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Rumor correction: New GM1 has a “sort of” mechanical shutter.


A couple of days ago a trusted source told me that the new ultracompact Panasonic GM1 camera would have a new e-shutter without the mechanical shutter. The source always shared correct info in the past but this time it seems he got a partially incorrect info. Another source told me Panasonic has a new kind of shutter but I the info he got is that it’s still a hybrid electronic-mechanical shutter.  It’s a new kind of shutter developed by Panasonic not seen in any other cameras yet.

I hope more sources can share some feedback about it. For example I would like to know if the electronic shutter works completely without mechanical shutter too.

P.S.: Both sources told me the Panasonic GM1 is a surprising fascinating camera. Incredibly compact, but still very handy. They bet the camera will be very popular among the 43rumors community :)

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
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