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Rumors summary


Good morning everyone!

In the the past month we released a lot of rumors and now the time has come to make a small summary! At the moment, it doesn’t matter whether you believe us or not. Keep the rumor summary in your mind and in a few weeks/months you can easily see if we were close to reality. But be warned! We are a rumor website and we do not get information from Olympus or Panasonic themselves! There are two main reasons why we could be wrong with rumors:

1) Most rumor sources are new.  Proof of their veracity will only come with time. With time we hope to become better and better with our “predictions”.

2) Olympus and Panasonic themselves sometimes change the plan. It could be that a rumor is true in the time we posted it, but changes before the real camera or lens is released. An example has been the supposed built-in flash for the Olympus m4/3 camera. We first predicted that there will be a flash but now it seems that Olympus have changed their plans and we will “propably” not see that built-in flash.

Rumors summary:

Olympus micro four thirds camera and lenses

1) 12 Megapixel

2) Video

3) No built in flash

4) 3.0 LCD screen

5) 900$ -999$ with kit lens

6) A second more featured camera released end of the year

7) 14-42 kit lens

8) 17 2.8 lens

9) no EVF

10) beige and black?

11) mid-june announcement and second halph of July avaiablity

Panasonic micro four thirds camera

1) A compact micro four thirds camera released before the end of the year

2) 12 Megapixel

3) more advanced than the Olympus compact camera

Leica micro four thirds camera

1) No micro four thirds camera expected for the next two years (we first saw a small chance Leica would join the m4/3 adventure but than realized that this wasn’t true)

Olympus four thirds camera and lenses

1) E-3 successor planned to be released this year.

2) E-3 successor with small changes (E-30 sensor and Art filter).

3) four prime lenses released between end 2009 and early 2010

In summary these are 18 rumors. If we get over 10 rumors right we would be incredibly happy.

What are our goals with the 43rumors website?

1) To gather attention to Olympus and Pansonic products. They make a lot of great products and we believe we have to break the Canon-Nikon media monopoly. Of course our website is only a minimal contribution, but every step counts!

2) Then, we have some wishful thinking. We hope our readers reactions can have some influence on Olympus and Panasonic’s products. Your comments and reactions matter!

Our private 43rumors members goal!

1) Make this website financially sustainable. We wish to get some earnings in order to cover the costs and some private time investments. We have all a real job and a real family. It becomes easier to work on that website on weekends and nights if  people support us.

2) To not only become the rumor refrence number one for Panasonic and Olympus but to creata some real photographic contents. An example? We are planning to make a professional video test between the GH1-Canon 5d-Nikon D90. Than we plan to use the Olmypus micro four thirds camera for a real work in Siberia.

What should be your role?

1) Critizes us. As you may have noticed we listen to you and try to make things better.

2) Report rumors! You can do it by emailing us ( or by becoming a real 43rumors editor.

3) Support the website by starting your shopping from here (amazon,calumet,bhphoto,adorama and J&rR). That’s free to you and we get commission for that!

4) Put link to us in your forums and blogs!

Many thanks you all!

Alejandro, Marwin, Gastero, Daniel

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