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Rare Olympus 1000mm OM lens on eBay (monstrous lens!)

[shoplink 60362 ebay]1000mm[/shoplink]

Our reader “YO!” spotted a rare coincidence that lead to have now four auctions of the usually difficult to find Olympus 1000mmm f/11 OM lens. It is in Stock on eBay at [shoplink 60359 ebay]Sunphotography US (Click here)[/shoplink], [shoplink 60360 ebay]Photoshop24 Germany (Click here)[/shoplink], [shoplink 60361 ebay]SHphoto Germany (Click here)[/shoplink] and another one again at [shoplink 60362 ebay]SHphoto Germany (Click here)[/shoplink],

The 2x crop factor on MFT cameras turns this lens into a 2000mm(!) lens. I have not found any pictures of the lens on a MFT camera. Would love to see that beats of a lens on a digital OMD. If you have such a picture please share it in our comment system.

What’s so special with that lens? writes :

With a weight of 4000g (original version was slightly heavier at 4150g), this is the most heavy lens in the Zuiko lens family. This unique long focus lens has an optical construction comprised of 5 elements in 5 groups which literally has remained unchanged all these years. The front component consists of apochromatic type elements which aims to ensure minimum chromatic aberration which may affect picture quality and designed to provide superior definition and contrast across entire focusing range. It is probably the smallest (telephoto ratio 0.71) and lightest 1000mm lens in its class, and to further its versatility, it features an automatic diaphragm that contributes to its mobility and portability (although it may sound very common, but during those days, many other manufacturers only offer manual preset type for such long reaching super tele-lense type). Another amazing feat is, Image cutoff in the viewfinder for most higher end OM bodies is almost unnoticeable. The lens is expected to open up many other photographic possibilities.
The aperture stops down to f/45, one of the few rare Zuiko lenses that has such small lens diaphragm for maximum control of depth of field as depth of field can be extremely shallow at this focal length. Use with a steady support or a rigid tripod is almost a must and handheld shooting without any proper form of support is not encouraged. Although both new and older version remains has similar length at 662mm, in fact the older E-Zuiko Auto-T 1000mmf/11.0 is lighter, weighing at only 4,000g compared with the updated version which weighs at 4150g. The closest focusing distance is a rather weak performer at almost 100 ft away. The lens has a large filter attachment size and uses 100mm filter accessories which is similar to that of the 600mm f/6.5 lense. The non-removable tripod ring is rotatable allowing easy and responsive operation for changing horizontal and vertical format shooting readily.

Few image samples shot on an OM film camera can be seen on Flickr.

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