Roundup of what’s coming as next: New Pen, new GM7, GH5, E-M1II and new 100-400mm and 300mm lenses.



I think we have a pretty clear idea about what’s coming next from Panasonic and Olympus. So let’s make a roadmap table:

Olympus will launch the 300mm f/4.0 PRO lens with in lens stabilization
Panasonic will launch the Leica 100-400mm f/4.0-6.3 lens.

Olympus will launch a new kind of PEN camera with built-in EVF
Panasonic will launch a new GM7 4K camera
Both companies may also show early prototypes of their new fast prime lenses.

Panasonic will launch the new GH5 cameras (maybe with 8k?)
Olympus will launch the E-M1II

Of course there will be some more stuff that we don’t know about yet. Maybe a GX8, another new PEN and some other premium glas.

What are the products you are waiting for?

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  • Sqweezy

    Battle between the GH5 and the E-M1 II will come down to which line will improve upon its current shortcomings versus the other. Will the GH5 add proper in-body sensor stabilization? Or will the E-M1 II finally take video seriously? The camera that can better close the gap between their prime competitor’s current advantage will be the one to win the flagship war.

    • Agachart Sukchouy

      No,GH had no IS ,because video ghrapher had many acceasories for stable footage.

      New GH. Will issue new kind image sensor.

    • With the GX8 and G7 having replaced the previous GX7 and G6 cameras for stills, they will be the only models competing with the E-M1II, where the GH5 will have absolutlely no competitors in the M43 market. Unless Olympus suddenly decides to make a 4K-capable camera capable with high-bitrate recording.

  • Drew

    I have no desire to trade up my E-M1 as it really does everything I need and will do so for years to come. Therefore I’m really only interested in the new lenses, specifically the 300 f4 although I doubt I will run out to buy one given the expected price tag.

    • I think many have the same opinion (and me): we find that our cameras as a whole are living up to our needs just fine. With so many new models coming out each year and little real progress in sensors (until the 20MP GX8 showed up anyway) we’re content to wait a long time before seeing a reason to upgrade.

      • Bob B.

        The 20mp is more a gimmick to bump up the megapixels for marketing. That sensor is a trade off, really, and does not truly get us somewhere “NEW”.

        • 0mega

          I for one would welcome additional megapixels, IF those are resolved properly by the current lenses.

          Yes, you introduce noise at higher ISO, but the added resolution you win in low ISO situations would be worth it for me.

          Granted, a jump from 16 to 20 MP is nothing spectacular. Would love 24MP though.

          • Bob B.

            A REAL jump to 20mp with a stop or two of REAL ISO performance improvement would be huge at this point. It’s time.

          • Higher resolution is higher resolution. If you’re delivering images for print (posters, magazines) then this is welcome, since cropping will result in sharper images.

            • Bob B.

              Intellectually that sounds great….I agree..but every review I have read says the same thing…that there is no noticeable change in image quality from what we are currently producing. …i.e. It is not a “compelling” reason to upgrade really….right?

              • A 16MP image will result in 38,88 cm x 29,19 cm at 300dpi, which is not quite enough for an two-page spread in a magazine with A4 size paper – that requires 42 cm in width (A3) When you factor in that we need to add “bleed” to printed pages in order to reach the edge of the paper, essentially going over the actual size of the paper, 16MP images aren’t up to print specs. Wether anyone would notice that the image has been upscaled a few percent is another story. However, a 20MP image will fit printing needs at 300DPI perfectly.

                • Bob B.

                  With a good image, in the real world…no one will notice.

                  • There are pixel-peepers in the magazine business too :) I work with them daily. They discuss the slightest incorrect white balance, wether it’s the photographer or the printing press or the Colorsync workflow, the amount of black and saturation used on which type of paper and the paper’s ink-absorbancy, and certainly the sharpness of images. But like I said, the reader won’t notice if an image has been upscaled a few percent. But if it gets cropped, then that upscale is more that a few percent. If we can see pixels, it’s a no-go.

                    • Bob B.

                      I guess we can agree to disagree. (I laugh at “those people” :-))

        • A trade-off that has shown either no reduction or actually an increase in image quality. Oh wait, so, not a trade off at all.

          • Bob B.

            I have read that some reviewers say that there is a trade-off in low-light performance hence…it was really implemented as a marketing ploy…not of any “significant” benefit to all of us system owners. I certainly am not going to rush out purchase a camera with that sensor. I guess that is my point.

            • We’re all waiting for that new underlying sensor-tech that will radically change the performance, but wether or not you see a need for 20MP really depends on your output. It’s there in order to simply move forwards, but it has more advantages for some shooters than other.

      • Drew

        Agreed, the only new body I’m desiring at this time is an A-7 model of some sort… but then the lenses are not there yet and my E-M1 does fine… I’m using the E-M1 with three FT lenses (9-18,14-54, and 50-200) and finding very little reason to upgrade even the lenses although I do want that 7-14 PRO badly… maybe if it goes up refurbed for a decent price on black friday…but ugh idk I think I paid around $1000 for those three lenses used… tough justifying paying that for one lens

  • DouglasGottlieb

    For me, a sensor breakthrough would trump any and all of these.

    Fast primes sound interesting, but at the likely size and price, a second system might make more sense if DoF is your motivation. But of course, there are other good reasons for M43 versions. Light gathering and added DoF are also benefits. But I find myself craving a mirrorless FF system to sit alongside of my M43 and have almost all that I need in M43 in the EM1 and EP5. Everything but easy shallow DoF and extreme low light high DR situations are more than covered by M43.

    If only Panny would make an SL or Q…

    • Mr.Chainsaw

      Full frame mirrorless is there. A7x

      • DouglasGottlieb

        Yup. Probably a Sony in my future. But I have trust issues and UX concerns with them, so keep hoping for another option. If only I could afford an SL…

      • Yun

        Full Frame a7x don’t have Zuiko & Leica optics support .
        Mission cannot be accomplish .
        So still need m43 to go on .

        • Sqweezy

          But they have Sony G and Zeiss support. Some of the best glass out there according to independent third-party reviewers.

          • Mino

            Exactly. Only noob don’t know these names.

    • Yun

      ” Sensor breakthrough would trump any and all of these ”
      The same thing I want to say as well .
      A sensor with DR 14++ Evs & ISO 51200 capable is badly needed than anything listed
      as above .

      • DouglasGottlieb

        Organic! There. I said it. Imaginary or not. I want want it promises: amazing resolution AND amazing DR.

        Seems impossible.

        • Agachart Sukchouy

          Sony M4/3 BSI sensors had limit performance because Sony wont 4/3 sensor has same APS-C pixel quality.

          Only use Samsung BSI on M4/3 image sensor will match APS-C on term image quality.

  • Q

    Unfortunately unlike a E-PL7, a new Pen with EVF is going to be far too big and cost far too much.

    What are the Oly primes coming ?

  • Chris

    Facepalm! The GH5 will not have 8k, that’s just ridiculous – it’s just being rolled out in high end broadcast spec and for the most part still in development. 10-bit 4k would be far more likely and would make it a class leader again. Geez.

    • Altaic

      A broadcast spec that nobody broadcasts.

      • Chris

        Exactly. It may be in the GH8 in 2024. But the GH5 sometime in the coming months, gimme a break.

  • Bob B.

    I think there are a lot of exciting new products coming from Olympus and Panny which are making my head spin!….but I agree with Doug below…The one thing that we could use the most is a REAL improvement in the sensor dept. That would benefit all of us who own substantial systems. I am a stills guy…so the only shot on the horizon is the EM1 II…but I get the feeling that a major sensor improvement is not on the roadmap just yet…..hope I am incorrect! :-)

    • Maybe we can look forward to a Sony BSI sensor.

      • Agachart Sukchouy

        Samsung’s Advance BSI beat Sony’s BSI.

        • PanaX

          Panasonic should beg Samsung for new sensor, since their own sensor is worthless even in front of Sony BSI.

  • beerwish

    “Panasonic will launch a new GM7 4K camera”

    Is this FT5 that the GM7 will have 4K? Is there any info about a build in EVF?

    I’m almost sure to by this if it has 4K and an EVF. I’m looking for a small always on camera and I’m looking for small B-cam which has 4K. A GM5 with 4K would be perfect. Any other improvement is nice but I’m fine without.

  • bdale

    All the Leica branded lenses are excellent and I expect the 100-400mm to be the same. It should open up some interesting telephoto opportunities.

  • doomsterkent

    I really hope Olympus will release some of fast prime with weather seal very soon。。

  • Marc Ramirez

    Hoping for a refresh of 9 to 18, maybe weather sealed or a compact wide prime, even if it is slow.

    Also looking forward to em5ii firmware update and future improvements to video quality. Still capability already great.

  • tedlegrand

    This is my take of whishes from a point of view of an amateur that the most use I get from the camera is to take pictures of my kids growing up. I don’t make money out of photography, so low cost is important to me.

    Whishes for new pen or gm7:
    Keep smalest size possible, keep lowest price point possible!
    1. Make use of full iso in video. Iso3200 is very limiting for low light video even with a fast 1.4 1.2 lens.
    2. Add digital zooming in video. This would be very useful when using c-mount lenses that don’t cover the full sensor. I know that the 2x crop exist, but would be nice to vary it, even while recording would be also cool.
    3.Tlit scrren to be at kids level
    4. Flash that tilts. It it doesn’t tilt to bounce, don’t bother putting one.
    5.evf is good, but not essential

    New oly primes: keep cost under 300$ f1.8 , not slower. Something around 8-10mm

    • Q

      I hope they will still release a smallish Pen without EVF to keep size&cost to minimum

      • mike

        We have that in the E-PM2. Nearly as small as a GM but dreadful to use because it lacks an EVF.

    • Marc Ramirez

      Agree on 8 to 10, but that fast and you get a big lens.

  • GH4 has 4K so GH5 obviously will have 5K, that is, the current GX8 sensor. :D
    But now seriously, mon ami @admin.
    A 8K camera should have at least 31MP sensor – assuming you want true 8K, not just an interpolated trash. Do you seriously consider sensor technology would gain 50% increase in resolution in less than 1 year?!

    • beerwish

      A M43 Sensor needs about 44MP to cover 8K in 16:9. The density is slightly higher than in todays 1″ sensors with 20MP. I’m sure it is not that much of a problem to build a sensor like this. It even might be possible to get a 30 fps readout with the latest technology like Sony does in the RX10. The biggest problem would be to get this compressed and stored on the SD.

      A small build in SSD and a delayed transfer to the SD-card should be
      able to do the trick in 2016. A Real SSD can be much faster than

      Panasonic announced to have 8k until 2020, so it might be a bit early for the GH5.

      My guess is, that they are not going directly for 8K. There is time to sell a GH6 and put it finally into the GH7. Then we have faster computers, better screens and the post processing ready to make use of 8k.

      • Mk.82

        Yes, we can have all the processing power and all the displays. But we will not get any better quality out of the 8K as 4K neither does it in the most common viewing distances and screen sizes compared to Full HD.

        The only real benefit are two edge sword.
        1) Cropping posibility so no more zooming and trying to get the wanted field of view > laziness that ruins the quality
        2) Increased sharpness, not benefitical than already Full HD doesn’t benefit from it when downscaled from 4K if not pixel peeping eye on the display panel.

        • beerwish

          Just go and look at some of the “5d vs gh4” videos you can find all over the places.

          The typical test result is always: starting with 4k and downscale to FHD gives much better results than direct FHD.

          It is the same as with stills. Everybody takes the stills in maximum resolution. Downscaled to the resolution of the screen, most pictures are looking better than pictures with lower resolution.

    • Yun

      ” Sensor technology would gain 50% increase in resolution in less than 1 year ”
      Yes , it possible for Sony but not for Pana or Oly & definitely not Canon & Nikon as well .

      • jefrs

        There’s only two big players developing sensors, Sony and Panasonic.
        Considering the high-ISO capability of the E-M5ii vs the G7 (& GH4), Sony have to work a lot harder.

    • jefrs

      5K may well be the betamax of video recording, sounds good but there’s nothing consumer being made to display it on. 4K tellys are not being sold because no one is broadcasting it.

      8K may well be the future for cinema but then they’ll use cinema videocams; pro use, they won’t be consumer cams.

      Increasing resolution is easy but then the pixels get smaller, the noise goes up and the dynamic range comes down – less IQ not more.
      Think what these pics are displayed on, consumer HD computer screens – 2K.

  • Mk.82

    What a bunch of Olympus fanboys here! No wonder it goes badly for Panasonic when inferior products gets more votes!

    • Sid

      well panbois..if you are a still photographer…they are not inferior products…quite the contrary…
      and there is hope for you with the telephoto lenses as they are neck-in-neck, even if the panny is only f/6.3 at 400mm. :-(

      • Dash

        DXOMark suggests, for primes at least, Panasonic produce the better lenses.

        Not exact matches, but close enough people tend to pick or the other, Pany comes up top according to the numbers.

        Pan 42.5mm f1.7 (or f1.2) beats Oly 45mm f.18

        Pan 20mm f1.7 vs Oly 17mm f1.8
        Pan 7-14 f4 vs Oly 9-18 f4-5.6

        And so on. Things are changing now with Oly doing the Pro range, but that’s very new so doesn’t explain the brand-fanaticism around Olympus kit. I get the impression that Panasonic buyers don’t have any such hang-ups, they tend to prefer the ergonomics and UI of Panasonic cameras and then just get on with using whatever lens is most suitable for the job with little fuss.

        Personally, I’ve got a mix, but it tends to be lust after a Panasonic lens and make-do with the cheaper Olympus.

        The only cracker Olympus has is the 75mm f1.8.

        • Seems like too big a generalization to me. The 45 Oly was obviously priced to be a value lens (although it is sharp for what it is). Yes, the 17 Oly was slightly disappointing (the 15 Panny looks more interesting)… But, like you said the 75 Oly is a thing of beauty. And, how about going back to 4/3… The Oly 50 2.0 was magic. I think they take turns besting ea. other, maybe by design. But to say one is better than the other… There are too many exceptions…

        • Orange

          Yes! Am sooo glad to have got the pan 42.5 after having the Oly 45. The Pan is just gorgeous in comparison.

        • Sid

          OH…I have a mix too, I think Panny makes GREAT Lenses…(I have the 15mm f/1.7, 14mm f.2.5, 42.5mm f/1.2 Nocti, the 45mm macro, 8mm fisheye, 25mm f/1.4). The Panny primes were one of the things I voted for up above….but I think with the particular selection above you will find more bias…I personally already own Oly 40-150 f//2.8 and the Oly 300 f/4 is a no brainer for me…and even with the1.4x attached we are talking f/5.6. I just can’t see getting a zoom for that price that is f/6.3 at the long end. That is not a choice I will make..but I think it will be a very good lens.

        • Des

          They are referring to the future products in the list. You brought up existing primes. Don’t make sense.

          You compare Panasonic best UWA zoom to 9-18mm why? Olympus’s best UWA zoom is 7-14mm f2.8, which humiliates Pana’s easily. The second you don’t make sense.

          Olympus has longer history than M4/3. Look up 4/3 lens then you know where the fanaticism starts. E-m5 helps too.

          I gotta give Panasonic credit for attracting stupid fanboys so easily…

    • Altaic

      Calls people fanboys and offers no useful input. You’re projecting, bro.

    • Des

      Haha. I believe the votes are a reflection of Olympus potential most photographers look forward to. that doesn’t mean they don’t like panasonic current products. Thanks god stupid panabois are too few to spoil the vote result.

  • Boston C

    Doubt the Olympus release schedule as predicted here.
    If the new PEN comes w EVF w/o a new sensor, it’d be of little interest to potential buyers who know GM7 will have it. So the new PEN has to have a new sensor. But introducing the new sensor on a PEN instead of its flagship product is not the (typical) way Oly does things

    • The Real Stig

      That is like saying no one would be interested in buying a GM5 if it didn’t have a newer sensor than the GH4.

      • Boston C

        GM5 and GH4 are not competitive. But the future PEN and GM5, GM7 will be.

  • Tron

    GH5 based on 20Mp sensor
    5K 24/30P 4:2:0 8 bit
    2160P 24/30/60P 4:2:2 10 bit (scaled to full sensor width in camera)
    2.5K 120P 4:2:0 8 bit (crop mode)
    1080P 240P 4:2:0 8 bit (scaled to full sensor width in camera)
    V-Log w/ 13 stops DR
    20 FPS Raw Stills

    • Eno

      I bet they will use a different sensor is they want to launch the camera next year.

      • Yun

        Check Pana’s track record which camera always have latest developed sensor .
        GH5 definitely will use the same sensor as the GX8 & of course with latest video
        tech , maybe 5K if you are lucky .

        • Eno

          There was 6 months difference between GX7 and GH4. If Gh5 will be announced next autumn, the difference will be more than 14 months from GX8 to GH5. I think Panasonic needs the extra time to make a significant improvement in image quality. The same thing is valid about the Olympus EM1 mk2 (or whatever the name).

          Anyway, we shall wait and see. :)

        • Agachart Sukchouy

          GH4 used new develop from gx7 sensor and improve on fast readout.
          GH5 might develop from gx8 or new kind omage sensor.

          GH series always used new image sensor,no reused,no recycle.
          i think you know!

          • Yun

            ” GH series always used new image sensor,no reused,no recycle ”
            Sounds impressive
            But does this so called new sensor make a different / impact in imaging segment compare with it’s first kind ?
            More DR & Higher ISO performance ?
            I think you know better .

            • Agachart Sukchouy

              ha ha ha,compare exmor-bsi to exmor-stack what is different?
              Can you call new sensor (exmor-rs stack layer)?
              DR & ISO had no significant different.
              But they put DRAM for very high framerate,That is one thing different.

        • Altaic

          Check their track record? They released cameras with old sensors over and over way past the EM5 release. Olympus updates one entry level and retains the 16mp, everyone goes crazy. lol

          • Agachart Sukchouy

            and now Olympus with Old Sensor (2011).

  • Thinkinginpictures

    I’ve given it some thought. I don’t want a PEN with a built in EVF. Plenty of options out there so why bother with that OLYMPUS. Why not give us a rangefinder style camera like an XPRO1 but SMALLER.

    You can do it Olympus. You can do it!

    If not I’ll take a Contax T2 type camera. Why not? I want a M43 sensor in it- high quality exterior and all the bells and wistles…retractable 17mm 1.8 and optical viewfinder.

    • The Real Stig

      What’s the difference?

    • beerwish

      I used the Contax T2 for a couple of years (and still have it). It is a great camera but I never liked the optical viewfinder. This is absolutely no competition for an EVF. There was nothing else at it’s time.

    • BdV

      Something like, let’s say an Olympus 35 sp, I hope they will make that fixed lens rumor come true, though I seriously doubt the optical VF. But I also hope they make the other new Pen with EVF rumor come true. So actually I’m hoping these are two different rumors, that some day turn out to be not just rumors.

  • CN

    Most interested in how m43 systems evolve C-AF and AF tracking for sports. I hope the E-M1ii is a breakthrough. IQ is probably going to be similar to the current cameras, like the GX8 is.

    • Agachart Sukchouy

      M4/3 sensors had no Phase-point on sensor except E-M1.
      Look forward,many m4/3 cameras must use same type Auto Focus because they shared all lens.

      i found Solid-State Auto Focus develop by LensVector, Can it adapt to Contrast-Detect focus?

    • jefrs

      The DFD tracking (sports and wildlife) on the G7 is extremely good through bursts and 4K Photo, possibly better than the GH4. The AF speed during video is deliberately slower to provide smooth transition. This is CDAF.
      The PDAF subset on the E-M1 is only to allow it to better use old 4/3 lenses on 4/3-m4/3 adaptor. DFD does it just as well if not better. All m4/3 cameras can use 4/3 lenses, it’s just that the old tech lenses are clunky and slow to focus. PDAF was only added to the E-M1 to assist focussing of old 4/3 lenses, technology has moved on; 4/3 lenses are so slow moving that they’re hopeless at tracking.
      It is the camera that determines the focus point not the lens. With a Metabones adaptor even a Canon lens can be made to AF. It’s the camera that drives the lens.

      • CN

        Yes, the camera drives the lens focusing. That’s precisely why I am interested in how pana and oly improve focus speed. Highly doubt PDAF is part of that, I agree.

  • Andrew

    I wonder if it is physically possible for humans to see the difference between 4k and 8k from a full screen viewing distance.

    • Mark Lavrijsen

      Of course it is. But viewing distance or the size of the screen also has to change(and it will). That’s how it’s always has been, same discussion as from SD to HD.

      • Andrew

        SD, seriously! Have you ever compared 2k to 4k side by side at 30 frames per second from a comfortable whole sceen viewing distance? I’d like to know the real time framerate/resolution capacity of the human eye and by just how much it can exceed 4k, if at all.

        • Mark Lavrijsen

          Like I said…There is no comfortable fixed viewing distance. The viewing distance for SD is different from that HD and UHD. With UHD you have to have a bigger screen OR sit closer to the screen. Nothing uncomfortable about that. Maybe it’s not very practical to you, but that’s something else.

          • Andrew

            ok consider this. If you watch your 80 inch HD television from 4 metres to get the same ‘per pixel’ angle of view on an 8k screen you will have to watch it from 1/2 metre. That is closer than my laptop screen…

          • Marcel Samson

            That’s all fun and games, but in real life it’s a bit different. Houses and living rooms don’t change that much, so the viewing distances will stay very similar. So the only reason to keep that difference in resolution relevant, is to increase the size of the screens. And there will be a practical limit to that, I think. Not many people want a 80 inch black hole in the middle of their living room. Hell, 60 inch is too much for a lot of people already. And I don’t see them moving their couch to the middle of the room to sit 50 cm from their TV…

            So yes, theoretically it might be able to see the difference, practically it will not really matter, I think.

    • Eno

      On bigger screens the difference is quite clear, but 8K would also benefit the 4K world by bringing a much nicer image: more detail, more color and finer gradations, software stabilization, zoom, crop etc.

  • Dec

    I’ll keep repeating myself… A lightweight+small (=travel-focused) UWA prime is still sorely missed :(.

    • What is wrong with the Olympus 9-18, in your view? That’s my favorite lens.

      • M. Sauvage

        Too slow for most of the jobs. Still I love my 9-18mm for what it is, a tripod lens for landscape and architecture.

    • Sebastian

      Agree. 9/2.8 or so.

  • Steve H

    I want the GH5 to be 5K capable (the new GX8 sensor is good for this) and IBIS. Those are the big advances that they should be easily capable of implementing, that I’d like to see. They have the 20 MP sensor and the GX8 has IBIS, so this is really nothing revolutionary at all.

    My wish list would be a RAW video recording mode. That’d be amazing. Barring that, 4:2:2 10-bit internal would also be great. But I’m not sure SD cards can handle either of these. Maybe they can send RAW out the HDMI port to a monitor/recorder?

    I’d liek to see better (more easily seen on the screen, like the EM5M2) focus peaking
    Would also prefer a larger HDMI cable connector than the GH4’s which is kind of wimpy. The GH3’s HDMI connection is much more stable.

    If the GH5 brings these things, I’ll buy it on Day 1.

    As for the OMD-EM1M2, unless it includes good 4K video recording, I’ll likely wait on it. But eventually get it if they perfect the high megapixel sensor shift in handheld mode. That’d be fantastic for photography.

    • Narretz

      I think full sensor readout for 4k (no crop) is something Panasonic could go for.

      • Agachart Sukchouy

        4K crop and DCI(4096) still smaller than full sensor readout.

        please back to 16mp resolution and new 20mp resolution ,focus on wide aspect the new 20mp very good for 5K downscale and 5K photo.

  • Sean Murphy

    I want that 100-400mm lens, I am working on getting a good range of lenses from 7mm to 300mm right now. I may hold off on the super telephoto lenses until Panasonic gets the 100-400mm out though.

  • DaveEP

    As an owner of both EM1 and GH4 I can say I’m looking forward to both EM1 mkII and GH5 for different reasons, though if the EM1 mkII has 4K then the reasons to look at the GH5 would need to be very compelling and include IBIS.

    I use them for different things, for photos i’ll typically pick up the EM1 and for video I’ll pick up the GH4.

    Fast primes from both camps will be interesting. Typically I don’t need longer than the 35-100 or 40-150, so the longer lenses are of less interest to me.

    • Agachart Sukchouy

      GH no need IBIS that is true!
      i want new GH intent on Still Photo(much improve sensor),video crop factor & continue-video focus.These are weakness of GH4.

      • John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmid

        If you can’t take great stills already w/the current GH4, it’s not the camera that’s the problem……

  • Milt

    Am not a video guy or a zoom one, so I am looking forward to the GM7 and Panasonic fast primes. The present PL ones are very good indeed, so am not sure what is coming down the pipe.

  • Altaic

    Sharp’s 8k TV was released last week and street price is about 16 million yen (over 130k USD). No thanks…

    • beerwish

      On the long run, there is nothing which makes it more expensive to produce an 60″ 8k TV compared to a 60″ 4k or FHD. Resolution is like storage capacity. You only need to learn to produce smaller structures and faster electronics. This is an ongoing process and the only thing that is not moving fast enough is content – people like us not jumping on the fast train to find out what is behind the next horizon.

      • Altaic

        In the long run, there is something that makes it more expensive.. It’s called new tooling. Why would the Tv makers shoot themselves in the foot by shortening the life of their 4k fabrication they already invested heavily in.

        • beerwish

          Almost nobody will buy an 8k TV at this price point. This is just a PR-stunt to claim a first spot. Today 4k is in an early stage and FHD is standard. This will change. In the near future, it will be hard to sell expensive high end FHD-TVs. 4k is going to drop into the normal price range until 2020 and then we will see the first 8k TVs in normal living rooms.
          I’m sure the 2020 Olympic games will be broad-casted on the first 8k-TV channels in Japan.

          It’s just like HD-TV some years ago. In the first place HD-ready or 720p was OK for most people and there was a discussion about FHD and if a high resolution like that is needed. It was also a question how big a TV-Screen should be and how close you should be placed.

          The biggest problem with higher resolution is the content. This refers to us because we produce content. 4k and 8k is a new way to present pictures and videos. People will sit closer to the TV, Monitors or they use 3D-Headsets and it will be possible to make use of a much wider angle of view. This allows to create new ways to look at things and makes it harder to just go on with the way pictures are created now.

          • BdV

            Makes me wonder how cool it would be to get me an old b&w tv from the sixties ;-)

  • Liam Crawford

    Has there been any hints as to what kind of f stop or focal range these rumoured fast primes are going to be? I think if they made “pro” versions of all their existing prime focal lengths @ f 0.95 they’d sell like weather sealed hot cakes! I only have the 75 because it’s so good but my 12-40 covers the other primes with a slight loss of speed. I’ve heard the 12 f2 and 17 1.8 aren’t that stellar anyhow. A better mtf and f 0.95 with all the benefits from the pro line would definitely be hard to resist.

    • Patrick McKenna

      I’m not sure where I heard the rumor but it was for some f1 Olympus primes. I couldn’t agree with you more. If they made weather sealed pro primes with af at f1 that rendered like a voigtlander, they would immediately be at the top of my wish list. The sealing on the 12-40 pro, the 75’s sharpness, and the way the voigtlanders render an image make them my favorite lenses. If they combined the best aspects of those in a trio of primes I’d be a poor man.

  • Eric_S

    I’m waiting for the Olympus E-M1II so that, I can by a cheap second-hand E-M1 :-p

  • The Count

    I’ve been quite happy leaving my Nikon DSLR behind for the last few years using the E-M1 and E-M5. However, one aspect where Olympus and Panasonic are still woefully behind Nikon and Canon is in autofocus performance and telephoto lens offerings. So I for one will welcome a new E-M1 with hopefully much improved autofocus and the 300 mm f4. The current offerings really have a difficult time with things I like to capture like flying birds and sports/fast action. I already own the 1.4TC and the Olympus 40-150 f2.8, so the new Panasonic 100-400 doesn’t mean that much to me. The 300 f4 I hope may finally make me forget my good old Nikon D300 and long lenses.

    • John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmid

      That’s odd. I’ve used a number of Canons and Nikons,and the GH4 absolutely smokes most of them in AF speed, especially in low light.

      • The Count

        Hi John. I’m referring to dynamic objects like flying birds and sporting events. You’re absolutely right when it comes to AF of static objects. The E-M1 is just blazingly fast in that regard and I’m sure the GH4 is as well. But in trying to capture a moving bird or anything that moves quickly or erratically and the AF in my hands at least is quite inferior to my much older D300.

        • John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmid


          I see what you mean now. Thanks for clearing that up. Yep, for things like BIF, M43 still leaves much to be desired.

          • The Count

            Well I’m hoping that that changes as I really enjoy using these smaller lenses and tripods. I will say that after a disappointing experience with the 40-150 and 1.4TC shooting some sharp shinned hawks (pretty small and fast!) I ordered the Olympus EE-1 dot sight and got somewhat better results the next time around but on bigger birds (gulls and bald eagles). I’d like to think it was the dot sight and not the different subjects! :-)

            • M. Sauvage

              I have to do a lot of sports photography (mainly Ice Hockey here in Canada) as a pro, and I can certify you can use the e-m1 + 40-150 F/2.8 to do it, but honestly for crucial work I still rely on my beaten but trusted D7000

  • T N Args

    The IS switch on the Oly 300/4 mockup could be no more than a simple way to turn off IBIS for use on a tripod.

  • krisak

    Why doesn’t the m43 system have a low-resolution sensor? Say, 12MP, that’s prioritized for high-ISO performance and DR?

    With so many nice, cheap lenses available, it’s a shame there’s no low-light specialty body.

    • M. Sauvage

      That would be a very good idea, something low light and video centric just like Sony do with the A7s

    • gorilla

      I have the Panasonic GF2 which is 12MP…it’s quite horrible in low light

  • CinderedMonkey

    Why so few want to see Panasonic prime lenses? It’s as if only Olympus lenses matter. Makes no sense. Personally, more lenses from any manufacturer the better. Specially since some of the best m43 lenses comes from non Olympus manufacturers (such as Panasonic).

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