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Robin Wong: Should You Buy Olympus Now? Olympus JIP Transfer What We Know So Far


Robin Wong:

I have been receiving quite a lot of questions lately about whether to buy an Olympus camera or not, following the announcement of Olympus being sold to JIP, and exiting the camera business. I share your frustration, but taking a look deeper I think there is very little to be concerned about. Olympus is still operating as usual until the end of the year, and as JIP takes over, the global business will continue on, with full consumer and product support, that much I know. JIP and Olympus have made several announcements, and we know that the brand Olympus will be maintained, and the recently announced updated lens roadmap will also be fulfilled. Of course, I cannot speak for you, but the reason I bought and use Olympus OM-D system extensively was because it works for me and my photography, and that is not going to change. I can’t predict the future, no one can, but more news will come to light in the beginning of October when the agreement from both parties are firmed up.

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