Private message: Snowstorm and highway traffic jam blocks 43rumors :)


Dear readers! The snowstorm that hit Europe blocked me on an italian highway for 17 hours! I made 70km only between 2pm (Friday) and 7am today. I made the “famous” Bologna-Firenze highway that is well known for it’s danger. I saw many car accidents and I had nothing to eat, and of course no Internet connection to post news and rumors on 43rumors. So please excuse me if I didn’t post anything during the last 20 hours and I beg you a few hours free time because I really need to sleep a little bit. The picture on top has been taken at 8am in the morning in Radda in Chianti (Taken with my “old” but still superb Olympus E-P1 and the new amazing Nokton 25mm).

Thanks for your understanding! See you later!

  • Brian

    Be safe out there and thank you for the great work you do on here!

  • I have just talk to God, sending you two angels to guide and protect you along the way :)btw, safe drive ^^

    • admin

      Thanks Panasonic ;)

  • Robbie

    Safe drive, hopefully more news/rumours on the way for Christmas!

    • admin

      There is at least one FT5 rumor I am going to post soon…

  • What was the first thing you ate? I’m sure it tasted good :)

    • admin

      Cornetto alla crema. Delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Sure looks good on google!

  • Dear Administrator!
    Don’t post anything in the next days – relax!!!
    We are glad that you kept well and fit!
    Thank you very much for your permanent 4/3-rumors-commitment!

    • admin

      Hi Paulus!
      Since when I started 43rumors I had three days only were I dind’t post any news or rumors. Yes, I confess, that’s a crazy job. I tried once to find somoen that could help me. But it didn’t work well. I am the only one that can keep contacts to certain “sources”.

  • DonTom

    Enjoy your rest, you deserve it. Lovely image from a lovely lens….

  • 30 km in 5 hours, frome Rome to… Rome nord, and just a few snowflakes.


  • Young

    Best regards

  • hi Admin, have you thought about allowing guest posts?

    • admin

      Yes, but the problem is to find reliable people that can do that :(

  • I live in southwest Germany and snow also hit us. But I somehow managed to avoid the worst.

    Otherwise, Admin, I think this is the way the God want to tell you to sit back and take short break ;)

    • admin

      Vielleicht hast du Recht ;)

  • tom

    Get some rest…

    E-5 images are up on the new dpreview of the K-5 so they can be compared to all the other new cameras

  • It’s not better in the UK. I am stuck at Gatwick now for about 24 hours and I won’t be flying for another day it seems…

  • At least, you made a great shot :))

  • Milt

    I hope that you have four good winter tires for snow and ice. In the winter it is also wise to carry a candle to keep you warm in case you can’t use the engine, a jump starter, an extra coat, gloves and boots – or space blanket,and some emergency snack food. I also carry some red cones to show that I am off the road – hopefully not! Also find gray polarized sunglasses good to cut through snow and white outs. Probably forgot something – would have to look in the plastic box I keep in the car with this gear.
    All the best to you and to others in unaccustomed snow conditions.

    • admin

      Thanks Milt!
      I have perfect tires. I am used to drive in the middle of the alps ;)

  • Terribile rimanere al freddo tutte quelle ore… ho diversi anmici incappati nella stessa situazione.

    • admin


  • Astrostream

    I live in Canada, so snow is not a stranger for us :-)
    Have a good sleep and looking forward to seeing your European snow pictures!!

    Hmmm, I should buy one of those Nokton 25mm lenses!!

    • admin

      Yes you should buy it ;)

  • Milt

    Forgot the most important thing for snow and ice – slow down! Would also like one of those Nokton lenses. Still have a few others to get first…

  • mpgxsvcd


    Glad you are ok. Safe Travels.

    • admin


  • JD

    Glad you are ok! Rest well :-)

    • admin

      THX you too!

  • Dale North

    Beautiful image! Stay safe

    • admin

      THX you too too! :)

  • OK here in Arles the sun is shining, no snow, no ice…
    Why are you living in a so hard place? ;-)

    • admin

      I am not living there. Friends of mine do have a nice house there ;)

  • iluvhatemail

    you had nothing to eat? but you were on the baloney highway

    • admin

      I had a “paanettone” to eat. That’s some kind of italian pie. I had luck because I had enough to eat and to drink. The bad news is that I had to save gasoline so it was damn cold.

  • stopkidding

    Are you related to Julian Assange? you must be getting your secrets from somewhere ;)

    • Miroslav

      Yeah, :).
      “Olympus CEO said Panasonic were stupid not to give them GH sensors” :)

  • Miroslav

    Glad to hear you’re OK. Nice picture! No major problems in Serbia with the snow so far …

    In the meantime, I’m stuck with dial-up Internet, so spare a thought for me :). But, I’ve got plenty to eat while the pages load :).

  • gl

    that sucks, but great shot. Get some well-earned rest!

  • wow that makes my 10 attempts to get my car up the hill and into the drive seem a little bit like nonsense. at least I knew that I was close enough to walk home. hope you are well rested and fed now.

  • Esa Tuunanen

    You southerners…
    Barely any snow worth of mentioning in that picture.

    Darn… forecast showing too hot above -10C temps for after christmas. And here I was hoping that temperature would stay at comfortable level for couple months more…


  • Simone

    Me too. I was between scandicci and certosa, blocked for 12 hours. …but there was time for incredibles photo shots! :-)

    • admin

      So I was very close to you :)

  • Bikedork


    You gulf streamers. A little more sisu, Esa. Come to Minneapolis. It will be at least -10C; we had a half meter of snow last week, and another quarter meter predicted for tomorrow. Kinda makes you want a more weather protected camera, however.

  • A.


    I love your photo, it captures what I call “the Mediterranean light”. Could you please post a larger (or even the original) image? Or a link to it? Thank you.

  • Dario

    I don’t write well the English, but I recommend you to look here for having a reimbursement from the Italian highways. You uses the translator of google to understand of what he treats

    Hi and it excuses my English…

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