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Price drops and deals


Price drops and rumors:

Many people sent me mails saying there is a price drop on the Olympus E-30, E-P1, E-3 and E-620. I really don’t know if that is a sign that new stuff is coming:
One: because price drops are normal and sometimes after a short price drop the price increases again. Do you need an example? 2-3 weeks ago we told you there has been a price drop of the Olympus E-3 in Germany. After that the price has gone up!
Take a look yourself (source:


Two: In case of the E-P1 I could also imagine that they are selling so many cameras that a price drop is logical (more you sell more lower the price of the camera)

Price drops are not a garantee for new stuff coming!



A lot of people also send me daily information with deals or “this camera is in stock here and here”. I really do not know how much of this infos I should post. The problem is you are all from different parts of the world and probably a French visitor doesn’t care about amazon US deals and a US visitor is obviousily not interested in french deals. I am going to write less “deals post” starting from today.

Anyway I have a solution! I am completely redesigning the website right now (and it will take minimum one month until the new site is online). I will add a separated “deals” section with deals divided per countries. Everybody can have deals information for their own country without reading the one from different countries.  I will need your help. You can send me your “In Stock” informations or “special deals” information. It add’s some job for me -> translated….one more weekend work;) but I hope you will find this section usefull for you!



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