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Rumors from others: Samsung NX100 leaked (a worthy GF and PEN competitor?)


It’s very likely that we are not going to see any new PEN or Panasonic GF camera at Photokina. In the meanwhile the competition is becoming stronger. Mirrorlessrumors just leaked the Samsung NX100 camera specs and image! Read the specs here:

  • sporty883

    *sigh* when will they realize that there is no alternative to a build in VF!? We don’t need yet another “good” camera with all the drawbacks of the previous ones!

    Its a nice camera and has a larger sensor in the same dimensions than the GF.

    I do like the ifn-Button at the lens though! Missing aperture rings for quite some time now, this could be an interesting new development.

    Samsung has definitely learned some lessons! Too bad they missed out on the VF.

    Pricing will be interesting…

  • Ryo81

    I’m not quite interested in this to be honest. Though the lens seem to be even smaller than the PEN’s kit zoom, I do wonder about the range of the lens (20-50mm) and the fact that there is no OIS nor in-body stabilization?

    But competition is good for us consumers! Keep it going Samsung!

  • Kyle Batson

    This paired with the 30/2 should be pretty cool. I agree about the disappointing viewfinder, though.

  • napalm

    hmm… not so sure about the image… kinda looks like a photoshop job. but could only be a depiction of what it would look like.

    does that lens look like it has the same folding design as the m.zuiko 14-42mm?

  • Dummy00001


  • sweet size
    (shame they are going it alone and lining up to fail with their mount and no following)

    Sony at least has a fan boy following.

    Big shame everyone didn’t club together and join the open mFourThird mount, we could have m43 Nikon or Canon or Sony lenses on our PEN … shame, boo!

    • Din

      Why instead every EVIL maker change the APS-C to 4/3, Oly and Pana change thier 4/3 sensor to APS-C?
      Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Fuji and Samsung use APS-C and only Oly/Pana 4/3. Should be easier.

      • Greg

        To be able to have lighter lenses, ie lighter, more portable equipment, doh!

      • sporty883

        I don’t see Canon and Nikon join the MFT bandwagon. It’s the not-invented-here-syndrome, also a APS-C sized EVIL would be a logical extension to its DSLR offerings.

        But I do not understand why Samsung, Sigma, Pentax, Fuji, you name it – don’t join the MFT crowd. Developing and marketing for your own bodies and lenses is more expensive than joining a healthy market.

        I cross my fingers for Cosina! If they are smart enough to add a digital rangefinder camera, this would be a great diversification of the standard!

  • ANGRY Olympus Owner

    ep2 is prettier

    I think the ep2 is the most attractive looking mirror-less cam next to the gh1 and g2

    I think it looks funny

    • sporty883

      funny, for me its the GF1. So its good there is variety ;)

  • On of the worst negative aspects with the NX10 as a photographic tool was that the raw files were uncompressed, which made the camera both slow in handling and caused unnecessary large files for post-processing/storage.

    I see from the spec. that this new NX100 also uses the same NX10 sensor. I therefore fear that the image processing is similar, making me not to consider this Samsung camera either.

    • sporty883

      yep. for me its the real thing. nobody ever bothered to do fake line drawings yet ;)

  • pancake

    Admin, your twitter update for 43rumors posts has broken again…

    • admin

      Thanks pancake. Don’t know why it doesn’t work…

  • Tim

    Looks like an E-P2. Samsung is lost. I can’t imaging they are selling that welll.

  • Bu

    An amoled screen? Great visibility, shame about the battery life!

    Worse, the EVF doesn’t utilise an amoled screen? Why on earth not???

  • ANGRY Olympus Owner

    is there going to be a GH2 at photokina? or anytime soon?

  • Brian Palmer

    Looks sharp I like it.. I have my doubts though.

  • Dan #2

    Great looking camera for your aunt and uncle to use photographing your wedding. Oh no, a random person who bought it and calls him/herself a photographer and charges $500 to do it. That’s right, this fantastic piece of Samsung engineering is fueling the wannabe market while displaying itself as a perfectly acceptable piece of capitalist materialism for the gazillion tech junkie know it alls around the globe.

    Can’t wait till photography goes out of fashion again!

  • jeff

    i would rather kill myself then hold something that ugly , jesus christ

  • rUY

    SamSung?? means bad quality control and outdated design + follower on the market.

    • lander240

      I’m no samsung’s fanboy, but you may take a look at the EX-1. It’s a qreat camera except from the small sized sensor.

      • rUY

        With LX-3 launched for more than 1.5 year, the EX-1 is outdated design either, which in hope to take advantage of other concept and hope to get some market share. This is not a way of creativity. For the image quality, it is good but not surprising, as their competitor are great also.

  • NativeFloridian

    Wow! I guess that’s what a small zoom lens looks like, huh? I thought the major advantage of m43 over APS-C was smaller lenses. Apparently, someone forgot to send the memo to Samsung! I fear that Panasonic/Olympus is losing ground quickly by not developing more compact lenses (zooms and primes). Well, at least I can hope for an NX to m43 mount for my PEN.

  • Kyle Batson

    I had the opportunity to handle an NX-10 recently and it was incredible slow in writing RAW files. If this camer is the same way, it will definitely fail. Here’s to hoping Samsung fixes that problem on newer models.

  • Both the LCD and the GPS consumes batteries, so either switching the GPS off or letting it become an option attached to the hotshoe.

    While I hate all the expensive add-ons that you can shoemount, since they will be unique to one model, and depreciate vastly once you sell the camera.

    I can understand the camera manufacturers want to squeeze so many unique functions into the new cameras, in order to get the “tickbox” fueature advantages.

    But these hotshoe add-ons doesn’t function as well as if they were originally integrated into a larger camera body, while still deteriorate the power capacity of the batteries. I guess an EVIL camera with a power battery holder is showing up soon.

  • CRB

    Impossible to say anything till we see some samples and reviews…but boy, this camera looks REALLY COOL……..

  • Dan #2

    Ooooooh please make it in rainbow colors with matching straps and cases too. That would be fab. I could buy the kids and wife different colors to match their shoes. Jesus wept, when will this stop. Is anyone else getting a little frustrated with all this consumer bullshit? It is beginning to make photography look like a joke. Wouldn’t be surprised if the e5 comes in pink and blue with sparkly studs and bling written on the top of the viewfinder.

    • CRB

      Lol…APS-C sensor on a small camera like this one? whats not to like? if matches the m4/3 IQ (with better DR…please), im sold….but if you can have something functional, good and yet be nice (beautiful design), why not?….

  • Zaph

    “Is anyone else getting a little frustrated with all this consumer bullshit? It is beginning to make photography look like a joke.”

    Yeah, please, no more APS-C sized sensors in small cameras! No more choice of black OR white. :)

  • gekopaca

    “No more choice of black OR white”

    Oh please, I need a golden one, to fit with my dildo ;-/

  • Mark

    That is one ugly camera, but it does have the sensor format going for it.

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