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(UPDATED) rebuilding the website from scratch


We discovered many little issues in our database. That’s why we are going to reinstall everything and add piece for piece our old content. We slept 3 hours only tonight :(

In some way we are all happy we have to do it. It will be a nice feeling to have a working fast website with fixed database and layout problems. Don’t get scared if you see strange things on this website!

Thanks again for your patience.

UPDATE: You know. This hosting transfer things never work as they should! ;) We have some problems with URL rewritingmodule (internal links to 43rumors do not work). We have to sleep 3-4 hours because frankly we are beginning to fall asleep in front of our computers. We will reinstall database and website at 16GMT (London time). We hope to fix the problem until Saturday morning (London time).

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