Rumors summary (GH3, VF-3, Nikon and Canon mirrorless)


Image on top is a Mockup of a Canon mirrorless camera. not a real camera!

There were many “mirrorless” rumors I posted last week on 43- and MirrorlessRumors. Some of them are very important and that’s why I am posting this recap because you might have missed them!

1) There is a picture of the next upcoming external Olympus viewfinder. And it looks like it has a sort of built-in flash too! (Click here to read more).

2) More Fuji and M43 rumors (Click here to read more)

3) Akira Watanabe talked about the future of Four Thirds (Click here to read more)

4) Surprise! Nikon could join the Pentax Q system by end of the year! (Click here to read more at

5) Canon confessed, they will go Mirrorless!!! (Click here to read more at

6) The Sony NEX-7 will have a built-in viewfinder (Click here to read more at

7) The Panasonic GH3 will have electronic shutter (Click here to read more

As you see there is a lot of movement inside the Mirrorless world. I am curious to see what Canon will do but I bet they will “join” in mid-late 2012 only. The Sony NEX-7 could be a “bomb” with the new 24 Megapixel sensor but I don’t think they are going to make it right with the body-usability design. The big news here is Fuji. If they join the m43 system than it will be ahrd for everyone else (including Sony and Canon) to compete against them!!!

  • Compactly Perfect…really now..?

  • Bob B.

    Are you kidding me?? Nikon is going to make Q cameras…what an over-priced useless format????
    Where did the photos of the Canon Mirrorless posted above come from?

    • > Nikon is going to make Q cameras

      Would you have preferred to have one more incompatible mount for the same sensor size? one more over-priced useless format??

      I think it is a positive development, regardless of the current value of Q. It might also cause prices of Q system to drop, since Nikon would definitely ensure high sale volumes.

      • Bob B.

        Go Pentax…Go Nikon…. go….go….go….and make MFT sooooooo much more attractive!!!!!!

      • Kenny

        Nikon doesn’t want it’s DSLR line to be cannibalized and by increasing the volume, they will bring down the price.

        It would be very interesting to see how canon is going to enter.

    • Steve

      Nikon Q is a rubbish rumor. IIRC the Q symbol appeared a year or so ago at one of the trade fairs (in Hamburg I think ?) and a marketing campaign never happened and even the manufacturer behind it was never identified. No specs were known. This led some to suppose it was Nikon’s mirrorless solution. We’ve seen images of Nikon bodies with Q symbols that appeared after this, not before.

      If you follow the rumors around the Nikon mirrorless then you’ll see that the majority of information from things like patents indicate lenses that’ll suit a ~1″ sensor. / 2.7x crop factor.

      This actually makes sense because there are no cameras with sensors larger than 1/1.7″ (43mm2 area) and smaller than 4/3 (225mm2 area). A 1″ sensor is a niche no-one has tried yet. It could be Nikon is thinking that it’ll be small enough to be pocketable but large enough to give decent results and no-one else is making this.

      It fits with the rumored Coolpix Pro product line.

  • Job

    Title mentions GH3, but it’s nowhere to find in the post. Forgot something?

  • tax

    where are the GH3 rumors?

  • The headline of this post mention GH3 any new rumors about that?

  • The lens situation on the NEX system really is a pity because I’m sure that new sensor will be amazing. Their 3 million dot OLED EVF also sounds equally enticing. I imagine I could use the new Zeiss 24mm for 70% of what I do, then adapt lenses for the rest, but I’m not sure that I want to go back to doing that again (had to do that with the E-P1 when I bought it at launch). Still though, the image quality the NEX-7 will surely produce will be hard to ignore (should match the A77). Let’s just hope they don’t screw up and put it in an A55-esque body.

    • Sören

      +1 exactly my thoughts. In terms of Image-Qualtity, Sony ist the company to watch at at the moment. If they would build a small series of five primes than it would kick mFTs ass, and I say this as a Pen-User. Just for small zooms the sensor might be too big, but to be onest, also mFT is not a perfect zoom system in my opinion.

      • Steve

        I’d get NEX if they did a Zeiss 16-80 in e-mount. That’d be a great walkaround camera.

  • twoomy

    The title mentions GH3, but I can’t seem to find any juicy new GH3 info in any of the linked articles. (All I remember reading is Pany confirming that it’s coming at some point, but no time and no specs.)

    • admin

      sorry there was some kind of weird posting error. I just added the link!

      • twoomy


  • Admin, why do you say “they are not going to get it right” about NEX-7 ergonomics, my upcoming camera, Do you heard rumors about it??

  • Anonymous

    No news about GH3, isn’t it

  • Oliver

    When announced I was very curious about the NEX cams. But with that control concept I´ll never buy anyone – even if the sensor would be the best of the world. A camera is much more than just a good sensor.

    • Neonart

      Got to try a friends NEX5 with the 18-55 (or whatever that is). Didn’t like it much. Body is tiny and weird, and the lens is very big/awkward in comparison to the body. And that zoom is not even a bright lens! What happens if they try an f2.8 lens?

      I agree that if they focus on primes they’ll have a better system.

      • I bought a very inexpensive NEX-3 with the 16mm f/2.8 pancake. I have to say that the user interface is better than what was expecting from all the criticism. I guess that’s in part due to a series of firmware updates that now make it possible to customize the “soft keys.” It’s still not ideal, but I can work with it. The NEX series targets the amateur photographer and for that it’s controls are pretty good.

        The biggest issue I have with the camera is the kit lenses they ship with. The zoom is too big for the concept (to be fair, so is Panasonic’s kit zoom) and the 16mm pancake doesn’t offer a suitably versatile focal length. There’s a Zeiss 24mm f/2.0 on the way, but by that time MFT will have 3-4 additional AF primes on the market, and that’s on top of the 5 already on the available. Also, if we keep our fingers crossed, perhaps Fuji will have a surprise in store for us as well.

  • What is this right there? A chocolate box sold at airports in Dubai or a freakin’ camera?
    Cuz I’m not sure…

  • The NEX mount has one major flaw: a greedily short register distance. The inevitable result is either larger-than-necessary lenses (compare the NEX zooms to their NX counterparts) or poor lens performance towards the frame edges (see the 16/2.8). It doesn’t matter how good a sensor is if it’s not coupled by sound optical design. This limitation could be somewhat overcome by using back-lit sensors, although developing those in APS-C dimensions could take a while.
    The trouble is that any newcomers to the EVIL arena will be compelled to play the miniaturization game, where NEX is the current benchmark (yes, the GF3 is smaller, but it doesn’t use an APS sensor). I hope that Fuji, Nikon and Canon will not compromise optical design for the sake of smallness.

    • how could a “greedily short register distance” be a major flaw? After you design and release a mount, you can’t further shorten a register distance without a whole new set of lens’. however, increasing the distance on a “greedily short” register distance is super easy, you could just add an air gap to the mount of your lens. Look at the 43 to m43 adapter, easy peasy, think of that built in.

      The nice thing about a “greedily short” register distance, is that it gives you some really flexible lens’ designs. with current sensor edge performance might suffer, but maybe not so much in the future.

      Oh, and a “greedily short” register distance doesn’t make “larger-than-necessary” lens’, lens’ designs are what they are, it’s actually easier to make small lens’ with a short register distance, Sony just isn’t pushing them selves for compact lens’. Look at Olympus versus Panasonic, you can certainly see who is the veteran lens’ designer right? If Sony wanted to steel the NX designs, it could, and it could just build in that extra register distance into the lens, and they’d have the exact same size lens’ (well actually that extra distance would make the lens’ slightly longer, but sensor to end of lens would be the same).

      • reverse stream swimmer

        Re: The nice thing about a “greedily short” register distance, is that it gives you some really flexible lens’ designs. with current sensor edge performance might suffer, but maybe not so much in the future.

        While I agree it gives the designers the freedom, but it’s the product marketing that has to fight with MFT, and tells the designer to make the lenses smaller. With the very low edge performance and vignetting as a result.

        Alternatively, if making the lenses larger to reduce the optical deficiencies, why go NEX at all. Then you rather fiddle with the SLT route instead.

        It’s a two-edged sword, but unfortunately the NEX will go the route of smaller lens design and problematic lens performance as the trade-off.

        But where will Canon land? I expect at also the same register distance of Sony, 18.00 mm. Perhaps a lesser problem due to their smaller 1.6x EF-S sensor.

        * Leica M mount 27.80 mm
        * Samsung NX mount 25.5 mm
        * Micro Four Thirds System 20.00 mm
        * Sony E mount 18.00 mm

        • Problem with NEX lenses is lack thereof, not quality.

          And by the way, how do you know the EXACT flange distance of m43? That is proprietary information. Yes it is approximately 20mm, surely not 20.00mm

      • +10

  • #5: Any info about this Canon EViL image – is it new and is it made by Canon?
    My guess is that Canon will go for APS-C; good image quality and reasonable small cameras.

    • reverse stream swimmer

      I also hope that Canon will go for the 1.5x APS-C when they launch their ILC camera. However, Canon doesn’t have a 1.5x sensor, so they might drag in the old 1.6x sensor from their EF-S mount.

      It will be a temination of their current EF-S line up, while EF line up will remain for the EOS single digit cameras. the EOS-7D is dead as well, with the successor 7D MkII using the APS-H mount, sensor and lenses.

  • Maeda

    admin, when you say the NEX 7 will be a “bomb” do you mean it sell really poorly?

    • admin

      A Megapixel bomb! But I am not sure if it is really a good cam…

  • Narretz

    It’s a mock-up photoshop by someone. Admin, you should add this info if you post such images.
    And how can you be sure that the GH3 has an electronic shutter? It’s still just a rumour. Especially since the same rumour predated the GH2.

    • Maley

      That’s just a list of rumors and news. So he writes it down like this, doesn’t mean he is 100% sure.

    • reverse stream swimmer

      Global Shutter is a pipe dream.

      It will work OK for video and for low res fast capture of still images. But for high quality still images, NO WAY!

      If you look at it, it will consume twice the sensel area, since the charge at each sensel needs an extra capacitor to store the charge between the readouts. It will ruin the low light performance. The fill factor is reduced, the quantum efficiency is reduced. Hardly the trade off you like for the smaller MFT sensor.

      Maybe Global Shutter will show up in a dedicated special camera, but never to jeopardize the build up brand recognition of the GH3!

    • admin

      Actually there is a BIG title on the image saying that this is just a concept camera!!!

  • Fujifilm To Shake Up Mirrorless Camera Market With New Low Cost Offering

    Looks like one fixed lens and one interchangeable lens.

    • Miroslav

      “Looks like one fixed lens and one interchangeable lens.”

      Read the text couple of times and still do not understand. They mix compact (small) and compact (P&S) for example.

      “APS-C or a micro four-thirds size fixed lens hybrid camera that would sit alongside its current X100 but offer a 20x zoom lens.”

      OK, this one’s with fixed lens – m4/3 20x zoom would be H U G E, let alone if it’s APS-C.

      “second Fujifilm camera, which is aimed squarely at the premium compact market, where Canon, with their G12 and Panasonic and Olympus play, will be launched with a wide f/2 or f/2.8 aperture zoom”

      If this one’s aimed at premium compacts, it should be with fixed lens as well.

      In other places they mention interchangeable lenses. I think the news was written by someone with little knowledge of digital cameras.

  • Miroslav

    “big news here is Fuji. If they join the m43 system than it will be ahrd for everyone else (including Sony and Canon).”

    Yeah, I hope Fuji, Panasonic and Olympus realize that. Couple of more lenses and bodies, good marketing campaign and they’ll have a very very large head start. Sony doesn’t have the lenses and protects its SLT line, while Samsung doesn’t have the sensor and the name. By the time Canon goes mirrorless, they’ll just make more headlines for m4/3 such as: “Canon enters mirrorless camera market trying to disrupt established m4/3 system”.

  • If Canon want to play it smart and really screw over Nikon, they would join m4/3 and bully their way past Olympus and Panasonic. Anyone else follow my logic?

    • This is something I’ve been thinking about as well. The sensor is smaller, so they may think it won’t cannibalize their lucrative DSLR line. That’s the same reason we keep hearing rumors of a Nikon CSC with a 2.5 or 2.6 crop factor. Not only to achieve more compact bodies and lenses, but also to protect existing sales. If Canon joined MFT, they would have an instant system of lenses but I wonder whether they would tolerate Canon customers buying all those Lumix and M.Zuiko lenses.

      • Though that would be true, Canon can enter with its huge piles of cash and excellent marketing teams and easily displace Panasonic and Olympus particularly in the USA. So while some previous users will use the Panalympus lenses, many will opt for Canon models. That said, they do allow third party lens makers on their EOS SLRs anyway…

        This is all pure theoretical of course.

        Nikon would probably be equally capable of joining m43 though they have less cash piles than Canon does.

    • > Anyone else follow my logic?

      They would need a perfect adapter for the current EF/EF-S lenses to make any splash. I do not see it happening.

      Bodies, yes, they can pump new one every month probably. But the lenses…

      That’s why I think there are more chances for Canon to join the Q rather than m43. Considering Canon’s aggressive marketing of FF – larger is better – them joining m43 would piss off immediately huuuuge mass of their users. I doubt very much they would risk it. Q OTOH ATM is a harmless toy.

      • Miroslav

        “there are more chances for Canon to join the Q rather than m43”

        Taking into account Olympus and Panasonic announcements of last two months, I guess there’s a Q, err queue, for joining m4/3. So they better join that queue :).

  • Brod1er

    Maybe Nikon will join Pentax, not for the existing Q mount, but instead the upcoming APSC mount? Maybe this is also called Q – maybe “Q Pro”?

  • Neonart

    I think the future is in interchangeable lens phone cameras! WAY smaller than the Q system! You get this puny hearing-aid battery sized prime lenses and toothpaste cap sized zooms to attach to your phone! With 50X crop factor!

    You could totally rock an iPhone with a 1mm f1.9 lens the size of an xtasy pill! Once you get to the zoo you can sift through your pocket lint and loose change to find your 2-10mm f4 zoom lens!

  • fta

    no, no, no, no, no…..

    Nikon joining Pentax with “Q” is 100 times less likely than Fuji releasing a m43 camera! Where do you get some of these rumors? Are you that attention starved?

    See that pic? Scroll down to the mount pic… ok?

    Now go look at

    Do you see a MAJOR problem/difference here????

    Where are the contact pins in each mount?

  • Nathan

    Ye gods, I get sick of every kiddo with a copy of Photoshop Elements cribbing together different manufacturers’ products with logos and slogans as if it was a real product.

    For one, they all suck, and for another, the type of moron who does this seems to see a camera as a fashion statement and design exercise, so because he doesn’t know jack f%^&ing sh17 about camera design, he just fumbles around until it looks right to him.

    It’s useless, isn’t a camera rumor, and wastes everyone’s time with every talentless hack’s ideas.

  • Rutrem

    Nikon and Canon will go mirrorless,wooohoo :D
    well, we should be thankful that company’s like Olympus,Panasonic,Sony,Pentax exist
    if we have to wait Canon and Nikon for some innovation in the photo industry we will grown old and die before.
    So now after Pana and Oly made this segment of buisness voila,here they come hungry for more.
    Is just one thing that Canon and Nikon had done before the other company’s that we can be related to them? Like inbody image stabilization,dust reduction,HDR imaging,face detection,pixel mapping,tilting display,movie recording….???
    Are they just waiting Oly,Sony,Pana to create some innovation in this industry?

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