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Robin Wong: Why Is Olympus JPEG Superior?


Robin Wong:

There are some secret sauce in Olympus JPEG in camera processing, many reviewers including large sites like DPReview has praised Olympus since many years ago for getting the JPEG right, and even went as far as claiming other manufacturers can learn a thing or two from Olympus. I share some of the interesting facts about Olympus JPEG, featuring Fine Detail Processing to achieve greater image sharpness and mitigate Moire problems, adaptive sharpening algorithm based on lens attached, sharpness loss compensation for diffraction and many more innovative JPEG goodness that squeezes the best out of your Olympus cameras. I also share some tips on how to optimize Olympus JPEG files. Even if you are a RAW shooter, you may want to pay attention because JPEG in camera can affect your photography workflow too, even if you shoot purely RAW.
0:42 – How understanding camera JPEG can improve RAW shooting?
1:53 – When and why shoot JPEG?
2:43 – Why is Olympus JPEG Superior?
7:01 – Optimize Olympus JPEG

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