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Real images of the 12-35mm and 35-100mm fast X zooms.


The image on top (Click on it to view the full size) shows the first real 12-35mm and 35-100mm samples (Source: Both X lenses will come within the first half of 2012. All we know now is that they are fast. Our reader “Monodrift” (Thanks!) made a 14-45mm versus 12-35mm size comparison. You can click on it to see the full size image:

As you see the 12-35mm is not a lot bigger. But I do hope it is a lot faster anyway!

  • any asian can translate the label?
    I’m surprized about that very early leak.
    Must be a reaction to the Sony-anouncement.

    • Leiya

      I’m part Japanese (though my Japanese isn’t really that good). It only says “large aperture standard zoom lens” on the left label, and “large aperture telephoto zoom lens” on the right. The little words inside the red square should translate directly as “reference products”, but I guess it means “prototypes” in Japanese. The setting looks very official to me. Doesn’t look like a leak at all. It’s just like those exhibits at a show like Photokina or something. But since Panasonic hasn’t actually announced them, even as “prototypes”, I’m guessing 50% chance it’s fake (as these 2 lenses are too good to be true). >_<

      • nobody

        AFAIK, these prototypes as well as the powerpoint image were shown by Panasonic themselves, isn’t it?

  • Mr. Reeee

    The 12-35mm looks about the same size as the 14-140mm, if a bit shorter. If it’s internal focussing, PLEASE, then not too bad.

    • To me it looks halfway from 14-140 to 14-42, amazing size for such lens – i’m even not sad that its not 12-50

  • I think if the 12-35 is constant aperture 2.8 or faster, Panny’s M43 system could start getting some serious recognition. In the full frame world that’s a 24-70, a reputable focal length. These two lenses (if fast with constant aperture) would be stellar for video. They might even improve stills, too.

    • Bob B.

      This is impressive!
      and…Yeah…all we need is a new vastly improved sensor…I can just feel it coming on the GF7!!!!!!

      • Narretz

        I wouldn’t hold my breath … but I hope so, too.

        • Bob B.

          The new sensor HAS to happen for Panasonic to be able to compete with the competition…no doubt.

      • Nick Clark

        I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a massive step-forward with the Panasonic sensor. Don’t forget that it wasn’t that long ago when Sony made terrible sensors…

  • FotoDude

    I am not Japanese but the first 2 Kanji characters look like Chinese characters. The first looks exactly like Chinese “Da” means “large.” The second character looks like “Kou” meaning “door” or “opening” or in photographic term: “aperture.” F2.0 is possible, F2.8 is more likely. I just hope it is constant aperture not F2.5-F3.3 as people predicted a while back.

  • nobody

    Based on this size comparison, these lenses should have a filter thread of 58mm or at most 62mm.

    And going by the diameter of the glass inside the 35-100mm lens, it cannot be faster than f2.8 at the long end. Of course, it could be faster at the short end.

    I would have preferd a fast 14-45 + 45-150 combo, but so be it. These lenses will lift m43 to a new level, no doubt.

    • Peter

      I hope it’s 62mm since I already got a nice B+W polarizer for my 14-140mm :-)

  • alexander

    14.42 is a revolution & on the right path! rest is techically well but too big. the same old story: small cameras & big lenses (especially from sony). this is still the chance for nikon!
    I would like to have something (with zoom) for my jacket pocket.
    right now I use a Nikon p700 (inkl. a small stativ…).

    • > the same old story: small cameras & big lenses

      Panny has the AG-AF users in mind too.

    • you expect the m43 to consist of extreme small lenses only? right now there are enough compact native lenses, just keep dreaming about microsize fast zooms :-)

      • Leiya

        Yes, I agree. I think the M4/3 cameras are targeted at 2 very different groups of people. One is the “step up from compacts” crowd, the other is the “connoisseurs”. The “step up” crowd only want small and zooms, which is technically impossible. The “connoisseurs”, or “serious photographs”, want excellent picture quality, relatively small body (no need for Sony-small as they’re too hard to handle; we’ve got human-sized hands, you know, Sony?) and good PRIME lenses. So, to me, as great as these two prototype lenses seem, these “pro” but not prime lenses are a bit neither-here-nor-there to me.

    • Peter

      Actually, size-wise it is perfect for the GH series I think. Just as the new pancake 14-42mm is a good match for the GF but “overkill in smallness” for the GH.

  • Those are some pretty lenses. Really look like high end. The new auto zoom seems really cool, especially how it auto retracts with power, but build quality doesn’t look like it compares to these.

  • kokotis

    admin, can you say anything about the upcoming oly lenses?

  • Mungozan

    Certainly faster than kit lenses, let´s hope there is OIS as well.

  • Mar

    Seem slower than 2.8, possibly 2.8-3.5

    • napalm

      i have that feeling too. for that size, f2 might not be possible, unless they made a breakthrough

    • Agent00soul

      2.5-3.3 seems very likely

      • So where are those smartass remarks about “natural lowlight superiority of full frame” that therefore this is just a 5.6-6.3/24-70 …?

        • nobody

          Alright, let me be the smartass then. There is no doubt that full format is the king of low light. What is your problem with that?

          • Absolutely none. But you did not confuse FoV & DoF equivalence with shutter speed, image quality and optic design, so your answer doesn’t quite qualify ;)

        • Humbalut

          you just made the point….

          i prefer my 85mm 1.2 on FF.
          and i don´t even think about the price for the 85mm f1.2 …. but for these m43 lenses.. no way…

    • jim

      kit f3.5 to 2.8 is only 3/4 of a stop better… not worth xxx$$$££££ extra… wait untill next sensor and gain a stop that way… on all your lenses… DOF be damed! these need to b f2!

  • Karli

    Looks like they are made of metal! :-)

  • ton

    I have a feeling that every 4/3 Zuiko SHG will be brought to life in m43 by panasonic. While olympus is engineering new lens design from the scartch like the 12mm f2.

    • Frederick Hew

      The m43 versions are different optically – these are not the same designs despite having similar specs.

  • io

    Large aperture standard zoom lens

  • napalm

    this is Pany’s way of saying, WE HAVE THE LENSES, B**CH!

    • Nick Clark

      Indeed :)

  • EC 2

    On the 35-100 photo on DCWatch, you can read: Power OIS – ASPH – 35-100 – VARIO. Aperture shoud be at least a constant F2,8. F2 would be better: at the same FOV, the same F value and the same focal, shooting with a m43 vs. a full-frame results in more shallow DOF (bacause to obtain the same FF FOV with m43 at a given focal lenght you need to be more distant from the subject) so the only way to get a narrower DOF would be to have a bigger F value, like 2. I hope to see power zoom/focus linked directly to the focus/zoom rings and the prices to be fair, in the 900-1.000USD/Euro range (Nikon 24-70/2.8 or 14-24/2.8 for example are about in that price range).

    • EC 2

      same “equivalent focal”. ;)

      • amateur

        what is FF FOV please? you mean to obtain shallower DOF? Like more appearant boken?

        I was 100% sure Samsung NX200 is my next camera, but with all these lens announcements their NX lineup doesn’t look so stellar anymore (although I’m interested in new developed sensor)

        I just wonder how this lenses will work with PM1/PL3 as I need stereo mic for video (what good is a video without a sound/mono-weak-sound)

        • EC 2

          Full Frame (36x24mm) Field Of View. Exactly.
          As for Samsung or SONY (APS-C mirrorless cameras), I think that this Panasonic move should sound like a wake-up for SONY. I would love to see smaller lenses onto the NEX bodies.

        • Nick Clark

          Samsung still has a pretty sexy lens road-map for NX – re: 85/f1.4 :)

    • At f2 would be similar FOV to APS-C-f2.8, for FF it’ll have to be f1.4

      • EC 2

        Mine was merely an example. Anyway I don’t think we’ll see F1.4 constant aperture zoom… ok, I’m dreaming.

  • Abi

    sorry to rain the parade, but at the size of that mockup, it must be constant f2.8 or smaller, but NO constant f2, because physically that will bring the lens to zuiko SHG size.

    But yeah, this IS Panasonic’s answer to NEX announcement, LOL.

    • nobody

      No constant f2, for sure, but they could both be f2-2.8. Either that or constant f2.8 would be my guess.

    • AirShaker

      A constant f2.8 seems more probable for sure. On the other hand, who would have thought the pancake 14-42 zoom possible 2 or 3 days ago? CA and distortion where corrected optically on SHG lens and the longer mount to sensor distance doesn’t help to reduce size for the wide part of the zoom (OK OIS does not help either).

      • Boooo!

        It’s only a pancake when it’s not in use. When you turn on the camera, the lens extends to regular 14-42 size.

        • ha

          No totally sure but seems like all X line zooms are zooming internally. If size is constant on 13-35 and 35-100 there’s no issue with pull in of dust. Old zoom series extended while switching to the long end and always pumped in (dusty) air.

  • Actually, they are quite big. Something like 43 lenses.

  • svem

    A 14-140mm f2.8 with powerzoom, OIS, fast AF would be amazing. Even if it was the same size as the current 14-140mm that would be fine i think.

    • nobody

      You want a four times as fast zoom with the same size? Maybe the same price also?

      • Mr. Reeee

        Nah, just a straight-up, 1 for 1 trade-in program?
        They should start one for 14-42mm lenses, too! ;-)

  • Miroslav

    I now see from the article that 12-35 is “bright wide angle” and 35-100 “bright zoom”. No fast wide prime from Panasonic in the near future :(. If 12-35 starts at F2, then I’ll take it rather than Olympus 12mm. BTW, they seem to have similar front glass element, so 12-35 might be F2 at 12mm.

    • I’d wait for a verdict. Unless you badly prefer a zoom. The Olympus 12mm seems like a safe value, at least according to various reviews. On the other hand, the Panasonic is as good as a prototype. We don’t know yet.

      • Miroslav

        We can only speculate, zoom is much more versatile, but is likely to be worse optically. But, if Panasonic follow Olympus 4/3 strategy of making quality zooms, 12-35 could be excellent. If it’s close to F2 at the wide end and close in price, Oly’s going to have a hard time selling their prime.

        • Thats the best possible scenario : genuine quality bright zoom.
          If its the case, those remain two different beasts and it would boil down to size or versatility.

  • I want to see the all-metal GF7X and GH3X that match these lenses.

  • uth

    If we think about how small is new lumix x 14-42, I think it’s possible this 12-35 may has F2 (or F2-2.5). But I have no idea about 35-100mm – -*

    to think about these short range lenses,12-35mm and 35-100, i think it’s quite useless if the aperture are not reach F2 at wide.

    and i’m quite sure that these 2 lenses are internal focusing!!! because 45-175mm has this feature, why these 2 “Pro-lenses” can not have it!!!

  • ArKersaint

    Tes they look big and that’s good news : it means that Panasonic is ont only after smallish gear… Nice to see after the disappointin GF 2 and 3 !

  • Marco

    Are those new x lenses without image stabilization?

  • 스르륵

    총알 언능 모아야겠…..

  • EC 2

    Now, if the next GH3 body would be this one:

    With this new R,G,B sensor (always a Panasonic patent):

    That would be an almost perfect camera, at least for me. We could get the best of both worlds: compactness – high end fast glass – motorized zoom/focus – photo/video specialized body – high quality sensor and still images (14 bit depth and higher dyn range).
    IMO the m43 system could be mature enough in the very near future to compete against the best of APS-C/FullFrame offers.

    My 0.0002 cents

    • Mr. Reeee

      That camera would be perfect to compliment the AF100, NOT a GH3 body. Who would want to lug a bulking thing like that around?

      • EC 2

        I don’t think “that thing” would be significantly bigger than the current GH2 when the grip is in “camera mode”. Moreover there’s something few people figure out but in “camcorder configuration” it would be easier to balance on a steadicam system like the pilot or the merlin. I’ve both merlin and pilot and they work very well with my GH2 but balancing took a little more effort than the classic camcorder due the grip that shifts the mass to the right.
        U’re probably right but my humble opinion is that the GH2 is more a video than a still camera so a “tranformer” body would be the right evolution path for a possible GH3, my 2cents. Time will tell… it’s even possible we’ll see a GH3 and a GX1 transformer m43…

      • Any of those two lenses hardly look any worse than the 14-140, the 45-200 or the 100-300.

        I would not dream of carrying the whole collection just in case I have the right lens for the right situation. In that sense, you are correct. But if I have to pick just one lens for a walk around, size for size I’d sacrifice FoV versatility of the 14-140 over for a brighter and (hopefully)optically superior zoom.

        I get the feeling that I am part of the minority that would pick the tele.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > IMO the m43 system could be mature enough in the very near future to compete against the best of APS-C/FullFrame offers.
      12MP 4/3 sensor has same pixel size as Canon’s 18MP APS-C sensor and even with ~15MP pixel size would be comparable to Sony’s new 24MP APS-C sensor so there’s no technical reason preventing similar performance.

      But m4/3 needs to grow up also that full controls and ergonomy body before it can challenge DSLR systems/Sony’s SLT Alpha bodies for serious hobbyer. Before that it’s not complete single system for replacing both mirror cameras and pocket compacts.

  • Olympius

    For those who have forgotten:

    Olympus ZD 7-14 f.4 SHG wide-angle zoom: W = 780g, L =120mm
    Lumix Lumix G Vario 7-14mm f/4.0 ASPH wide-angle zoom: W = 300g, L = 83mm

    Leica D Summilux 25mm f/1.4: W = 510g, L = 78mm
    Leica DG Summilux 25 mm f/1.4: W = 200g, L = 55mm

    Panasonic already has a excellent track record in “downsizing” great 4/3 lenses for micro 4/3 use. Can’t see what would stop them from doing the same with the 12-35 and 35-100.


    • nobody

      A 100mm f2 tele lens needs a front lens diameter of 50mm. That’s simply physics. And going by those size comparison images, the lens diameter of the tele zoom will rather be somewhere around 35mm. That works out to f2.8 at 100mm focal length. Sadly, no magic downsizing can change that.

      OTOH, as compared to the original four thirds 35-100 f2, this f2.8 (or even f2-2.8) lens is much, much smaller, so some serious downsizing is involved already. Looks very good to me :)

      • Luiz

        Is it the same for, say… large format lens that need to cover larger image circle ?

  • jak0b

    Hey Admin, do you have any more pictures of these lenses?
    I thought that the X-series would have power zoom, but I don’t see any buttons on these lenses… :(
    I don’t see a Power OIS switch, but maybe that is in the upcoming firmware…

    • Narretz

      No, since Panasonic is going straight to Naming Hell, the X-Series stand for all “xceptional” lenses. That means they don’t have standard features, but can have Power Zoom, Pancake size, large aperture etc.
      It’s kind of stupid but we have to deal with it.

      • Tiago

        It’s just a name…

  • Cool! well that I did not buy 14-140!

  • Bu

    Yes, I’d still like that 12-35 thank you :)

  • lnqe-M.

    For me, look 12-35 and 35-100 lens to have 62mm filter size, and maybe constant F2 on both, think on normalzoom OM 35-8omm F2.8 use 62mm filter size and FF lens also.

  • Narretz

    Guys … how can you judge from teh size of the lenses how big the aperture will be? I am honestly interested. Seems like a nice skill to have.

    • nobody

      For the long end of the tele zoom, it’s easy. You have to divide the focal length of 100mm by the front lens diameter, which is about 35mm, going by the size comparisons.

      So you find that the 35-100 will be f2.8 at the long end (but you can’t know how much it will be at the short end).

      Sadly, this calculation does not work for the standard zoom because wide angle lenses need larger front lenses. So regarding the 12-35 we can just speculate.

    • Mr. Reeee

      No kidding. I wonder if they have other magic formulas, like for horse races or the stock market?

  • Cteve

    For the prices, if we look back at the similar 4/3 lenses released in M4/3 for ex:

    7-14mm (in 4/3) is about 2000$
    7-14mm (in M4/3) is almost 1000$

    So, with that logic if the same type of zooms are around 2000$ on 4/3 that would be an indication that they could be in the 800$-1200$ range… Which I think is a fair price (if they are indeed low f-stop and high quality).

    • Esa Tuunanen

      These 7-14mm lenses aren’t completely comparable because Panasonic cheated on distortion correction leaving it mostly to processing so some of the price differense is caused by that.

      • Agent00soul

        Don’t you think they will do the same with the new X lenses?

        • ha

          Not Leica branded, so: Yes, some part(s) of the optical formula is applied in data processing.

          But if a lens is smaller/lighter/cheaper or can otherwise be a better performer: Why not? Pixel density is high enough to produce same results as a compensated lens. And data processing is always the same, no issue of sample variation here. And remaining sample variations can be reduced by adapted parameter sets.

      • safaridon

        Give us a break, the Oly 12mm/f2 tested out with 5% distorsion before correction to 1%. All or most m4/3 lenses by either Oly or Pany use some software correction keeping them small. Its the final image that you see and print is what counts.

    • Disraeli

      7-14mm (in 4/3) is 1570$
      7-14mm (in M4/3) is $903
      only one is sealed

  • Warchild

    Are these fast lenses excuse enough to make a tele-converter for M43? Let’s say 1.75x?

    • Nick Clark


  • Humbalut

    too big…. too expensive.

    when it does not fit into a pocket of my jacket i will gladly take my DSLR with me.

    my e-pl2 with a pancake is right on the edge when it comes to size.

    • Excuse me Humbalut, I didn’t buy into M 4/3 because it was pocketable. I switched from Nikon to M4/3 because it was more portable and more manageable, these lenses are da bomb, so quit dissing them! ;) i love ’em!

    • ha

      But with latest lens releases (Oly 14, 45, Pana X) fewer people will buy a DSLR because they can have a small/light combo in the pocket and it will extend into more ambitious areas without problems. EP3 in one pocket you can still have the 12-35 on the other side…

    • Nick Clark

      When I can fit a GH2 + 7-14 + 12-35 + 35-100 in a Domke F10, I’ll gladly take my MFT kit and never ever ponder a dSLR again…

      Can you imagine how much this kit would weigh and how much room it would occupy in APS land? And then there’s full-frame…!

      There’s more to ‘compactness’ than fitting in a pocket…

      • + ackerman(9,9);

        I am baffled that the pocketable straw-men argument is still even mentioned!

  • Joe R

    The 12-35 @f/2.8 has the same DOF as a 24-70 @f/5.6. With a wide zoom DOF isn’t so important but the 35-100 would be a 70-200 f/5.6 equivalent DOF. I do t think that’s enough for a pro lens.

    I think someone needs to makes 35-100 f/1.8 to call it a pro lens. It would be $2000 but look at the cost of a 70-200 2.8. Pro glass should be fast and sharp and expensive.

    That said, I’ll settle for a fixed 100 f1.8 or f2

    • i could dig such a 100mm too.

    • safaridon

      If you look at the overall map of lenses already produced and the two X ones to follow, a fast 100mm tele is about the only one missing with over 21 lenses existing. I think a fast 100mm would make a lot more sense than the much bigger 35-100 even if it is f2-2.8 and better for m4/3.

  • grumps

    Years of production lenses should tell anyone these will be f/2.8 lenses, why would anyone speculate otherwise?
    Fast zooms are notoriously f/2.8 and no faster.

    Fast zooms are meant to have no vario aperture, that’s just silly design of optics, and any company/designer doing that will be heavily criticized within the industry.

    • safaridon

      Question – Don’t all these lenses hav VARIO in the model description and that to means variable aperature or at least used to. Note none of Panys single focal length lenses use the term VARIO.

      • ha

        Vario == zoom. 7-14 F4 is also vario…

      • Nick Clark

        Yeah, Vario is simply Panasonics branding for variable-focal length – ie. zoom.

  • Anonymous

    Damn , that would be the smalest 24-70 &70-200 interchangeable lens around in any camera system,.. Bravo M4/3 ,. Well done panasonic.
    Btw panny just steal what Oly should do in the first place, and oly must answer with another zoom lens. Probably a new trinity like
    9-18mm F2, 18-50mm F2,& 50-200mm F2
    All with with SHG ,.. Just imagine if this system has more choices of high quality glass both prime and zoom in a small package, many canikon pro will start to use it for their job

  • I sold all my Nikon camera gear when I made the switch to Micro Four Thirds. I did this because of the portability. In the old days, I was only able to pack a DSLR and one lens, or maybe a small second lens with my Nikon stuff. When I made the switch to Panasonic, I was able to take all my equipment; three lenses and two cameras using the same amount of room. So yes, that is why these lenses will be nice because they can fill that niche for me being a mobile outdoorsman. This system is more intuitive for the serious adventurer and that’s what Panasonic should market their products on! :D

    • I made the same journey as you Nathan, and for the same reasons! I could do with a 35 – 100/2,8 similar as CaNikon has. Have to admit though that a 100/2,5 would be perfect for me.
      And we need that flagship camera at the NEX7 level, don’t care which brand. Admin: PanOly really need some leaks now to prevent people jumo to the Sont camp – find them! :-)

      • Renato M.

        yeah, I totally agree. Since NEX-7 , PanOly really need to do something. The NEX-7 is really appealing for a photographer that wants more serious gear with portability. BUT the NEX cameras don’t have enough lenses, practically no pancakes, too big, etc. The announcement of the X-lenses was a big step, which made me think, “oh, wait a minute… this is interesting…” Now they really need to give us some info about the GF7/GX1/gfPRO. And at the same time, Sony is also aiming for video feats, where Panasonic has been doing a good job with the GH series, so they need to step up and soon.

  • Maley

    they will never be f2 and dont even dream about a 50-200 f2 lens.

  • frank

    I really like these zooms. If they are f2.8 they are fast enough. I just hope they are as good wide open as the 20/1.7 and the 7-14/4 which I both own. The 12-35 has a very nice range, much better than the 14-42 as I think 12 (24mm FF eq) is where wide angle starts. I would not have a general purpose zoom without 12mm.

  • In looking at larger versions of the two “portraits,” I noticed that most of the barrel markings appeared to be stick-on labels (!) so obviously these are very early prototypes, or maybe even just mockups. It’s possible they aren’t talking apertures because the optical designs aren’t finalized yet.

    (…although I’ll guess constant f/2.8 maximum apertures based on relative sizes and on the fact that that’s what people tend to expect from pro-grade zooms. I’ll also guess that they’ll be priced similarly to Nikon and Canon 24-70/2.8 and 70-200/2.8 lenses, and that there will be endless whining on the fora about that.)

    But why are they bothering to show what at this stage must be largely speculative products? Well, as someone suggested, it probably had a lot to do with Sony’s “big bang” announcement. As I suspect is the case with a lot of M4/3 users, I looked at the Sony NEX-7 info and thought, “Hmm, maybe it’s time to switch.” By teasing us with a couple of important future lenses, Panasonic is giving me a counter-reason to stay put.

    And these ARE important lenses. One of the few things anymore that will motivate me to drag out my bulky Nikon DSLR outfit is a picture-taking situation that demands a 24-70/2.8 or a 70-200/2.8. By sending the message that they know these lenses are necessary and that they’re going to deliver equivalents (someday), Panasonic is communicating that it’s safe to keep investing in M4/3. Well-played, Panasonic.

  • Aaron

    it looks like the small red print on top says power O.I.S.. tht is great news. wish i could see how fast.

  • Guy

    Keep in mind that these are mock-ups, not the actual lenses. The size and speed of the actual shipping lenses could be quite different than these prototypes.

    I would be happy if both lenses were f/2.8 constant aperture, as f/2.8 would make them a lot more affordable. Going with f/2.0 would put them in the $2,000+ Olympus 4/3 lens price range.

    • nobody

      “Keep in mind that these are mock-ups, not the actual lenses. The size and speed of the actual shipping lenses could be quite different than these prototypes.”

      Correct. And all calculations turn out wrong if the real lenses will look different.

  • Anonymous

    I sense maybe panasonic had already developed a new X body or pro to go with this lenses 24-70 & 70-200,.. Optimism
    We need a new fast 17/18 mm equ 35mm on FF,.. F1.4 will be a great news. I dont care who will make it – Oly or Panasonic

  • The lack of a focus scale does indicate a certain cheaperness compared the Olympus SHG lenses. Which is good, because a focus scale isn’t very important to me.

  • Although I’m more enthralled about the possibility of a 12-35/2.8 (24-70/2.8 equivalent), if the 35-100 is a constant 2.8, that would be a fairly small lens with an equivalent focal length of 70-200. Full frame 70-200/2.8 lenses are inherently large. It would be to Panny’s great business marketing advantage if they can pull off this f/2.8 trick where we consumers can also benefit. Anything less and maybe the m43 naysayers are correct, that m43 has no future and we should shop elsewhere.

  • Disraeli

    2.8 would be uncompetitive with existing lenses on other formats. Making professional decisions isn’t about being small, often it is selecting the right lens for the right task.

  • don carrot


  • kanamé

    大口径標準ズーム = “high speed standard zoom”
    大口径望遠ズーム = means “high speed tele-zoom”
    参考出品 means it’s not done yet so this is the prototype.

  • pdc

    While I’m generally not a fan of zooms, Panasonic has shown excellent performance with the 7-14 and 14-45, so these 2 X lenses should be very satisfying, especially for video. Micro 4/3, with the ever-growing lens line-up, is really going to stand out as the logical choice for enthusiasts and videographers. Really can’t see why APS-C MILCs will usurp m43’s natural lead – we should be looking at smaller sensor MILC systems, such as that expected from Nikon, as the real competition down the road, but the IQ lag will be significant for quite some time, so m43 should have a good long run as the emerging gold standard for prosumer camera systems.

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