PTool v3.60d released (hack for the GH2 included)


Vitaly Kiselev just announced the new PTool v3.60d which also includes the GH2 hack. This is the the new feature list (Source:

* Initial support with most major patches ported.
* Release not include manual movie modes and PAL<->NTSC patches.

* Initial support with many ported patches.
* Some new patches added.
* Bitrate patches are intended for testers only!




  • He has done it!

  • Awesome! Vitaly for president! ;-)

    I look forward to subsequent releases which feature stability and additional capabilities.

    My understanding is that — as planned — the initial release(s) of PTool for GH2 are intended for use by testers, not for general use. If not used carefully the early release(s) can brick a camera.

    But this is a huge step forward, and Vitaly deserves a round of applause for it (and our financial support).

  • Jedd

    Does anyone knows if there any hacks for GF2 to improve control over video capture?

  • Bob B.

    What does all of that mean? I have no idea. I guess it is all about video?

  • Seems mostly for video. Pal 30 minute limit is removed, language swapping and pal/NTSC switching. Yeah encoding is still far from “stable” but I’m sure now that it’s in the wild we should see progress even quicker

  • Mr. Reeee

    Is it reversible?
    Or are you screwed when it doesn’t work and bricks your $900+ camera?

    My GH2 seems to be a Euro model because it has the 30 minute video limit. Removing that limit would be about the only reason I’d hack it.

    Besides, talk about LAME, it looks like a Windows only installer. Pffffffft…

    • KRRRRRR!

      You can use the open source wine bottler on Mac to run the patcher. But yes. with questions like these, best YOU not try it and then brick and complain and make life hard for the rest of us. But there are plenty of folks having fun with hacking their cameras. It is obviously not reversible because Panasonic has not released the original firmware so there is no way for you to put that back on. So you will have to live with the leaked version, hacked or unhacked.

      Be sure to check the new bokeh tho:

      • brudney

        some people have a very peculiar way of showing gratitude o_0

      • Jim

        IT won’t brick your camera if you can follow instructions – if you make a mistake YOU might brick your camera..

        I think so far he has:

        no 30min time limmit,
        NTSC/PAL switch

        and its looking like 1080 60p is on the horizon!!!

        All should bow down and worship the ground he walks on!

    • @Mr. Reese: It’s early days yet … much more is very possible in the days & weeks ahead. Vitaly made enormous progress after he first hacked the GH1 firmware. These things take time.

      “Brick” means dead, as in dead. If you truly brick a device, it’s dead for good.

      I used the free Wine software to enable running the small Windows PTool executable app (for the GH1) on my Mac …

      … but that was with the GH1 version of the firmware hack utility. I haven’t run the new GH2 hack.

      I don’t plan on running the new GH2 firmware hack myself until Vitaly’s merry band of testers has had some time to identify & eliminate bugs in his software (if any). “YMMV”!

    • Alex H.

      > Besides, talk about LAME, it looks like a Windows only installer. Pffffffft…

      What sort of an a** are you? Someone does all this work and offers it for free and all you can do is complain? People like you make me sick. People like you, Sir, are the cancer of the world.

      • tutejszy

        Whooa, hold your horses, sir. No need to escalate anger. Mr. Reee just criticised someone’s work, and it was more or less creative. But calling someone a**, cancer is rude and useless, nothing more. Let’s focus on explainig and making better this complicated world :)

    • dumbo

      >Besides, talk about LAME, it looks like a Windows only installer. Pffffffft…

      you are an idiot.

      • tutejszy

        Please guys, this doesn’t help. I know it’s hard to keep high level of conversation, but it’s worth to. Showing frustration means you need to work more on your emotions.

    • Ark-kun

      >Besides, talk about LAME, it looks like a Windows only installer. Pffffffft…
      You don’t need the lame GH2. Just shoot with your awesome magical iPhone camera.

  • I’m sure that Mr.Reeee was only joking, tounge in cheek… calm down folks.

    As for the hack… great news, getting 25P and no 30 minute limit will really help us in PAL land (it’s a disgrace that Panasonic didn’t include 25p)

    • Mr. Reeee

      +1 ;-) It doesn’t take much, does it?
      I hear there’s a sense of humor firmware upgrade that will be available soon. Linux only. Sign up quick, lads. It seems to be desperately needed by some…

      It’s great that this guy is doing all this work. Good for him and for us. I doubt I’d bother to use it. Although, the 30 minute video limit doesn’t make much sense.

      • KRRRRRR!

        You are a troll. 30 minute recording limit makes perfect sense to Panasonic’s bottom line. They avoid a special EU tax on recording devices by adding the limitation to EU models. Are you dense? You are not adding anything here.

        Some more camera hacking:

        • Mr. Reeee

          The 30 minute video recording limit isn’t in the US models. I get the EU limitations, but if users want or need longer, uninterrupted video clips, the ability to remove that limit is important. Some of the other unlocked features look interesting, though as primarily a stills shooter, not of much value to me. But I see the potential value for others.

          For some reason my GH2 has that limit, even though I bought it in the US. The few times I’ve shot longer video clips, it simply starts a new file after the 29:59 mark. I didn’t bother to check and see if there was anything lost during the transition. It would be extremely useful not having the limitation.

          If I did more video work, I’d seriously consider running a tested and stable hack. It all depends on what other features are unlocked and what value they may add.

          I’ll be REAL sure never to attempt tongue in cheek humor here again! ;-)

  • Jim

    GOD LIKE!!!

    • KRRRRRR!

  • fta

    @admin nice find ;) know what I mean?

  • Chris

    Its great, hope to see more updates so we can turn the GH2 into the ultimate Hybride camera!!!!

    Just got a cable made for a battery extenstion so now I got 6 hour worth of video and photograph shooting. Ahh it is great. who needs a rip off £56 panasonic battery that lasts 45 mins.

  • Laurent510

    Hey I used the panasonic external power adapter on my GH2… I think in the process I might have reversed the polarity and now the camera won’t turn on any more. I’m assuming that it’s bricked. Does anyone know if there’s a way to un-brick it? Thanks…

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