if I be dealing with them?” It’s the same reaction to company as it is to other person… I wouldn’be surprised if they score an own goal doing that way :-)

    Greetings and have fun!

  • Look at the dxo labs comparison of the GH1 vs D300 vs GX20 (very similar sensor to the NX) – no practical difference in noise – but look at the dynamic range – Samsung are right in saying there is a difference – they’re worse!

  • Boris

    Well, as soon as I left a comment the page shows “Error 404: Page Not Found”

  • Harold Glit

    I think the Samsung comment is very telling about the company’s frustration about the competition
    I know that for DSLR’s reviews , there are also reviewers that have made the claim that the IQ difference between 4/3 sensors and APS sensors was huge. Truth is , it is not. The difference plays mostly at high ISO- over 800 at least- and only for those who are using the 3;2 ratio to its full extent
    The sensor quality , the processing engine and the level of optics play a bigger role between two sensors size which are pretty close
    and maybe this is why you got that response
    Think about it : Samsung is a corporate giant who , despite previous claims , has only brought out rebadged dslr’s and oyish subpar compacts.

  • alex

    But VW Golf is better than ferrari – look how many more people buy golf – they must be right

  • attila_snapper

    What about, I put whatever the lens I want in front of that sensor? (No lens diktat, Sammy!)

    Seriously Samsung, sick on Washing machine and let others build Ferraris!


    Proud owner of GF1 20mm and 14-45mm, (proud not because and i feel i have justify my purchase, but because it rocks!)

  • napalm

    comparing the NX sample pics in DPR vs the E-PL1 samples… I’d say they really need a lot of convincing to do hehehe

  • enrico

    Hi Everybody !

    i love Olympus, i’m a professional and i work with E-3, E-30 and i got E-P1 too, but it is true… nothing can compare image quality between 4:3 and APS-C sensor….

    I love outstandig image quality of Olympus especially colours and shrpness. But it is really a problem works over 800 ISO.

    I think Olympus have to be great technologic jumo to have a good image quality as others brands….. but i think it will never be easy…



  • Seb

    In a way, he’s true. In the near future, apsc mirrorless camera will be strong competitor to m43. But the only mature system right now is m43, Samsung do a really strange move with it’s big GH1 competitor, where most of people are looking to compacticity. I’m looking forward to see what sony will do. I love my GF1 but the 1.6 crop factor really interest me for using my legacy lens collection. I’m still waiting for a FF digital leica CL.

  • WT21

    APS-C is an appreciably larger sensor, and the narrower DOF and about 1-stop ISO improvement are quite noticeable. Not Ferrari to VW difference, though. But that larger sensor comes with a price. It all looks cute with a pancake on it, but if you want any kind of reach, that’s going to be a big lens, and the camera’s not going to be that much different than a Canon Rebel with a kit lens. The EP1 with collapsable lens is much smaller.

    Additionally, a huge part is what you do with the sensor output. Maybe Sammy’s had a break through, but their pocket cams’ output are terrible. EP1 is fantastic OOC (personally, I’m not a fan of the Panny output in color or noise handling).

    The EP1 will also be a bit easier to take movies with because of the deeper DOF.

    The quality jumps are really: point and shoot, to m43 to FF and APS-C is between the last two. I’ll get excited when they put a FF sensor in a compact with IBIS. My old Pentax ME Super is about the same size as my EP1. Once the electronics are small enough for that sized body (still a few years out), then I’ll be excited.

    And, if you want to talk style, well the Sammy? No comparison.

    So, size goes to EP1, style goes to EP1, IQ gets an edge to Sammy, but not a huge edge. So, you balance needs for size and IQ. I choose size and style. If I want IQ, I grab my 5D.

  • Young

    Well, every body defends what they think is better.

    About the sensor, the APS-C are better than 4/3, look DXO:

    The fourth non-FF and non-MF is the Samsung GX20 with the same sensor than NX10, this camera is just under D90/D5000/D300s.
    The first 4/3 is on 21th position (non-FF and non-MF), sixteen more than GX20.

    That´s depend how you like that and I don´t see problem Samsung defends its system with sensor arguments like M4/3 with compactness.

    Note: the NX10 sensor is a little better than GX20

  • rUY

    There is no point to defense now, as Samsung won’t even get their product in the market yet. using competitor’s name didn’t get Samsung better but the words of mouths. those defense won’t make people believe SamSung equal or better than Panasonic/Olympus/Fujifilm. show us the product in the market is the only way to make it works.

  • bilgy_no1

    Samsung is no Ferrari, it’s a Daewoo Matiz.

    How telling that they took the blog down. It’s really bad publicity to attack you’re competitors. It tells me that they are not preoccopied with my customer needs. They’re only worried about some sort of battle with a successful new line of products by others. And now they don’t have the balls to face reasonable responses…

    No more Samsung for me, at all.

  • Will

    The entire selling point of m4/3rds was that it has a larger sensor than compacts.

    So it doesn’t make sense to complain that APS-C cameras are using the same selling point.

  • Will

    Here’s the sample that convinced me that m4/3rds is not as good as APS-C: Samsung NX10 (APS-C) versus Panasonic GF-1 (m4/3):


    Crop of the above:


  • napalm

    it is bigger but not by a big margin. not as big as the difference between mFT vs compact sensor. so Samsung’s Golf vs Ferrari claim is ridiculous.

    see the sensor size difference for yourselves:

  • NowHearThis

    Hey Samsung, shut up and release your product already.

    The funniest thing about their comment is they actually equate themselves with Ferrari.
    ROFLMAO, There is no product of Samsung that I would ever say is the “Ferrari” of anything.

  • lunic*

    Well, well, It’s Samsung. It’s just the same way that they did all the times.
    It’s just bulls**t. I’ve been in South Korea for my whole life, so I know their strategy well.
    If NX10 falled, they’ll quit the lens-interchangable digital camera instantly. So don’t care about them.

    When Kodak and other maunfacturers made Advanced Photo System (APS),
    APS-C (C for ‘classic’, classical 3:2 ratio) was 25.1*16.7mm format. lol.
    Well, did anybody saw a digital SLR or something that has large sensor just fit for that ‘format’?
    So let them go back to home and adjust their sensor size in one size.

    Hell. so, they really want to sell their ‘superb’ products, ‘elegant’ as Ferrari.
    But are they understand the advantage of ‘smaller format’? it’s really dubious,
    and their NX mount is such a new thing, then why they are haunted by wraith of sensor size?

  • napalm


    I believe that is an AWB comparison between NX10 and GF1. it has little to do with sensor size. also GF1 does tend to underexpose and their out-of-cam JPEGs arent that pleasing IMHO. think you should look at shots taken by mFT cams in flickr and see real results from those cams instead of these “comparisons” unless you spend most of your photography on comparing cameras

  • napalm

    might I add that we should buy a camera for what it can do and if it fits our needs. not how it compares to others

  • I think if I was ferrari , I would sue : )


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