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Rumor classification explained


As you have noticed I always try to classify our rumors. Some people still have not understood the classification and they are surprised when a rumor doesn’t come true. Time has come to explain you in detail how it works:

FT1  rumors (FT= FourThirds):
I rarely post FT1 rumors and only when they are funny. A FT1 rumor will never come true!

FT2 rumor:
These are new unknown sources. Most rumors I receive are from this kind of sources. I only post it when I have the feeling that the person who writes me is honest. You never know, he could know the truth.

FT3 rumor:
Mostly from unknown sources. In this case he tells me something I’ve already heard from trusted or other non trusted sources

FT4 rumor:
From trusted sources only.  Most of the FT4 rumors are doublechecked, that means another second source confirms the rumor.

FT5 rumor:
When many of my trusted sources do confirm a rumor.

Very important! These are all rumors and not official Olympus or Panasonic news. They can always be wrong! Trusted sources are the ones who where right with some of the rumors they gave me before.


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