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Rumors roundup: Olympus 100-400mm, E-M10IV, PEN-FII, GH6, 8K Sharp….


Despite Olympus plan to sell the Imaging Division the 2020 product roadmap seems to have been confirmed and we can expect new MFT announcements soon. Here is the rumor recap:


  • Olympus E-M10IV and 100-400mm lens will be announced in early August (article here).
  • Wild rumor about two PEN-F cameras coming this autumn (article here).
  • PEN-FII rumor via UK magazine (article here).
  • There is definitely a 100mm macro on the roadmap (article here).
  • 150-400mm PRO coming in winter


  • First super wild rumors about the GH6 specs (article here).
  • Panasonic managers promises to energize the MFT world (article here).


  • The new 8K MFT camera from Sharp should be available in late 2020 (article here).
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