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Reminder: Two Four Thirds cameras prototype specs (maybe a hint for an innovative new viewfinder)


Over one year ago a top source sent me the info about two Four Thirds camera prototypes. It may be useful to repost it to discuss what of the mentioned features could be implemented in the future E-7. I doubt both prototypes cameras will ever get on market:

1) The E-P3 prototype (fake name) has a new 15 Megapixel sensor produced by Panasonic. It has a new focus-system with 19 points in continuous mode and 11 points in single mode. The eight new points are just assisting and cannot be selected manually. The new autofocus is very good, but not as good as the professional Nikon or Canon cameras. It has 8fps (frames per second). The viewfinder is the same us the [shoplink 15032]E-3[/shoplink] but it has a kind of “translucent overlay”. That makes it possible to see the histogramm, gridlines and the digital level. The Design of the camera is an evolution of the E-30 design. There is also a new HDvideo mode.

2) But there is also a second FourThirds prototype that he is testing. The name is E-P330 (again a FAKE name). It is be very similar to the current E-330. It has a similar technology to the Sony A33/55, but it does not have a translucent mirror, it has some kind of liquid chrystal mirror. The advantage is that you have no light loss when you take the real picture. The mirror can electronically change between 50% translucent and 100%. When you don’t take pictures it uses 50% of the light for the AF-system and 50% for the sensor. When you take the picture it uses the full 100% alight source. The disadvantage is that it is not as fast as the Sony technology and you do not have any AF if the mirror is at 100%. The prototype iuses the same E-620 AF-system. The viewfinder is integrated in the body and has the same specs as the VF2 for MicroFourThirds. The LCD can be tilted and it uses the same [shoplinkshoplink] sensor. It takes movies with 720p. You can use an external microphone. [shoplink 14826]Panasonic GH1[/shoplink]”


That second model sounds particularly intriguing. Early this year Olympus chiefs unveiled that one of the key technologies they are working on is the Viewfinder.

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