Reworked lenses by jieying (Canon 77mm f/1.0 with m43 mount)


There is a guy named “jieying” that reworks the mount of all kind of lenses so that they can fit on our m43 cameas without the need of any adapter. The advantage is that you don’t need to buy and carry adapters with you, the disadvantage is that you have to pay a bit more for the lens (of course). I was curious to see what he is currently “offering” and here is the list:
Canon 77mm f/1.0 lens (Click here to see it on eBay) Canon 50mm f/0.95 lens (Click here to see it on eBay) Kowa 55mm f/1.0 lens (Click here to see it on eBay) Color-Lanthar 50mm f/2.8 lens (Click here to see it on eBay) Rodenstock Heligon 50mm f/2.0 lens (Click here to see it on eBay) Kodak Singet 35 Ektar 44mm f/3.5 lens (Click here to see it on eBay) Rodenstock Heligon 50mm f/2.0 lens (Click here to see it on eBay) Schneider Xenon 50mm f/2.0 lens (Click here to see it on eBay) Kodak Ektar 50mm f/3.5 lens (Click here to see it on eBay) Schneider Xenon 50mm f/2.0 lens (Click here to see it on eBay)

These are all reworked lenses! Probably the Canon 77mm f/1.0 lens is most intriguing option (at least for me).

  • Anonymous

    I’m curious about the optic quality , are they sharp @ wide open ? Has anybody ever try it before / sample image,..?

  • Note that the link you provided for the Canon 50mm f/0.95 lens is actually only the adapter. It mentions it in the eBay description.

    I was a bit shocked when I thought I could have a manual focus 50mm f/0.95 lens for $199! The lens is apparently around $3000…

    • Leu

      No it isn’t. no way is that lens 3000$. 200$ is already steep.

      • you cant get that lens for 200 but 3000 is indeed over the top, i do see them now and then for around 2000 at ebay

      • Leu

        nevermind you are totally right and i feel like an ass :(

  • Bruce Hatfield

    Why on earth would you rip the Schneider f2 lens off of a Kodak Retina to convert it to m 4/3. Or the lens off the Signet for that matter. I am somewhat of a collector of film cameras and I own both of these. These are both iconic Kodaks, especially the Retina IIa.

    • Pei

      The name Kodak isn’t worth much now.

      Joking aside. People want to use their old lens on new camera. It is either adapter or if you have more cash, custom fitting. If course if the owner moved to another system, they have the cash to convert mount again. It is a bit like using new parts to repair a vintage car I guess.

      • :( Low blow. I’d rather have the lens on the old camera. Kodak glass isn’t renowned, but looks great for collecting.

  • jazzcrab

    I am wondering why most lenses are 50mm, especially since the excellent Oly 45mm is quite inexpensive, fast, and auto-focusing…

    • JimD

      Auto focusing, mounted on what? If its converted it probably won’t auto focus on anything any more including an OM. Auto focus is not a compelling lens factor to purchase any non 43 m43 lens for an olly or pany or off brand matching for any body.

      • BLI

        jazzcrab is probably referring to the 45/1.8 native m43 lens.

        • Gabi

          Exactly. Thanks! (PS: I am jazzcrab on a different computer… ;-))

  • wolcen

    from the perspective of not carrying an adapter with you, its not an issue as my adapter for my old olympus and canons. the adapter stays on the lense. once attached i consider lense and adapter as one.

    • Woodent

      some of the lenses here are not detachable from the original cameras without a) destroying the camera and b) some skill and konwledge. Here they are offered as a unique, ready-to-use pacakage. Excellent idea!

    • there are quite some noname adapters with too much looseness/movement…i would love to get my nokton 50mm a direct mount to m43 too, otherwise i need to get an expensive voigtlander or novoflex adapter instead of the two lousy ones i have now(metabones and a noname)

      • JimD

        Give the guy a call he might have the solution.

  • Cteve

    nice pocket lens,

    • JimD

      No, its a hand bag lens, fits alongside the kitchen sink and the other 1 million and 1 items. However this one would defy tradition and be usable by the male populace as well.

  • Leu

    Instead of carrying an adapter you carry a huge lens :P
    He should only be making lenses with smaller focal lengths, 50mm is already covered and it doesn’t even look as good as 45mm on m34. I would buy one just because I don’t like the looseness of adapters. Maybe I should just buy a nicer adapter.

  • C. Algor

    I thought, the main strength of m43 was the small size. If one has to carry huge lenses, why not use DSRL?

    • i prefer to call it’s main strength being able to choose between compact setup or anything larger then that; this is a choice you don’t have with a dslr which always will be large.

      • C. Algor

        That’s right.

      • Mr. Reeee

        EXACTLY! A key strength for the M4/3 system is flexibility in choice of lenses!!!

        I can go out with a few small native pancakes and adapted rangefinder primes, or an adapted long telephoto, or big adapted macro lenses, or a couple of native zooms.

        Or a combo of the above.

        Some people simply lack imagination.

  • jim

    Problem with pre converted lens is that you are now stuck with m43 mount…

    If you kept it canon and had a £10 adaptor you can then use the lens on both systems and also if there is a future system you want to try it on, you will be able to buy another adaptor and use it on that!
    Adaptors are not a hassle or problem… don’t see the advantage?

    A Tip:
    Get a canon EOS to m4/3 adaptor, then get an EOS to OM or F-mount etc. adaptor ring…

    This way you only have 1 big bulky adaptor and just a few step rings, rather than 3 or more big bulky adaptors! and it costs less!

    • Mr. Reeee

      I wonder how the Adaptor Man deals with the (pardon my lack of jargon) different distances between lens and film plane? Sticking a metal tube on it? If that were the case, as you say, I’d prefer a more universal and flexible mount so you’re not stuck with only a M4/3 compatibility. Me, I’d go for a Nikon mount.

  • Bidou

    What a waste of glass… Why adapting full frame lenses when there are load of tinier and more m43 adapted lenses like pen f/c mount / Pentax auto 110 ? Having a 144 f1 equiv Is supposed to be interesting ? HEY LOOK AT MY BIG FAT LENSE

  • Bobby

    If it is sharp or not depends on the type of lens. I have several of those XR-Heligons or Canons(formerly used to take pictures from a fluorescent screen) and they are soft like hell. Nevertheless you can get very nice results and the pictures look very special due to the softness. Normally you do not have an aperture when you just glue or tape (as I do) an adapter to the lens.

    Here are some examples from others:

    Here an example with aperture:

    Here a DOF test:

    • avds

      Fantastic shots, Bobby!

  • Catalin

    I just want an E-PM2 with the OM-D sensor and image quality !

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