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Robin Wong: Why Micro Four Thirds Is The Future, Not Full Frame?


Robin Wong writes:

Micro Four Thirds was the best selling system format in Japan for 2020, yet some “photography YouTubers” claimed doom and gloom, saying Micro Four Thirds is dead, and full frame will be taking over. I disagree. I think Micro Four Thirds is the best balanced system format moving forward, being truly small and compact in size and delivering high quality images. Also, camera sales (regardless of brands and formats) have been drastically declining over the years. It is not difficult to predict that the camera making business will not be sustainable, and the only way to move forward and survive this, is for the camera manufacturers to co-exist with smartphones to continue to drive sales to the industry. In order to evolve to work alongside smartphones, Micro Four Thirds makes more sense and I believe this is the future of photography, not full frame format.

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