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raise your hand if you ever saw that Olympus camera before!


The Olympus ECRU.

Ok, the E-P3 has been discontinued and Olympus is likely going to announce a new MFT cameras with a very “different design” (so say the rumors I got). Was looking at possible design inspiring cameras form the Olympus film history. Particularly cameras with a rangefinder design. And I found an auction having a camera that 99% of you will likely never have seen before. It is the Olympus ECRU (Click here to see the auction).

Olympus Global writes: ” “Ecru” is French for “unbleached.” The name of this concept camera was chosen to symbolize its intended role as a tool for living an intellectually enhanced life as natural as unbleached cloth. This concept is symbolized in the white body of the camera, which was sold as a limited edition of 10,000 units in Japan and 10,000 overseas.

I am pretty sure Olympus will not use that kind of design for their next MFT camera :)

List of all Olympus rangefinder can be found on eBay (or via Slidoo eBay if you prefer)


    Yes, I have one of these. It is essentially a Stylus with a limited-edition body design. This followed after the metallic limited-edition O-Product camera which is even more unusual looking.

    Minolta also got in on the act with a limited edition “Prod-20s” retro-styled point-and-shoot camera.

    • Ming Dang

      You bit me to it the O-product. I have Minolta Prod 20s. Total useless piece of junk film camera. I say becaus the shutter button half stop verry vague so cannot focus recompose by press shutter button half way, it just take the picture. Sucks! But not bad looking.

    • Dirk

      I have one of this camera, too! But I would not like to see it as a digicam…

  • Ming Dang

    Yes yes quite many many of this in early 1990s. I think verry ugly this one. Try the Olympus O-Product. That one exuding Bauhaus minimalistick beauty. Check it out!

    • bimmerman

      Bauhaus huh. Well, you don’t say! :)

      • Ming Dang

        I don’t say what?

        • bimmerman

          Just a slang for “really!” But in this case “Cool!”

  • Ah, white, the color of death.

    • Ming Dang

      Yes, also color of death in asia. Dark blue also death.

      • Color of snow and ice in Finland. :-P

        • ObviousTroll

          Also the color of Simo Häyhä in Finland

          • Wouldn’t his colors be white and red? ;-)

    • Ross

      But for a bride, the sign of purity.

  • I’ve got one of those, as well as the golden miu, the mirror one, the 0-product, the coloured XA’s, a green Yashica T4, and all that kind of stuff only idiots like me do buy.

    • Ming Dang

      You no idiot. You collector! And maybe some say passionat connoiseur.

      • yes… an idiot, an ill collector as I’m! :-D I should sell all the unUseful stuff and go taking pictures with my Pen. thanx for cheering me up, I’ll try to cure myself! :-)

  • achiito

    Yea. saw but not as interesting to me than O-product. I got an Olympusflex though and I love it!

  • roger48


  • Neil Evans

    It looks like what people in 1965 thought the future would look like.

  • Bronica

    Hä? this Cam is quite common. The better one is the O product.

  • Camaman


  • me

    will probably be a design introduced 40 years ago like om-d.

  • Sören

    If apple would do a camera looking like this (hey, it is already white), I am sure fanboys would buy it ;)

    • Ronan

      You mean Apple Fanboys right?

      Olympus fan base has nothing to do with Apple’s…

      • Mr. Reeee

        Apple “fanboys” have aesthetic taste and a sense of elegance. They’d laugh a hideous thing like the Ecru into oblivion. Paint it black and the Android crowd would go nuts.

        @ Sören… Apple does satin aluminum today. Glossy white is sooooo 10 years ago.

        • stickytape

          Everyone has “aesthetic taste”. From what I have seen, the only thing elegant about fanboys are their macbooks. And so often, the ones who are both elegant and use macbooks are not fanboys.

    • Miroslav

      Exactly :).

  • me

    i mean the om-d was introduced 40 years after the original om.

  • Yes, I’ve seen this back in the 1990s. Let’s pray that the new MFT camera is not designed after this one ;)

  • Yun

    Yes , a rangefinder camera design is coming .
    This is what I’m waiting for . A highend RF likely .
    I wonder what is Pana’s reaction on this ?
    Come on ! Pana , where is the L style inspired camera ???

  • Betiko

    Admin, It is obvious that you have any information about the new MFT camera. Share it with us, please!

  • Paul Alexander

    yes. But I’m an O-Product man myself ;)

  • A good place to see pictures of the common, and UNcommon, Olympus cameras is the Olympus Camera Wallpaper library. They have been running it for several years now and have added wallpapers of a range of sizes at intervals of 2 weeks (first couple of years) to 4 years (last couple of years). They also have links to screen savers for Windows and for Mac :-)

    • Correction, make that 4 WEEKS not 4 years :-) Why is it that one always notices the typos AFTER one hits the submit button? I should also mention that they have links on that page to some historical articles “Inside the Story of the Pen” and “History of [Olympus] Cameras” as Papercraft – if you want to make folded paper models of several Olympus cameras and lenses :-)

      By the way, I see that they now have a number of Olympus wallpapers for smartphones.

  • I raise my hand and it’s very funny because I have one for sale on eBay right now ! Auction ends in two days ! :o)

  • bimmerman

    Any O-Product owners here? I’d like to know if there is a way to half press the shutter button to AF and recompose without tripping the shutter. Thanks.

  • stickytape

    Looks like the industial designer from the photography section took leave for a couple of months and they replaced him with someone from the medical imaging section.

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