(FT4) Rumors: Things are not as quiet as you may think! New Olympus FourThirds camera in Q1!


As you may have noticed we haven’t post many rumors in the past weeks. One of the reasons is that we do not expect a new camera or lenses announcement before February. Anyway we are receiving first rumors about future Olympus stuff. What we can say for now is that it is very likely that Olympus will announce a new camera in Q1. And we strongly believe it will be a FourThirds camera! We are not certain if it will be the E-620 or E-30 or E-3 successor.

If you know something about the camera feel free to contact us at 43rumors@gmail.com or use the contact form on the right sidebar!

We hope to know more soon!

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  • In my humble opinio we all are waiting for a E-3 proud succesor, since they’re innovating in m4/3 but most profesional alike body needs an update, now!.

    Specially in very specific fields: high ISO, colour range, speed shooting…

  • Damien

    I think it could be a new pro-grade body, but not in the same form as the E-3. The Pentax K7 is the kind of camera that Olympus could have made: compact, powerful, weather sealed, and many options for customisation. The new camera could be a mix of the E-620 (or E-30) and E-3.

  • jpydrg

    Another humble opinion:
    The area for an E-3 successor may have significantly increased with the appearance of the Canon EOS7D, with pro image quality and a pixels size that is exactly the same as the one of the Olympus E-30. My feeling is that Olympus may have understood that the reception of their next flagship camera will primarily be evaluated upon its dynamic range and potential for dealing with high isos. Assuming that the Fuji rumors come to reality, the use of a Fuji sensor could proceed from an agreement where the m43 mount + Fuji sensor could remain the privilege of Fuji for its forthcoming m43 camera whilst Olympus could be allowed to use this sensor for the classical 43 mount. I happen to own (and use) a Fuji S5 Pro and the main issue for some people has to do with its inability to deal with sports or other domains with high fps: I don’t think one can expect strong improvements in that perspective but, to my opinion, the image quality of the S5 Pro still has no equivalent in 2009.
    Two other opinions / wishes: first, I have the feeling that Olympus gets more and more convinced by the relevance of the EVF approach to building cameras and may start a new range of semi-pro cameras with classical mount but without any OVF; this makes sense since this would reduce the size of the camera and this is what Olympus has been attempting to do since the early days of the 43. Second, a pure wish : I still own a Olympus E-1, even though its L-shape is everything but classical, and this is (by far) the best built camera I have ever own. A careful look at the recent Pentax K7D suggests that Pentax may also have remembered this camera when building theirs. As the Olympus E-3 had been criticized for 1/ its sensor, 2/ its size that is about the same of the big Nikons, they may have worked also in that direction.
    PS: hope that was too long!

  • stavver

    maybe Olympus can take me back with a E-3 succesor thats on the level with the Canon 7D (Nikon D300s), but this rumors did not stop me to create my Canon 7D shoping list.

  • Peter F

    Well, the 620 will be a year old in February so I would think a 720 would be coming along…. (but please put back the “old” grip like the 520). Seems that these entry level models are “upgraded” more frequently and need to be to keep competitivie with Canikon.

    BUT, The E30 was announced in Oct or Nov of 2008 so it is now over a year old, and the E3 was announced about 2 years ago…. SO I would think it more likely that one of these two models will be “upgraded”. Personally, I would love to see an E3 in an E30 body; or a E30 in a E520 body.

  • zzz

    E-530 maybe?

  • Catastrophile

    low end classic 4/3 has gone with the dodo (E4xx & 5xx for sure, E6xx possibly also wont get updated), E3 replacement is also uncertain, if m4/3 proves more successful than it already is than maybe their will never be E3 replacement. What Olympus may do is a new model inbetween the E620 and E30, the name is not important E30.20, E32 or E820. by 2013 classic 4/3 will be a museum affaire + a minority of die-hard users, I also think that oly & pana will eventually become one thing possibly also Leica with them => “Panolyca Group” or something like that! these are my catastradamic predictions for classic 4/3.

  • Catastrophile

    …. then maybe there will never be E3 replacement (typos)

  • Laz

    I can’t believe they would introduce a new pro body without one or two standard/portrait prime lenses to go with it, not counting Sigma or the macro lenses…

  • What Damien said.

    E-3 design is a bit ‘off’. Too much Canon-like (IMHO). It really needs the E-P1 sensor with weak AA filter. It needs to be smaller/lighter, like E-30. And I hope Olympus have been working on improving the AF in low light. And people look at the checklist. Maybe 12 vs. 18MP isn’t that much, but 5 vs. 8fps is a bit of a gap. And take hints from Nikon for all the little things. No loose caps. Real vertical grip. etc… :)

  • The E-3 replacement announcement will make my decision of whether to stay with Oly or jump to Nikon for me. The one thing they can change to make me stay is a clean 3200 ISO and useable 6400.

  • Tim

    All of these suggestions for the E3 are way off. The “pro” specced camera is one that needs to be without compromise. The size plays a big part in professional usage. You need the real estate to have a great viewfinder, reduce heat(and noise), have room for a nice sensor, and plenty of buttons and a large LCD screen.

    Not only that, but you also need a nice sized body to balance beautiful lenses like the 50-200 or the 35-100.

    Most if not all of the people asking for a size reduction are probably not using it for professional usage. Therefore they want a weather sealed, fully featured camera for cheap. However, Olympus took care of this with the E30, it’s just not weathersealed.

    The next E model will be pretty expensive. Probably over 2000 bucks, but it will deliver the goods. I’m not an expert but everything I’ve gleaned indicates some pretty big advances in the sensor, and therefore much improved dynamic range and noise levels. Oh, and a nice video capability thrown in as well.

    I would expect it more in the middle to late next year though instead of early this spring.

  • Tom

    I would really like to see something that perhaps bridges the mid and high end levels. The only way to do this without ultimately compromising is to make it modular. The core body could be a sensor, lens mount, manual controls, connectivity ports, that’s it… no battery, no EVF, no LCD, no media holder, nada… Then accessorize it as needed. Compact street photographer could get away with an EVF attachment and a battery / CF module. Studio portrait guy could go HDMI / display port out to large monitor, run off of AC power supply, add flash synch, and store directly to a computer or attached hard drive. Filmmaker could add audio timecode, large capacity brick battery module, matte box, bottom plate, and LCD display… If it sounds familiar, I think it is the approach taken by another company…

  • Tim

    Tom, are you talking about the Ricoh design? I don’t think a pro photographer would be caught dead with that model. No offense.

    If I’m showing up at a wedding it better well be with a beautiful, powerful, imposing machine. D7, D300, E3, etc. (Full frame would be great but even heavier, which is tough over 3 or 4 hours).

    I think Micro 4/3 will offer the enthusiast eventually what they are asking for. Pro 4/3 model still need the power or it will be utterly useless for professional applications like weddings, on location shoots, and other types of things I shoot all the time.

    All just my humble opinion though. I’d bet my house Olympus is going to make a 7D competitor.

  • Tom

    Hi Tim, no as brave as the Ricoh design is, I feel it is fatally flawed in that the lens and sensor are married together, so might be good for someone who only needs 1 or 2 lenses, but sort of rules out a lot of other people. I did say lens mount… Even SLR cameras has some modularity, such as extended battery, power motors, hand grips, flash system, but obviously could never separate the film back / EVF due to the design of SLR cameras. With digital, there it would just be taking modularity to the next level as the technology lends itself… This can be done without sacrificing form or function. I do propose the elimination of a through the lens viewfinder of an SLR, though, so some might beg to differ on that point. There are a lot of different high end professionals, so modularity would help Olympus satisfy a larger number of people. It worked for RED (or at least it will when they start shipping new cameras)….

  • drj

    Hi Tom,
    seems to me very unlikely that Olympus is going to make any attempt of a 43 version of FF 24×36 cameras. First because this would be a battle head to head with the Nikon D700 : up to now, and in spite of a ”discount” price on the alpha 850, Sony is not that successful in this area, presumably because most of the pros already have great investment in Canon or Nikon glass. Second, because this would require to initiate a new range of lenses in order to maintain the optimal optical quality of the Zuikos.

  • napalm

    i still think the E3 successor wont come until photokina. im guessing an E-530 or E-30 successor with video is more probable

    while an E3 successor will be great, the market for this pro-spec camera wont be as large as a mid-spec camera. I do hope if ever it will come, it will be closer or a bit smaller to the size of an E-30 but with the same weather-sealing and functionalty

  • Catastrophile

    While 4/3 was being taken to the museum, some people were still enthusiastically discussing the details of what the next Ex should be like. but will it ever be, that’s what we’ll see in the 2010’s.

  • drj

    To Catastrophile,
    my personal conjecture is that if there is nothing around Photokina 2010, this will be over. However and as long as Olympus is not completing high-end glass for the m43 mount, the pro factor remains on the 43 side.

  • Alfons

    A weather sealed E-30 with Fuji sensor and a 25mm F1.2.

    I have to go to change my pants…

  • Sincerely I didn’t read you all yet, but I agree with one strong sentece; E3 replacement may decide me to stay in Oly or go to Nikon.

  • KLH

    Olympus, how I lust for your glass… And your bodies, well built, practical but not without flaws. Your flaws I can live with. I learn to listen to you and for that I think I am becoming a better man and a better photographer…. But you taunt me and make me wait so long. I know it feels even better when that moment finally comes but I just can’t stand the anticipation. I have needs! And now there is another, m4/3… I just don’t know what to think anymore. Is this foreplay or are you laughing in my face. Can I trust you till’ retirement do we part? I feel like we are becoming distant Olympus. Do you still feel the same way as before? Give me something I can believe in again. I need something good so I can get a piece (or two) of that good glass. I still see the beauty in 4/3’s Olympus, I do… do you?

  • Mike

    To KLH: The mFT system development consumed Olympus’ time and money so upcomming FT system is not developed in same speed like it was before the mFT starts. But FT system products can gain from mFT development (like E-620 series)… Yes, new 4/3 glass would be great (I’m still waiting for more fast primes, at least at normal focal length – 20mm or 25mm f2.0 High Grade lens, with superb image quality performance wide open). I think lenses are the key (and better investment) not a camera body, because digital bodies getting older in relatively short time and good glass remains longer. I like classic FT system because it is not mainstream like Nikon or Canon do and Zuikos are great and Olympus cameras are well built even their reasonable priced entry-level DSLRs. And E-3 camera deserves proud successor that is for sure.

  • Personalmente ritengo che oggi Olympus ha molti problemi da risolvere, il primo è la concorrenza di Canon e Pentax che hanno immesso sul mercato macchine veramente eccellenti come la KD7 della Pentax o la 7D e la 5D MKII della Canon.
    Il secondo problema è la mancanza di obbiettivi a focale fissa e appertura dei diaframmi molto aperti tipo 50 f 1,4 ecc. ecc.
    In questi ultimi anni ho visto un paio di progetti molto interessanti quanto sfortunati e non ne capisco la ragione, a mio avviso molto validi, mi riferisco al sensore della Fuji e della Sigma.
    Gamma dinamica molto ampia e colori fedeli la loro unica problematica e la velocità di elaborare e memorizzare la quantità di dati nella scheda di memoria, questo penalizza la macchina fotografica negli scatti in continuo.
    Sony mi ha colpito per la qualità dei dettagli a bassi iso sulla sua ammiraglia.
    Canon con la D5 MKII ha veramenta migliorato la gestione del rumore ad alti iso e non sto parlando di iso che nessun fotografo utilizza ma iso che vanno da 3200 a 6400 che sono veramente molto elevati di più non serve.
    Altra novità il video, visto la qualità e la comodità nel avere a portata di mano una macchina che ti permetta di fare un video con un solo strumento.
    Per ultimo e non trascurabile è la velocità di scatto e la messa a fuoco che in alcune macchine fotografiche sono veramente migliorate esempio Nikon e Canon.
    Ritengo che Olympus ha una sfida difficile nel eguagliare tutte queste innovazioni e migliorie, ma so che olympus mi ha sempre sbalordito con le sue innovazioni, per questo motivo mi aspetto una sostituta della E3 con caratteristiche al pari o migliori di quelli citate sopra..
    Adesso pecco di presunzione descrivendo la mia macchina fotografica ideale Olympus E7.

    1) Gamma dinamica aumentata del 20% “rispetto alla E3” sia alle basse luci che alle alte luci.
    2) Profondità colore migliore della sigma con il sensore foveon.
    3) Riduzione del rumore, prendo come riferimento la Canon D5 MKII, massimo 6400 iso ma che la foto sia veramente utilizzabile.
    4) Velocità di scatto, 8/9 Fts.
    5) Messa a fuoco migliorata nella messa a fuoco continua e in velocità e soprattutto con poca luce.
    6) Video, in full HD 1920×1080, la possibilità di focheggiare e zummare durante la ripresa.
    7) Monitor, con le stesse caratteristiche di colore ma con una risoluzione più elevatà.
    8) Corpo Macchina, 2 versioni una leggera e una con Battery Pack incorporato, tipo Canon 1Ds e Nikon D3s.
    9) wireless

    Mi auguro che alcuni di voi condividano le mi aspettative cosi da far sentire ad Olympus quale strada deve percorre per soddisfare i propi clienti e primeggiare con gli altri marchi per quanto riguarda le professionali.

    Grazie e scusate se mi sono dilungato.

  • Jean

    J’aurais pu écrire cet article en francais… C’est ma langue!

    However, being able to read and write in english, I’m a regular reader of this most interesting web site.
    Unfortunately, I cannot read spanish (for now) so I missed CAGIMA57 opinions… Too bad

    In my opinion, if one can read in english, he must write in english (or get help to do so)

    Please, lets make our insights and opinions available to everybody!

    Thank you, merci, gracias, danke schöne, etc…

  • Giulio

    It’s not Spanish, it’s Italian!

  • Daniel Kelvin Fisher

    Well I still use Google translate Spanish speaking order that you understand what I say.

    Very good, I’m from Madrid, Spain, using Olympus E-1 and E-400, I have several lenses Olympus, I would say too, but I’m with Studio-L, if Olympus does not provide evidence of a new Olympus Pro I’ll think about it much change to Nikon and see that I have trouble saying this, but an E-3 I will not buy, and has spent the time to invest in something that takes two years on the market and look forward to new and fresh technology in my hands and how not to use the HD video function with my glasses …. we have to wait 21-26 Sep 2010?
    Translated by google.

  • Dennis Leavell

    Olympus needs to sit up and pay attention to the Sony A850. Olympus can certainly come up with a 20+MP camera under $1400. And honestly, when I’m shooting a wedding the last thing I am not looking for is a video knob. Take the HD video feature out of the lineup and put the investment in the sensor and other details a bonafide photographer uses.

  • phil

    i’m growing impatient with Olympus and I’m considering dumping Olympus in favor of Nikon D700 for the full frame sensor = high ISO and great DOF.

    I really like my Oly glass (7-17, 14-54, 50-200) and I want to buy the 35-100, but I’m spending a dime on Oly til they can show me commitment to a pro-level camera.
    I don’t feel that Oly has a pro-level camera and maybe they never will? The camera is the weak link in this system and now I’m considering dumping the system.
    Build a pro-level camera… for get the video…. If I want video, I’ll buy a separate video camera.

  • I have been an Olympus fan for many years. I think Olympus is needed to make full frame(35mm film sized) DSLR to be really excel in the competition. M43 are just a small market. Just look how many Canon and Nikon entry level cameras sold over the holiday season just because of the Canon/Nikon full frame Pro model brand status and brand image.

    Most of my website photos were taken with Canon with exception of one photo that was taken with Pentax K7D.

    I added Pentax K7 camera over the holiday season. I thought that was the body Olympus should have made. It is not too late, make a camera that in Leica M6 size(like OM-1,2,3,4), all metal body, full frame, It is the future for Olympus.

    Go for full frame with all Olympus engineering resources!

    Richard Wugang

  • rolo

    Hi everybody,
    Its my first post in this forum and I am an amateur.
    To a certain extent I think the whole discussion is a bit virtual but interesting.
    I would like to look at it from a market and feasibility point of view.
    MFT in my opinion is for demanding amateurs, who want Pro IQ, but not want to pay for all the Pro features we do not relly need.E.g. I am waiting for a couple of nice primes either coming in the right colour or missing yet.

    I do not believe that a competitor for the 7D or 600 or 800D can be justified businesswise by a company positioned like Olympusin the market. Development costs would be far too high compared to sales number which can be expected.

    If I would be Olympus, I would focus on where I have excelled recently and would stay out of competition I can not stand. I would remember about my strengths like excellent lenses and innovation and direct it to where it will pay off.

    For these reasons I expect a couple of outstanding primes and a successor for the OM D fixing its flaws and with some compatibility with the E series.

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